Watch: Alyshia Perrin Named Interim School Chief

From Richard Chumney, CT Post

The principal of Paul Laurence Dunbar School will lead the city’s school system while the Board of Education looks for a permanent replacement for former Superintendent Michael Testani.

In a special meeting Monday night, the school board voted 6-3 to name Alyshia Perrin, a longtime teacher and administrator, as the district’s interim superintendent for the next year.

Perrin’s appointment marks the end of Testani’s three-year tenure as schools chief. Testani has accepted the position of superintendent for neighboring Fairfield Public Schools and is scheduled to start Tuesday.

Perrin, who joined the district two decades ago, will lead the school system as the board embarks on what is expected to be a monthslong search for a permanent full-time superintendent.

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    1. Pencil holder, 🙂

      Well, the allegations of racism come from your side, for the most part. As for the lies, Fuggedaboutit, wouldn’t know where to start. 🙂

      It is intriguing, but you can’t just insinuate its institutional racism because, after a board meeting there was more support on the board for one person, a Black person over another person, white.

      It seems there was support for someone else. Based on that it looks like the board, Weldon, presumably, when out and spent money on a lawyer to write up two contracts for people who the board was considering and would vote on, not just the one who has more board member support. Weldon even stated let’s just put it to a vote and move on. That what democracy does, no?

      It seemed it was made out to be more than what it should have been and what it was ultimately going to be went BOE actually voted. 🙂

      It was clearly obvious the “racist institutional” white guy never had the support of the majority votes on the board. So it can be said why bother spending money on a lawyer to write up a contract for him and vote on something that has already been established who has the majority vote?

      So call it out for what is it Governmental wasteful, bureaucratic spending. Instead of hiding/deflecting/ or playing behind institutional racism claims. Though it is American politics at play and racism is often somewhere close by. At least in my opinion.

      I do believe Christine did touch on that point about the need to spend money on writing a contract for a person who clearly didn’t have the votes needed. As well as, Alyshia Perrin has more of the board’s support than any other candidate but it was not unanimously defined that there wasn’t someone else when the board previously met. So the money spent on a lawyer writing up a contract for a person who clearly never had the votes could be seen as wasteful spending and it should be seen as such.

      What intrigues me is how you/members can call out white institutional racism when a black person was voted in.

      To inject Judge Lopez, what took place was not institutional racism, but the sausage-making of bureaucratic democracy politics. 🙂

      Gen Now hosts a program about institutional racism that is so engrained that we don’t even know we are doing it.

      Pencil do you think that might be the case when assessing the entire aspects of what took place at the meeting to VOTE on a Interim School Chief?

      And/or you/members also said the Black board member is part of that institutional racism because she has a different take on the meeting and vote?

      At any rate, your BBOE meetings would make for great T.V, C-SPAN. Maria BBOE meetingson the other hand, made great reality TV 🤣


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