Want A Job In The Lamont Administration? Will Finch Go Deep?

Apply here.

How about former Mayor Bill Finch for Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection? His policy-wonk brain is a nice fit for DEEP. He’s currently the executive director of the Discovery Museum.

Word is Governor-elect Ned Lamont floated the idea to Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa who’s had a scratchy relationship with Finch through the years. Testa, according to sources, said it was fine.

McMurray, Finch, Houston, Dance, Morris
Bass Pro founder Johnny Morris, far right, joined then Mayor Bill Finch and legendary outdoorsmen Jimmy Houston and Bill Dance at the official announcement in July of 2012. At left is 2010 Daytona 500 winner Jamie McMurray.


  1. If it’s third-and-long, I encourage Ned Lamont to call Finch’s number and go DEEP. He’s all alone in the end zone. Wait until you see his touchdown dance.
    Besides, Connecticut needs a statewide wonk!

    1. No kidding. Bill Finch would be borderline-brilliant in that job. His first act as DEEP commissioner might be to outlaw lawn furniture on the grounds that it’s an optical hazard.

  2. Because Malloy created the DEEP monster from 3 agencies — Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Energy, and Department of Public Utilities — for what some would say were corrupt, nefarious purposes, that allowed to hide and obfuscate dirty little deals concerning the DPUC and the others — it would seem that the first thing that Ned needs to do is disassemble the DEEP monster and re-create the original, three, free-standings agencies that will more amenable to light-of-day observation by the public and proper focus by their department heads… From there, I could definitely see Bill Finch as the DEP Commissioner… He would be the kind of DEP Commissioner that cold work intelligently with a Department of Energy Commissioner on cleaning up the state’s air and water… The DPUC — as a free-standing and fusion agency — has been one of the centers of Connecticut corruption that have led to energy and utility prices that have damaged our state economy much more than our damaging high taxes, and needs a very special, hard, look from Governor Lamont and will need a very tough, honest, experienced commissioner with lots of government experience and a very clean record (per thorough, GA vetting and public hearings…).

    1. Jeff Kohut has raised a point that is mostly forgotten. We have all this babble about taxes but CT residents are buckling under the weight of utility(gas,electric) costs. Utility costs,indeed,may have a greater part in eating up income rather than taxes. This is an unspoken issue.

  3. Frank: Don’t forget that access to the Internet, which is essential for everything from pursuit of employment to pursuit of all levels of education, is part of the package of the regulated communications sector of public utilities under state purview… Connecticut’s consumer costs/rates for this necessity of modern life are also prohibitive for many, and among the nations highest… Truly, Connecticut residents are being extorted, across-the board, by all areas of the regulated public-utility sector. This has been true for decades, but has been the worst-ever under the Malloy Administration, where the DPUC and AG’s Office have done nothing to protect the consumer and economy against this extortion, while practically giving the utilities a gold-engraved invitation to extort us…

    Getting all utility costs down for Connecticut consumers/business is more important, at the moment, than getting our taxes reduced. Addressing extortion of the Connecticut economy and consumers by the regulated public utilities should be the Number 1 priority of the Lamont Administration. (Preventing the granting of statutorily-illegal profit margins and allowance of unnecessary “special charges” by the utilities — which would include such indicated actions as rate roll-backs and refunds — should be the Number 1 job of the new AG and DPUC Commissioner of the Lamont Administration…)

  4. Lamont would best serve the people of the city of Bridgeport buying off the political debt with jobs in the administration for Ganim and the rest of the clowns that owe their continued livelihood to Mario Testa. Hey Ned, we need fresh blood in City Hall. Take the lot.


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