Lame-Duck Mayoral Appointments On City Council Agenda

For background on lame-duck mayoral appointments see here.

City Council Agenda, Monday 7 p.m. via teleconference

The public may listen by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial-In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 381 083 245



  1. There’s no mystery here, why not just enforce what’s already on the books governing Civil Service regulations? What does the City Council do when the City Charter is violated, they sit by and do nothing. You talk about lame duck mayoral appointments how about David Dunn, he was appointed as the “ACTING” Personnel Director by Bill Finch when he was mayor and neither Finch or Ganim ever called for a nationwide test for a new personnel director that is called for in the City Charter.

    Council Member(s) Newton; Co-sponsor(s) Martinez, Burns, Cruz, Herron & Valle re: Proposed Resolution for the City Attorney to draft an ordinance for the City Code to restrict selecting, what the hell have you guys been doing to allow David Dunn to remain in that position for 12 years as the “ACTING” Personnel Director, what ever year you got elected David Dunn was in that position in violation of the City Charter? Just do your damm job and follow the City Charter.

  2. You’re correct Ron and it’s being allowed again with the Acting Police Chief and the Civil Service Director. Rebecca Garcia was appointed on September 10, 2020 and Eric Amado was appointed on November 6, 2020 and nothing about a National wide exam for those two positions.

    Acting in a higher capacity is allowed by City Charter is 120 days and as you can see Rebecca Garcia is fast approaching her 120th day and nothing from Mayor Ganim nor the City Council! Shame on WHO?

    1. Don, below is from OIB on Nov. 6, 2020 and still Mayor Ganim and the City Council has done nothing in fact they are putting undo pressure on Eric Amado who didn’t seek this conflict:

      “Eric Amado is doing double duty these days as Bridgeport’s personnel director and chief of labor relations director. He has been a city employee since September 2011, according to his background provided by the city, working his way up through the ranks of management.

      The personnel office is where municipal payroll is processed, outside the education system, as well as competitive examinations for classified positions within government. Labor relations handles negotiations of union contracts, labor disputes and employee conflicts. He has worked in both departments.

      A member of the Democratic Town Committee, Amado was almost everyone’s first pick to be the candidate to fill Connecticut’s 130th State House seat after the passing of Ezequiel Santiago in March 2019. He turned down the entreaties.”

  3. The City Charter is a joke.
    Repeat after me, the City Charter is a joke … but it’s not funny.
    It starts with the Mayor and ends with the Mayor. If he has no respect for the charter or his first question is how do we get around that then you must must get rid of the mayor. Plain and simple. Call me when you are ready to begin.


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