Walker, Exploring Statewide Run, Declares ‘State On Edge Of Cliff’

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Bridgeport resident David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General and a 2014 Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, announced on Dennis House’s Face The State (video above) that his government and private sector experience make him the strongest potential candidate for governor among the current Republican field for 2018. See Walker website here.

In an interview on House’s Sunday morning program on WFSB, Walker said the state is on the “edge of a cliff” financially. He formed an exploratory committee for statewide office on Monday.

“We are now shockingly at point where our population is declining,” Walker told House. “We were a flagship state 30 years ago now we are a sinking state.”

Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, Shelton Mayor Mark Laurettii and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton are among the Republicans raising money for the 2018 gubernatorial cycle.

Walker supported former State Senator John McKinney who came up short in a 2014 GOP primary challenge against Tom Foley who lost the general election to incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy. McKinney is also among the names mentioned for a potential run for governor.

Walker told House he was encouraged to seek statewide office by a number of state business leaders unhappy with the direction of the state.

An exploratory campaign can role fundraising into a full blown candidate committee for statewide office. Raising money under Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races is so labor intensive for statewide office, especially governor, it has forced potential candidates to raise money more than one year out from the election.

Malloy is likely to announce whether he will seek reelection shortly after completion of the state legislative session in June. State Comptroller Kevin Lembo and State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. are among the Democrats considering runs for governor.

From Walker:

I can offer three things that Connecticut has been lacking for far too long: Leadership with Integrity and Results. I am confident in my ability to lead a Connecticut Turnaround Team that will make both businesses and individuals want to be in Connecticut rather than flee our state. If I decide to become an official candidate for Governor, I am committed to running a referendum oriented, solutions focused, and team based campaign, and to earning the support of voters of all political persuasions. This type of Commitment to Connecticut is what it will take to win in 2018, and to create a better future in Connecticut.



  1. Dave Walker // Apr 7, 2017 at 7:45 pm
    This article should have come out on April Fool’s Day. It’s a very bad joke! If Ganim really believes he is electable statewide he is in dream land. He should not even be able to run much less get public financing. No wonder this state is called Corrupticut!

    Ron Mackey // Apr 7, 2017 at 8:46 pm
    Dave Walker, and now what about you, are you going to run for statewide office again after your loss in the Republican primary running for Lieutenant Governor along with John McKinney running for Governor? I must say John’s father, Stewart, was the best 4th District U.S. House of Representative from Connecticut that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  2. There is no way Governor Malloy will run for reelection because he knows he cannot win. Malloy is rated as one of America’s worse governors but he needs a landing spot to land on seeing as he won’t run. Mayor Joe Ganim doesn’t have one shining achievement he can showcase to Connecticut voters. A study from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center finds Connecticut ranks as the state in the worst fiscal condition, which has amassed $70 billion in debt due to out-of-control government spending coupled with interference from Washington DC.

    As for David Walker, he has no legislative and executive experience in running a city or a state and he has never been elected to any government position where the voters have expressed they want him to hold an elected position. In fact his own Republican Party rejected his attempt at being their candidate Lieutenant Governor.

    Toni Harp the current Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut since 2014. Harp, a Democrat, was a Connecticut State Senator from 1993 to 2013 and she has both the legislative experience as a state senator that it takes to write and to help get legislation passed, plus Harp has the executive experience to run a government organization by running Connecticut’s second-largest city. There no other candidates today running for governor or who are considering running for governor who have the background and experience in Connecticut to be the next governor of Connecticut.

    1. Ron,
      You focus on the Democrat race and I will focus on the Republican. A Democrat will not be elected Governor in 2018. The Democratic party has caused the dramatic decline in this state and City. The people want change at the state level and a Democrat does not represent real change.

      1. Dave, don’t tell me what to focus on. The voters in the Republican Party primary at the last election rejected you and there is nothing new with your policies then or now. The change that’s needed for Connecticut is not David Walker and the Republican primary voters made that very clear to you in the last primary, right Dave?

  3. I respect Mr. David Walker (he is intelligent and eloquent), but when you really do your research and find Mr. Walker’s political and economic philosophy, you end up in 1929, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman. It is a philosophy of winners and losers. Darwinian socioeconomic theory that congratulates the winners and damns the losers. I would not be able to fall asleep or live with myself with such a cruel perspective on how we live within human society.

        1. Well Frank, you’ve been asked here and on Facebook to show what Walker statements or policy endorsed by Walker made you draw this conclusion. You cannot because none exist. Attack the message rather than defending your position, you’re smarter than that.

          1. I will post here and on Facebook on Monday,April 17. I will also reach out to you to let you what I have posted. I will not reach out to MF.

  4. Ron,
    This is my last comment to you about this issue since you are not constructive and are not very knowledgeable about the Republican Party and what happened in 2014. People wanted me to run for Governor in 2014 and I lost the primary in the closest three-way race in history due to ballot design. Many people have been elected Governor without having been in the state legislature or Mayor. I know many of them personally. Some examples include Reagan, Daniels, both Bushes, Snyder, and all the Governors in the states surrounding CT. If it makes you feel better, I have already had overtures from prominent people with various party affiliations from within the state and around the country who want to help. Real change is coming to CT in 2018.

    1. Dave, I’m pointing out your failure as a Republican candidate in just a Republican primary. Dave, you have no experience in being elected by voters. Dave, I’ve asked you before if you are so knowledgeable about finances then why hasn’t President Trump and the national Republican Party have you advising them on the financial condition of America?

  5. Dave: Help us to see the future of Connecticut through your governor’s vision for the state and at least a sketch of a plan to fulfill that vision. How would Bridgeport fit in with this plan? Maybe get editorial sessions with OIB, the Post, WICC, and the Courant to get your vision and plan out there.

    1. Jeff, that’s an excellent suggestion! Dave should pursue public exposure and share his views both pro and con. Offer suggestions as to how Bridgeport should fit into the State plan. As to Dave’s political aspirations, he’s as entitled as we all are to pursue public office. From what I read about him, he has the knowledge to seek any office in the State. I’m far removed from basing my judgement or casting my vote exclusively along party lines. We don’t have that luxury anymore.

  6. Dave. Never mind the one-way thinkers on this blog and go for it! Democrats have lost so much ground in this country because of their ’60s mentality and never-ending crybaby act. Finger pointing at success while rewarding failure is the hallmark of the Democratic Party. Hilary Clinton is still crying somewhere wondering how she lost on a message of … oh yeah, she didn’t have a message. Toni Harp? What a joke.

  7. Think of busting Public Service unions.
    Think of budget gimmicks that claim no tax increase but fund future spending by cuts in school funding. That’s the Republican answer.

    1. Curious what the Democrat answer is in CT, because they have certainly cut school funding and raised taxes in CT. And the current public employee retiree, no cut to their benefits with COLA, and the projected health costs for retirees is projected to surpass healthcare costs for current employees, according to Governor Malloy. So yes please, explain how the Democrats have underfunded schools, raised taxes and promised public union employees retirement benefits which they know cannot be fulfilled, and retirees are not protected, has benefited your state.

  8. David Walker should run for Lembo’s job. Coupled with a Republican Governor, Walker could get us out of Purgatory. Heaven can’t wait!

    Mayor Harp is a lovely woman but in over her head in New Haven. New Haven would be better served with her and Looney Tunes back in the Senate. Kind of like New Jersey; “Perfect Together!”

  9. Clearly, the cost of union contracts with Connecticut state employees and retirees is impacting the stability of Connecticut, but it is unlikely that a Democrat will step up and admit that changes are necessary. Instead, they will allude to approaches that Malloy has used to avoid alienating their government employee union support.
    Dave Walker has been sounding the alarm about Connecticut’s finances. It will be interesting to see if the other Republican candidates use this approach as well.

  10. Dave, I know that as a Republican and fiscal expert you probably believe casinos do not help the finances of a state. I ask you to be open-minded and look at Nevada and other states that don’t have any economic viability, like Connecticut, which are drive-through states. Legalize statewide gaming with every town having the option to opt out. Put this to a statewide referendum allowing all sides to participate.

  11. A Dave Walker/John McKinney ticket would be nice! Connecticut is in a bad place and we need adults who can make hard choices. Both D’s and R’s in the legislature have kicked the can down the road so this is no longer a partisan issue. If the Dems can find a candidate who has an economic pedigree close to David’s and has the skill, then they might win. All I know is Dave Walker makes an intriguing case. And with him we would have a Governor who doesn’t ignore the cities.

  12. While I have to say Connecticut finances need to be addressed and Dave’s background as US comptroller is an asset, however he lacks credibility with me. I called him a political hack and he took it as an insult. It was not an insult to his experience or intellect but was a reference to his political loyalty to a particular political party.

    His deflection of my question was an obvious lie. “Ganim Seeks State Approval To Borrow To Pay Off Unfunded Pension Liability March 22nd, 2017”

    As for a Democrat I would rather see Ted Jr. Kennedy than Malloy. A person who has one leg knows and experiences a struggle that most will never comprehend, as something as being able to just get up and walk. It shapes the heart. What way it goes is another question, cool, compassion, or indifferent. One thing is for sure we are not lacking needless cool-heartedness. TWT.

    1. Webster’s definition of a hack. a : a person who works solely for mercenary reasons : hireling party hacks
      Perhaps Robert you might let the dictionary editors know you have redefined the expression political hack and it’s now a compliment. Accomplished this and fewer of us will be insulted when called hacks.

      1. Sorry, my definition was someone who aligned with winning over personal conviction.

        Dave can fall as a political mercenary.

        Mercenary (a person or their behavior) primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.

        However you want to define Mr. Walker, he changes political party for either his own benefit or for party’s gain because of his ability (maybe both on a mercenary level) and that is not the change Connecticut is looking for.

        Jennifer, answer this question. If Dave said he was changing parties to Democrat and was going to run as a Democrat would you still support him? On second thought don’t, you probably won’t be truthful.

        1. I absolutely would. As a card-carrying Republican I voted for Obama. I have given time and dollars to many Bridgeport Democrats who I felt were ethical and qualified. I sincerely do not appreciate being called a liar by you. My political donations are public record, fact-check away.

          1. I didn’t call you a liar, you called yourself a liar. Thanks for answering the question though.

            So from my limited experience when people use the word believe it means NO in a coded way.

            And do I look like Maria, I really don’t care to fact-check you, I don’t thing you live in CT.

            Dave’s the liar than and that’s a fact, I checked my post, yep.

      2. Also isn’t the mess cause by Republican governors from Weicker, Rowland, and Rell?

        You said Dave’s for Universal Health Care (behind closed doors). Do you think he will tell that to a Republican Base or its platform? Or were you just saying that because I believe it is a fundamental right, and you were trying to appease me? Either way you or Dave is not being honest.

          1. It is not the same, and I didn’t, that is the reality. Only you and God would know if you were.

  13. PS when I worked at Foxwoods I commuted with a kid who was born with no arms. To this day I still never knew what he did. So when you think about how hard life is when you’re playing with your smart phone setting on the toilet and about to have to wipe your ass, remember it could be worse.

  14. Jennifer, there are Dems like myself who voted for a Republican governor last time out because we knew Malloy didn’t have our best interest in mind. I would vote Republican again, but not for Dave. From what I’ve researched about Dave Walker I think he would be a Scott Walker type of governor and that’s not in the best interest of blacks, Latinos, women, union employees or the State of Connecticut. That alt-right mentality should scare the hell out of the people of Connecticut.

    1. Please do show me the published statements of Dave Walker that have caused you to reach this conclusion. If anything, Walker is faulted by the right for being too centered. Perhaps it’s still too conservative fiscally for any Democrats.

      1. Jennifer, just look at the video above and tell me where Walker is addressing the points Don mentioned. In fact the issues Don has listed, well I’ve never heard Walker go anywhere near those issues and what black district or black church has Dave Walker ever visited? He has that old line that we need 4% growth to turn around Bridgeport, the state and the national economy and cut social benefits to the poor and to do away with legal union contracts among other cuts that will hurt the working middle class.

        1. I cannot open the video, is everyone in CT watching it? First, aren’t you tired of reminding us of the number of raises you agreed to forfeit, year after year for the additional retirement benefits, only to find yourself blamed for being a burden as a retiree? Everyone I know who is a retired government employee says the same thing as you. It’s apparent to me the government retirement system is in need of serious reform, because it’s certainly not fair to you and those I know. I would like to think you and Donald don’t want to see your fellow current firefighters face the same issues when they retire. No one wants to see the income and benefits they worked for and were promised suddenly vanish after they’ve retired. I cannot imagine the stress of living under that threat. Meanwhile we taxpayers watch as retired civil servants collect full retirement and receive full pay and benefits from working the same job in a different town, often earning a total of over $200 thousand per year, while we in the private sector are paying taxes and saving so at 67 we can live off half or less than that. And the majority of us, middle class. So what is the answer? CT has a decline in population, losing taxpaying base. Government is not like a business with management holding back profits to pay employees less. As to privatization of some social services, in some cases it has been successful, having that in place before making cuts makes sense. Looking at CT voting records, social service increases for the poor is presented and cut year after year. At least Walker is willing to seek extra aid with a government/private sector partnership. There are no easy answers. In my humble opinion, people need to look at the facts in the harsh light of day, decide if they are satisfied with always being on the top ten worst city and state list for taxes, quality of life and decide if they want the necessary change to once again be the city and state adding residents and businesses rather than losing them. Buying into rhetoric and promises rather than facts elected Trump.

          1. Jennifer, from day one when Dave Walker started posting on OIB he was talking about doing away with fire and police pensions, even before anybody knew who he was.

    1. Robert Teixeira, I don’t know from where you send your messages. Off a smartphone almost guarantees mistakes. If you work off a laptop or desktop, you can first write on “Notepad” and then copy and paste to OIB. Thank you Ray, for that suggestion.

      1. It’s correct in my head what I write it. When I proof read on Word I catch some. When I write on OIB box the box gets cut in half so trying to proofread it is frustrating so I just send it then re-read it. As least the squiggly line lets me know I misspelled something. Or forget about trying to read it. 🙂

        1. Robert. I have found reading copy from back to front is what proofreaders do to catch errors. I tend to auto correct in my reading and not make the corrections. Reading in reverse has helped me. Unless I’m in a rush. Hope this helps.

          1. Thanks. I tried that, it works. I have ADD so my brain skips, among other brain issues. 🙂

  15. OMG. Dave Walker has a small group of Black Rockers/ex-Black Rockers (I won’t mention gender) who are simply pelting me with on-line interrogation.

      1. Jennifer, just for the record. I did not vote for JG2 in either the primary or the general. I appreciate all the help from my female buddies from Black Rock/ex-Black Rock. I do admire the passion. Forget about the guys.

  16. Bob: Connecticut has (and has had, for several decades) the dumbest governors, legislatures and union leaders in the United States (not without notable exception, e.g., Abe Ribicoff, Ella Grasso). Not so much “regressive” as “dumb,” as in “dumb-ass.”

    History provides a record of all of the dumb-ass things our legislature, governors and our union leadership have done to squander our unsurpassed economic advantage and potential over the past six decades, culminating with the “stupidest” governor and legislature in the 2017 US. (Only New Jersey can possibly rival Connecticut in this regard.)

    Perhaps the best example of modern Connecticut stupidity was the almost-passionate embrace of electric-utility deregulation passed in the ’90s, something that apparently not even one legislator, Governor Rowland, or even then- Attorney General Blumenthal had any intelligent grasp of, whatsoever, and the effects/ramifications of which continue to be expressed via the continuing decline of the Connecticut economy. (Not to forget our UI, Seaside Park solar panels, of course.)

    But in any event Bob, our dumb-ass Governor, legislature and union leadership, with only very few exceptions, need to be replaced. In terms of local and statewide candidates for office, we need to look to new-blood candidates with detailed, progressive visions for the socioeconomic future of our state, and defensible, detailed plans/rationales that reflect these visions. Neither the D’s nor R’s have provided positive momentum for Connecticut in recent decades. We need to forget party designations and listen to the visions and plans of candidates in the context of their records, and make decisions on a rational basis.

    If Democrat voters would have adopted that philosophy 10 months ago months and voted for Bernie, we wouldn’t have “The Omen: The Triumph of Damien” playing out in the White House as we read this OIB post (and maybe wonder, as we read, where those nukes will hit first).

  17. Jeff, to be honest I don’t know what to think. I insult most of your posts and your run for mayor. There’s a continuance pattern to insult my intelligence or lack of on OIB. So by you addressing me in your post I don’t know if you’re covertly calling me stupid and a dumbass or overtly the politicians who are running the state. If this is your energetically way of calling me stupid or a dumbass, I prefer Andy’s approach. “You’re a dumbass.” I find a direct honest approach to have more integrity. If it were not an covert insult to me but to those dumbass politicians, excuse my dumb ass, I’m not the brightest bulb.

  18. Robert: Please don’t feel offended. You weren’t on my mind at all when I wrote that post. Truly; I only aim my posts on people in decision-making/decision-shaping roles. I truly don’t see you as a target in that regard. Relax. I don’t see any reason to target and/or berate you, and never refer to you unless it is to address your direct reference to me.

    1. Then I’m honored by your address. That’s a problem in the world today, always trying to figure out what people are really saying and meaning. The saddest part after so much, people see what they want to see or expect, even if it’s not there.

      1. Robert, I would like to share a little wisdom with you in a friendly nonthreatening way. Some of your comments at times I agree with and I might reply saying that and there are times I don’t. You seem to take people’s disagreement with your post as a personal insult. Then you feel the need to defend yourself which is okay but you just keep on and on and by doing so the original post you made gets lost and becomes meaningless and you lose respect.

        1. That’s how threads works, the original always gets lost.

          And no I don’t take disagreement or debates of views as an insult, because, in fact, that is most of this game, on a level, and in some cases I seek it out to construct a written response. For me it’s more educational than my personal view or my response, however they are my views. Some may find my views and responses insulting but I don’t even Andy’s and the use of the word asshole being thrown around. I can’t help that people will always see what they want to see. In fact in my mind the only true insult was to Jeff, about his mayor run and my view on to handle street pursuits that wasn’t called for. The rest are just critiques, harsh maybe, not insulting. I find disagreements are educational if done constructively.

          That is why I asked him about his comment that started this thread. I don’t mind him insulting me back. I just wanted to know if he insulted me back. I don’t want him insulting my intelligence or lack or intelligence. It would have been unfair if Jeff insulted me back and I didn’t get it. 🙂 I’m fair.

          I try to be more funny and entertaining than informative in my responsive because most are set in their ways and Ron do you really think OIB’s comment section threads are setting policies or have influence over policy makers?

  19. Jennifer,
    Why don’t we forget about what has been said and get to what needs to be said?
    Please have Dave explain to all us morons what he will do with pensions, post-retirement benefits, privatization and a few other of the questions we all have for Mr. Walker.
    Don’t tell us what he will not do parsed and quartered to make a nice sound bite but really nuts and bolts what he will do.

  20. Jennifer, I also have a question for you concerning David Walker. Why is it that President Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or the 30 Republican governors across America are not listening to David Walker’s advice?

    David Walker 60 Minutes

  21. Ron and Bob, what makes you think Walker has not advised governors–testified in the Senate–because he has. I don’t have any reason to believe either of you would consider voting for a Republican, no matter how qualified and respected. The 60 minutes interview made some excellent points, no expert is coming forth and saying David Walker is wrong and elected officials won’t tell citizens the truth and make the hard choices, raising taxes, cutting spending and eliminating or paring down services, because they are afraid of not being elected. If an elected official shows me, this is the budget, this is how much I’ve cut and where, I need to raise your taxes by this much, giving me this much income to do the following, I am more likely to support that tax increase and cuts to services. Politicians rarely treat their citizens with this courtesy or honesty. Aren’t you tired of this? I get the impression Dave rubs you both, and a very few others the wrong way. Walker is not a seasoned politician, and he’s a numbers guy, he’s not running to be the most popular student council president, he’s running because he has in-depth experience with government budgets. I doubt anyone would argue Bridgeport and CT budgets and taxes are in dire need of a qualified expert. You have to decide if you want the doctor with excellent bedside manners who pats your shoulder, with minimal understanding of government financial accounting or the doctor who tells you the harsh truth, rolls up his sleeves with pencil to the paper and manages your tax dollars and government spending in a way that’s fair and equitable to all. Here’s a link to his website outlining the areas Walker knows are a priority for solutions to your state’s problems.

    1. Jennifer, thanks for your reply but it would make more sense to put those efforts towards the federal government finances first where a bigger result would help the states and cities. Where is the list of cities and states that are using what Walker keeps stating so that we can see for ourselves? Walker doesn’t have the political skills and abilities to get something passed to be law. His style doesn’t work in electoral politics, like I said earlier Dave needs to be talking to the Trump administration and to Paul Ryan if he wants to make real change.

      1. Ron, you are wrong about Walker’s influence regarding laws and policy and being effective with elected officials. Three presidents appointment him to Federal positions, he received 100% yes vote for all positions. He’s not a seasoned politician with regard to running for office, which is what I meant by my statement, I can certainly understand why you read it the way you did. The federal government is not going to fix CT, and it’s the job of Murphy, Blumenthal and Himes to bring back federal dollars to CT. As I recall, CT is one of the states receiving a much lower percent of federal dollars vs what we send to the federal budget. The problem is, what’s done with CT taxpayer dollars. Usually the Federal dollars are earmarked for specific grants and programs.

        1. Jennifer, she said, “Ron, you are wrong about Walker’s influence regarding laws and policy and being effective with elected officials,” tell me what has he done to get any laws passed? Walker doesn’t have the disposition to work and to get along with those who don’t agree with him, he is thin-skinned and he doesn’t like being questioned because he thinks he is the smartest person in the room. His three appointments by three presidents are just that, appointments, not elected. He has NO connection with the black community in Bridgeport or in any other city in Connecticut, none.

          1. Appointed by presidents, the appointment had to be voted on by the Senate, 100% yes votes every time. Your elected officials representing you on both sides of the isle voted him into office. Part of his duties was to write policy to be enacted into Federal law. Which he did. He is still called upon to testify for federal legislation. Because his expert opinion is sought by your elected officials. You see him through Democrat and union eyes, of course you don’t want to like him and look for anything in his presentation to fault him for. i have no idea of his connection with blacks anywhere, because I don’t know every black person in Bridgeport and CT. What I do know is, his connection to every person is he wants to give everyone an equal chance to succeed. And he believes financial security is one of the building blocks for success for people. I know we are never going to agree on this, I always appreciate hearing your point of view. If you don’t like his policy and platform that’s understandable, attacking his character on groundless assumptions, I’ll argue with you until the cows come home. It’s going to be a very interesting governors race. I expect a republican primary, not unlike the presidential primary we just witnessed. The Republicans are very likely to take the Governor seat next election. I would be watching closely and doing all I could to make sure the CT version of Trump doesn’t win the race. Spoiler alert, Walker is not thenTrump like candid. You’ve already had it happen to Bridgeport in the last mayor’s race.

          2. Jennifer, although I’ve never met you I like you and respect you even if we don’t agree on certain topics. From the first time you and Dave Walker started posting on OIB about CW4BBI would consistently asked how many blacks were members because wanted to see if CW4BB was just a Black Rock group and basically a white organization. I would never get a straight answer plus I was asked that I should asked blacks to join and I would reply back by saying why. All blacks in Bridgeport are not poor, they all don’t live in the East End and they all are not on welfare. Walker would reply back most of time and say that he was the treasurer but was a smoke screen, he was the main person who was directing CW4BB. Myself and others would talk about Walker and CW4BB and we knew that their gold was for Walker to run for political office, we just didn’t know what position and that he needed a base for support so former US Rep. Chris Shays old home that was up for sale in Black Rock gave him a launching pad to run from. I never could get a answer about Walker’s involvement if any with the black voters and the black community so that he was really concern about issues concerning blacks. Even after all these years that Walker has been here he has not expanded his base to the largest voting block in the City, the black and Hispanic community and voters. Now he wants to be governor, please.

          3. Yes Ron, it’s not going to be easy for any Republican to be elected governor in CT. Yes, Dave Walker was ONE of the founding members of CW4BB, he was, as I recall approached about starting the group. CW4BB is now Better Bridgeport I believe. Like all grass roots community groups, membership and focus was always evolving. Many members of the group absolutely encouraged Walker to seek office. It was never the goal or purpose of the organization to support only Walker. Many candidates for many local races were endorsed and given financial support before Walker decided to run for office. I can certainly understand why you would perceive CW4BB being nothing but a launchpad for Walker. You are wrong in your assessment, and if you had taken the time to attend any meeting you would have discovered this. It’s OK, as your time and focus are elsewhere. With the exception of the event held at PT – you said you would attend this if the group ever held an event there. They did and you were invited but chose not to attend. The group did outreach, every way we could, and now the group is city wide, more diverse and thank goodness, an influx of young, engaged Bridgeport residents are very active and involved. As it should be. I understand Walker and a few more of the founding members are much less active in the group, again, as it should be. The premise and goals are the same with new and enthusiastic people taking up the mantle- and the original members who have the time are mentoring and helping. I don’t know if it’s still a PAC, originally it was not a PAC, but became one out of necessity when the group realized endorsements were a very important part of changing Bridgeport.

  22. 1. I lean more to the right than left.

    2. “no expert is coming forth and saying David Walker is wrong and elected officials won’t tell citizens the truth and make the hard choices, raising taxes, cutting spending and eliminating or paring down services, because they are afraid of not being elected.” Isn’t that what Malloy is doing?

    3. Yes, Dan and Dave rubbed me the wrong way.

    4. Please for the love of Christ let’s not use a doctor as a parable for moral governance.

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