Wanted: West Side City Council Member

Following the resignation of Marcus Brown, now a member of the Connecticut General Assembly, 132nd Democratic District Leader Tom Gaudett has released a questionnaire to solicit a replacement.

Bridgeport 132nd Town Committee

Re: Vacancy on the Bridgeport City Council for the 132nd District

Dear Democratic electors of the 132nd District,

Due to his new role as State Representative for the 127th District, Marcus Brown resigned his seat on the Bridgeport City Council last month. The City Charter now authorizes the City Council to fill the vacancy with a Democratic elector of the district by majority vote. While this leaves the 132nd Town Committee with no formal, legal role in the process, there is a long-standing tradition that the Town Committee for the district makes a recommendation of a candidate to the City Council.

The 132nd Town Committee has elected to conduct a public process to solicit potential candidates to fill the vacancy. Eligible candidates are asked to fill out the attached brief questionnaire and provide a resume by March 1st. This is an opportunity for candidates to tell us about their interest in the role, what qualifications they will bring to the role, and what their priorities would be as a City Councilperson. The Town Committee will then interview each of the candidates, and may endorse one of the candidates by majority vote. Ultimately, the City Council will use its discretion pursuant to its Charter authority to fill the vacancy.

— Must be a registered Democrat;
— Must be registered to vote in the 132nd>

Other Factors That May Be Taken Into Consideration:
— What side of the district the candidate lives on;
— How long the candidate has been a registered Democrat in the district;
— The candidate’s status as a city employee.

What to Submit:
— The brief questionnaire attached;
— A resume highlighting relevant experience and community involvement.

Where to Submit:
— Email the questionnaire and resume to thomas.gaudett@gmail.com


132nd District City Council Questionnaire

(Attach additional pages as needed)

1. Name:
2. Party Affiliation:
3. Address:
4. Please state your interest in the Office of City Council for the 132nd District. Why do you want to be on the City Council?
5. Please tell us about your qualifications for the Office of City Council, with a focus on your past civic/community involvement.
6. As a City Councilperson, what would be your priorities for the 132nd District and for Bridgeport as a whole?
7. Please attach a resume.



  1. I wonder what will happen. Will the 132 fill its’ vacant seat before the 139 fills theirs. It’s really sad as this is one of the very few things the city council is empowered to do without the Mayor’s approval. If the Town Committees don’t act, act for them. It’s a disgrace that months have passed with one our cities most impoverished districts have had only half the representation as the rest of the districts.

    Maybe city council should take a note from BOE page and as soon as a seat becomes vacant, advertise it, get candidates (if you want to pay homage to DTC have them vet the candidates and suggest one) then vote as a council ALL within 30 days of the vacancy. Our city deserves much better than these delays.

  2. Joe Sokolovic,
    Great comments for Bridgeport voters to hear and understand. In a week when the newspapers have focused on the notable failure of Mayor Ganim to provide timely and statutory response for public access to City records, his own attention to real estate transactions is also highlighted and the story comes up showing the Mayor wanting in either knowledge or motivation to live under the same rules others face.
    How does one put a property (recently having received a profound renovation) on the market before having City permits, licensing, and review PERMITS previously? Perhaps it works like Trump where he thinks about something and VOILA!! Isn’t that the way that City departments have become re-structured?
    Perhaps Ganim2 will write a small book or pamphlet regarding what he has learned about renting space in Bridgeport as a residential property owner. He might look at the two missing boards in the City and talk up some active citizen participation for Fair Rent and Fair Housing. Where is the OVERSIGHT to show the incumbent what is in plain sight? As a ‘real estate’ entrepreneur doesn’t he want a group of fellow citizens ready to assist him with real estate problems, issues, or concerns, or does he not need such help? Time will tell.


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