1. For starting the process that brings vaccines to thousands of Bridgeport residents I nominate Bridgeport Health Director Lisa Morrissey as OIB bogger of the day. This will be a complicated rollout but she’s going to make the BIG WHEELS roll.

    1. I nominate Eric Amado as scapegoats of the year because he is taking the hit for hiring the Health Director even though she lives in Danbury and should be a Bridgeport resident.
      Someone needs to do a lot of explaining about this.

        1. Another moronic post from LE. she a nice woman. Please make an exception for her. Once the pandemic passes may be she will move to Bridgeport or may be she may ask for another exception or may be she will hope that this to just goes away.

          1. Sometimes mistaken for a senior citizen, Bob Walsh is really an elderly embryo — one that will never reach maturity. There’s more:
            When left to mother nature, pandemics have a long lifespan. Shakespeare wrote all his great works during the latter stages of a plague. We don’t want that.
            We are wise to limit its cycle and Lisa Morrissey is leading the local effort.

  2. Bob, maybe Bridgeport Health Director Lisa Morrissey could do something like what Maritza Bond did who served as the city of Bridgeport’s health director for the last three years.


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