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  1. Awesome. Thanks for posting this Lennie. I’ve said it before (mostly verbatim) but I feel it’s so important I copy pasted most of it again here.

    First of all I’d like to wish Ms. Castillo the best of luck. I’d like to ask that anybody wanting to fill this seat to be aware that they will have to serve on at least two committees.

    It is not only important that your name appears on the letterhead, and on committee lists, it is most important to ATTEND and contribute, at not only your committee assignments, but others as well. Please follow the examples of those of us who actually show up and contribute. Don’t expect to come to meetings, or sit at home behind your computer, with the only words being said is I’ve got nothing to say, or I’m good. Our children deserve an active participant, not a seat filler.

    This is also not the time for using the BOE as a stepping stone to higher office. This is also not the time to get a head start for the next board election. Our children’s backs cannot take the burden of being a stepping stone for the ambitions of others any longer.

    We are still suffering from the pandemic. There is a coming financial crisis will hit hard, and unless the city and state step in, difficult decisions will need to be made. All applicants should know this going in. It is an often times thankless task and when making decisions you’re going to anger at least 40% of the city.
    All this without even one penny in compensation.
Thin skinned folk need not apply.

    Any takers?


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