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Mayor Joe Ganim has raised more than $500,000 for his reelection campaign, with roughly $83,000 on hand heading into the home stretch of the general election, according to the latest finance report filed with the Town Clerk’s Office.

Ganim, as the primary winner, will appear on the Democratic line. He won’t, however, also be on the Bridgeport New Movement Party line as previously reported, unless there’s a primary redo and he loses causing another general election. For a ruling on this see here.

Lamond Daniels, who will be on the November 7 ballot as a petitioning candidate, has raised $111,000 with approximately $42,000 on hand.

The Town Clerk was not in receipt of John Gomes’ finance report as of mid-afternoon Thursday. The deadline to file was Tuesday afternoon, but the report, if mailed, is not considered late if postmarked on October 10.

Gomes will appear on the Bridgeport Independent Party line as his challenge of the September primary plays out in state court.

Ganim 23 October 10th Filing 2023 Part 1

Ganim 23 October 10th Filing 2023 Part 2

Daniels finance report


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