1. Hmmm, $50,000 and putting Bridgeport on the map as a yearly destination for people traveling hundreds of miles. Not to mention looking at Steelpointe on 95 and think wow. All the new development and a magnificent beach and only an hour to New York and a Ferry to Port Jefferson. I think that is all a good thing.

    1. Steve,
      Grow the F up, would you please. Now you believe the future of Bridgeport is in the hands of hippies who never grew up, still smoke, snort or shoot their drugs of choice who come into Bridgeport once a year for a drug fest but NOW will come back a second time to shop at Bass Pro. You, Finch, Pimpanelli and Kooris are all delusional. All of you can go down to Seaside, get high, and laugh at the taxpayers.
      By the way, Stevie boy, why do you think Bridgeport is the only city that will do this?
      Because our leaders are smarter than all the other municipal and state leaders in the state of Connecticut? Or maybe just plain dumber.

      1. Okay Bob Walsh,
        Let me ask you something.

        Does Mary-Jane Foster support the Vibes?

        The Bridgeport Kid, Does Joe Ganim support the Vibes?

        Andy Fardy and Bob Walsh you guys have reached the point in your lives where you only listen to Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. I get it. I love both of them.

        The pot-smoking hippies and drug addicts? Well it is a Rock festival that has 100s of families and children. Many are business owners and wealthy entrepreneurs. You are quick to judge and label and every year the same people complain even though they never go to our gorgeous Seaside Park. Always negative and miserable. So I spoke to Jeff Bishop the other day and they will be promoting the City of Bridgeport there. If that surprises you, it is not a shock. It is a shame you are the face of the Mary-Jane Foster campaign. There is nothing wrong with getting older. But when wisdom.does not follow you become members of the over the hill gang that still see Bridgeport circa 1971.

        Note to Bill Finch–Do you notice everything optimistic I say is equated with being a staunch Finch supporter?

        If every positive Bridgeport post I make is attacked as pro-Finch, what does anybody here think their negative, cancerlike comments do for their candidates Ganim and Foster–nothing!

        1. You really think because you go try out restaurants that give out discount tickets and you go to free concerts, you are really doing great work for Bridgeport? Well you are wrong, it shows you are cheap.
          Steve, I don’t give a shit who goes there, it is a drug use zone with very little chance of being arrested.
          Face of MJF, you are really delusional. I am one person who is going to vote for her because unlike your dumb ass I know things about both these candidates that would change your mind and to answer your question, I won’t post on it.

          1. Andy, are you okay? Free concerts? Coupons in restaurants? What are you talking about, Andy? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mary-Jane Foster’s number-one supporter. Free concerts? Restaurants? Andy, where are you getting information? The same people who gave you the Town Committee votes. Andy, I still maintain and will continue to maintain I support every restaurant downtown. If you are referring to the Free Thursday night concerts, you’d better believe I support them. Andy, you are foolish and I think you have serious issues. Those issues do not help your candidate. Your attacking me totally does not support your candidate. One thing I can say without question. You do not celebrate anything in Bridgeport, that you share with many of your candidate’s supporters. Yes Andy, you are one person living in the shadow of Maria P. When you are surrounded by Finch and Ganim signs you will realize how your anti-Bridgeport rants have crippled your candidate. It is just sad.

          2. You won’t post it? Why? We all know you have no filter. Help Mary-Jane, post away. Convince me I am supporting the wrong candidate and make it good.

          3. Hey Steve, I have two Finch beautification signs I was awarded on my front lawn. I will always be in Maria’s shadow. Do you know why? Think about it.

    2. That’s right, only $50,000 to use the park. Why? Because “JOE GANIM IS A CONVICTED FELON!” Why? Because the Festival has been held here for20 years. Bill Finch was still snake oil but he takes full responsibility.

      1. The Bridgeport Kid,
        Joseph Ganim was Mayor in 1999 and 2000 when the Vibes first performed. They left the city until 2007, the last summer Mayor John Fabrizi was in office. The Vibes concert has become extremely popular every year gaining on the last since Mayor Finch has been in office since 2008. I think my numbers are correct. The bottom line is the Vibes concert is as good for Bridgeport as the Oyster Festival is for Norwalk. Nobody cares which Mayor brought them here. The point is it is good for Bridgeport. Ganim, Fabrizi and Finch support it enthusiastically. I salute all three for a great decision. Let me tell you who will not be there. Gomes, Moore, Fardy, Walsh, Donald Day and Ron Mackey. They are Foster supporters. How do I know they will not be there? Because they do not support the joyful events of the city!

        1. Steve, I don’t consider a bunch of drugged-out people as a joyful event. You are really warped. I support MJF so big deal, am I not allowed to vote for the person I choose to? Did my four-year military hitch go for naught as Steve Auerbach has decided the only one you can write positively about is Finch. Someone please tell me this mooch is not looking for a job.

  2. Andy,
    I bitched about this EVERY YEAR I was on the council. There is no way these clowns are not grossing $1 Million. But they give discounted tickets to city residents. Wow, Thank You Vibe Tribe!!!
    But of course they give free, illegal tickets to all the council members, friends and other employees and other officials in the city of Bridgeport.
    This is the biggest ripoff since Ganim was mayor.

  3. Steve really has nothing to contribute here. His ass-kissing of Finch and his ludicrous posts defending everything Finch. No matter how bad things get under Finch, Steve will give you that shit-eating smile and tell you everything is alright. It’s time for you to visit Local Eyes and get your tin-foil helmet.

    1. Andy Andy Andy, not even a kind word for my friend Mary-Jane Foster. Things are so horrible Andy, Joe Ganim has a chance to make a respectable showing and in four years can run again. Mary-Jane however, thanks to your support will have a miserable showing and I’d blame you, Bob Walsh, Donald Day and Ron Mackey. You represent the most vocal, negative and dull support of any candidate ever!

      Mayor Finch does not walk on water, but he is respected and has worked tirelessly to get shovels in the ground. Bridgeport has not been in this position to attract development of any magnitude until now. Our city has addressed quality of life issues. New Schools, parks and Steelpointe.

      I do not have to say anything negative about our former Mayor.

      I will only say one negative comment about Mary-Jane Foster because I think under other circumstances she would make a fine Mayor. Being surrounded by Moore, Gomes, Walsh and Fardy it is clear they are all negative on economic development and the Hennessy Bill is only exciting to voters like John Marshall Lee.

      What hope does anyone offer other than Bill Finch?

      Everyone who knows me knows I am not now, nor have I ever been a sycophant. Supporting Mayor Finch just makes sense.

      My opinion of course.

  4. Sad to say I have to agree with the anti-Vibes folks. I do not want anyone having fun in Bridgeport! Listening to music and dancing is a no go as far as I am concerned.

    “Don’t smoke maryjane … vote Mary-Jane”

    “Say no to fun, say yes to Joe … Go Ganim, Go!!!”

    Remember everyone, we need to keep Bridgeport Gross!!! Say no to everything.

  5. Aside from all the negative comments, I am going to the Vibes again this year and looking forward to it. Not everyone who attends is high on whatever or drunk. The majority of the attendees are there enjoying being in a beautiful park and listening to great music. Perhaps some of the critics should attend and see for themselves before they bash this event.


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