1. When reporter Glatz indicates that the primary totals showed 25.9% of those registered voted, remember that she is reporting on a Democratic primary where Republicans, members of other parties, and the unaffiliated voter segments are not included in forming that percentage.
    If voters continue to nurture their discouragement at “battles for ballots” that are part of our City history, know that we can make progress, this year on November 7, 2023.

    When you own a registered weapon but fail to secure training info or ammunition, nothing happens. So why do nearly 70,000 Bridgeport citizens become registered voters and fail to “fire their ballot” for each election and each candidate. A small number of people who return to voting in 2023 can easily “bridge the voter and vote absence” of too many recent years. Where is your proof of being a performing citizen? Do certain “state’s rights enthusiasts” bent on suppressing voters and votes (in a quiet way) need to be spotlighted to get folks to value their votes once again? Imagine, a voter revolt!! Time will tell.

    1. For reminding Bridgeport citizens of the power of their vote, I nominate John Marshell Lee as OIB Blogger of the day.
      But when he asks absentee voters show “proof of being a performing citizen”, he’s coined a phrase that’s become the rallying call of those who seek to uphold the sanctity of the polling place.
      Even those in a wheelchair can get to the polls — the anti-AB sentiment is growing.
      Hopefully, it’s an idea being reconsidered even though current laws support it.

      1. Casting One Vote at each election time whether by AB mailed, or AB legally assisted or at a polling place is just one measure of being a performing citizen. I am calling for our neighbors, who are registered but fail to vote, to go public by voicing their opinions at ballot time.
        Perhaps you misread what I believe is clear to me. Public service, military or Peace Corps service, membership on public bodies as a volunteer, are just some of the ways we indicate our citizen membership. Reading up on what and how governance matters stand is but another way. The idea is to be active in some sense of the word. It is about giving to others rather than taking only for oneself.
        I am certainly not against use of ABs, just against fighting to get registered and then not using your vote. Where are the registered adults? Time will tell.


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