Watch: Brighter Face Graces East End’s Stratford Avenue, New Ashlar Construction Headquarters

It’s been a long time coming, but positive development change is evolving in the East End, including housing, library, grocery store, healthcare facility. The timing couldn’t be better for East End City Council incumbents Ernie Newton and Eneida Martinez.

For developer Anthony Stewart it’s a coming-home celebration for the Bridgeport of his youth featuring his Honey Locust Square development underway.

City officials joined Alliance’s Executive Director Monette Ferguson and  Stewart, owner of Ashlar Construction, to cut ribbon for Alliance’s newest Neighborhood Office & Resource Center on Stratford Ave and the new Ashlar Construction headquarters.



  1. Thank you Anthony Stewart for helping to bring back the East End like you, Ernie and I remember it was back in the day. Dip & Sip Ice Cream Parlor, Ann’s Newfield Bakery, Firestone, Sub King, Mohegan Market, CNB and Cumberland Farms and a host thriving businesses. Stratford Avenue was full of people shopping and socializing with each other.
    They say it’s a coming home celebration for you Anthony, but the fact is you never really left it’s just that you now get the opportunity to compete for this these projects.

    Anthony Stewart, thank you, Ernie and Enida for giving the East End residents what they so richly deserve and thank you from us old heads who never quit loving our East End while was waited for the uplift of the community. Anthony Stewart, you are Seriousness Coupled Action!

    1. Don, let’s not forget Braxton’s Men’s Store right on the corner of Stratford Ave and Newfield Ave. Mr Braxton worked at GE at night and ran his men’s store during the day, even after numberous break in Mr. Braxton didn’t move instead Braxton’s Men’s Store was the hub of that business area.

  2. Fantastic News. Congratulations. I believe the East End will be the place to be. As Steele pointe moves at a snails pace, It is nice to see the actual neighborhood coming back. For all of the homeowners that have waited decades for their properties to appreciate, the time is now. Ernie and Eneida as well as the NRZ and of course the developer that has invested in the area, Kudo’s. Now if we can get more homeowners there, Nice affordable housing and get rid of the out of State slum lords, That will be a nice step forward. Nice speech Ernie. Would have liked to hear Eneida. Congratulations and best wishes to all of the individuals involved. Great day for Bridgeport!!.

  3. Can anybody tell me the resolution of the case concerning the shooting in Eneida’s strip joint or was it just dropped out of concern that it would make the council woman look bad?

  4. It is a lot nice than the trailer office they had on Stratford Ave, for energy assistance.

    Off-topic but current topics.

    A. It seems democracy takes a back seat to the minoiry/parents in the public school system/BOE’s with regards to CRT. A solution would be either to let qualified (lower income) families receive school vouchers to send their children to private schools or attend charter schools. Or, start CRT in the seventh grade as an option/elective. Make is a choice between financial literacy or CRT. Which one do you think is more valuable to a young person growing up. I mean most kids at that age are just coming off the reality that Santa Clause is not real. 🙂

    Unfortunately, like big tobacco, the PBOE likes to get them hooked at a young age too. 🙂

    B. Trangerders, a complex issues, like Rudolph, and the island of a misfit they should be commended though. 🙂

    However, transgenders have to have some understanding as well. It’s not just about your happiness, equality, rights, in a place on a backward-ass planet. I can only assume that what the aliens think. 🙂

    I see a clip where a transgender female went to a female health spa with other females with young girls where some of them were naked, and the transgender female was walking around with her penis out. If a transgender identifies as a woman but her body doesn’t and they fail or don’t want to transition to a “male body”, expect so validity when people push back, and redefine everything. In sports, Everyone knows a man on the top of his game will out preformed a female on top of her game in the same sports, for the most part. Whoever those stars aligning up are far and wide. So in some aspects, it’s small potatoes.

    Keeping with the theme of Christmas. Bam I am out of here 🙂

  5. Mr. Bam,
    You reference CRT above. Is your reference to ‘critical race theory’ or to cathode ray tubes that were used in early black and white (non-racial) television sets?
    Current CRT is one attempt by many conservative and Republican commentators to ignore the facts of American history and founding documents which they are uncomfortable accounting for or having conversations about. Better to relegate what you have not bothered to learn (and most public schools have failed to teach) about founding documents , State’s rights, and slow progress towards equal rights for all and freedom to pursue personal happiness (without hatred for others born with less privilege.
    There are uncomfortable conversations to have with others that can ultimately result in peaceful learning. And much work in communities where votin rights are not more fully accepted and used. One reason for raising Critical Race Theory is that its origins can be coupled with Marxist thought. Perish the thought. ( Of course those right and conservative commenters did not bother to defend the last President when Russia was favored, its intimate ties to Marx and Lenin and totalitarian rule unexplained and unexplored publicly.)
    Did anyone bother to note or attend the recent talk by Dr. Mary Frances Berry at the Klein? As author of 11 books, former Chairwomaan of the US Commission on Civil Rights, and tons of experience in life and politics, she was an opportunity for real education, the type that is productive in changing the current style we are subject to because so few use their voting rights regularly.. Register. Stay informed. Work for candidates with energy, ability and integrity. Vote at every opportunity. Time will tell.

    1. Mr. Time will tell, it’s nice of you to chime in, however, I believe you know the answer to which CRT I was referring to.

      Yes, progress is slower when dealing with hate, discrimination, power, and CRT. On a positive note look at how far Cathode Ray Tubes has come since the time of black & white TV. Imagine how slow progress would have been for tv/computing if they focused on the past and not the future?

      Can the same be said for America?

      There was a time black & white TVs were only for the privileged, the well off, Thanks to companies/people like “Apple” look what the future of computing has brought the world, not only to the privilege in America either,

      Although, please tell me if CRT is going to teach American history and the founding documents with regard to party and those less privileged that spilled its blood towards equal rights for all in America, and is CRT just going to teach race/privilege of human rights of America?

      Is CRT an American history class, or an American present class? If a present class, it would seem the Civil War for equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness rages on, No?

      You seemed to miss the point, though, while many blacks will enjoy the privilege of homeownership or a color/HD flat-screen TV, and much more amenities as DR. Mary Frances Berry enjoys, as well as many whites, however, some Black and white will not be so privileged, hence the need of programs like the Alliance.

      CRT is a double-edged weapon, one can say CRT is an attempt by those wanting to teach resentment who are going to be left out or part of that slow progress, as a means to point the finger at blame. With 100 young black boys being excluded, left out of programs. Time and time again many young black boys/men are being excluded/wanted/abandon in American progress/opportunities/programs that can have far-reaching effects. Yet isn’t progress, slow, but progress,.but it has its price too.

      That is the other side of that double edge sword of CRT, and it can be quite sharp and self-destructive in the minds of young, abandon, and disenfranchised of black youth, Can CRT be seen to further the slow progression for America?

      CRT isn’t being dubbed as a history class though, is it? Is CRT teaching history like the Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, The Ottoman Empire, the Mali Empire, or more modern times, Hitler, and the effects of Marxist’s influence on the people of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, Communism?

      Arguments can be made on both sides on how you want to slice it, like nuclear fission that can create energy for electricity to run those TVs and smartphones or a Bomb to create destruction

      The question is is CRT for progress or to slows it in America’s progression/raging war for the constitutional rights in Americans. A progress that has been going on since its formation, from the time of the Civil War to today. Blacks are far from oppressed today America and came a long way when the Democrat party was their oppressor, No? Many blacks enjoy discretionary (monetary spending) like attending rap concerts at the AMP just like many privileged whites did at the REO concert. Some even drive Bens, However, progress can be slow and hard in Americans, for the most part, life itself is hard and stagnating, Hence Port’s freak show politics and CRT. 🙂

      Keeping with the theme of imgration/time/teaching/ liberalism/ and specialism (the people, Tommy) 🙂

      1. Critical race theory is what the conservative right has retreated to. It confuses and distracts folks. That is not real education. Is it?
        So I am older than most who post on OIB and CRT genuinely triggered the cathode ray tube response.
        I tried to offer an acronym to those who espouse CRT. I suggest that COWS works as descriptive of those who wish a “continuation of white supremacy”. Let’s see how many on the conservative right wish to research what is suggested by the acronym COWS?
        Anybody reading this ready for a coffee or tea? Standing offer, ignored by too many. Time will tell.

        1. At least you used the word conservative, however, it is very different than white supremacy that you still never defined.

          According to my research, Peta says Cow’s milk is used as a white supremacy symbol However, it can also be used as a black thing, beef. While stereotyping is not CRT its know beef is a term for penis, and everyone knows penis come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large, and black. 🙂 Cow is now the most racist animal on the planet. 🙂

          This is why CRT, on one side, wants white supremacy to be taught, not much oppression in the minds of blacks in the technical revolution who are posting videos like this
          Not saying there isn’t racism/bias/injustice for many be it white, black, Latino, etc. Or progress needs to be made and self progression is the best progress. However, oppression is not a top priority on his black man’s mind. 🙂 JS People.

  6. JML, after rereading your reply, I hope you didn’t misunderstand my CRT, cathode ray tube response, being a Liberal, and to the transgenders for my other CRT cathode ray tube response. 🙂

    I guess while I am at it, I want to an apology to the Aliens, Santa Cluse (Jesus’ birthday), and Cows.

    Also to the less privileged, As mama Gump said, No not, “you have to put the past behind you can move on” but “you have to do the best what God gave you. 🙂

  7. Claus.

    Let’s not forget Rudolph and the three wise snowmen. 🙂

    If anyone is going to take JML upon his offer to meet for coffee I suggest you wait until fall, not because it’s too hot for coffee, but because it’s the only time Starbucks makes Myrrh Lattes.

    P.S if you see a cup, pick it up, I highly doubt the “privilege” is diving into the less “privilege” communities to litter. Well, maybe boat. 🙂 JS

    1. You are spending far more time than some on “cultural clutter”…which at times may amuse but there is no protein to it, is there? Just imagine if you are someone with an active duty family soldier today and worry about where they are serving, with the news coming in from Afghanistan? Or a friend or family member in Haiti, between Port au Prince and Jeremie waiting for the Hurricaine rains and wind on top of the damage and chaos from the earthquake, one month from their presidential assassination.
      Why wait for coffee in winter? Just setting up your research into Dunkin Donuts or Starbuck’s marketing changes? Serious subjects off limits for you to discuss? In person meetings out of bounds for you as well as others? I have been told by other OIB readers not to persist in communicating further with folks who resist an honest and genuine invite to meet, talk, and listen. Perseverance is of value it seems to me. Time will tell.


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