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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Vibes Celebrates 20 Years

July 30th, 2015 · 12 Comments · News and Events

Vibes Seaside 2010

Hippie fest returns. Photo courtesy of Morgan Kaolian.

Gathering of the Vibes weekend is here. For details, here.


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  • Andmar

    I know some people will probably disagree but I think the Vibes is great for Bridgeport. People have a misperception it is all about drugs, but it’s actually not the case. I went several years ago and I was surprised to see a lot of families and children. Sure, there are drugs but it does not still mean it is not a solid event. Here is what I see as the problem. This event has been taking place for years but I don’t see enough being done to leverage this event. For example, more Bridgeport vendors can be used. Because the event is fenced off the benefits of having thousands of people does not really spill into the community. I think a better job can be done of capitalizing on the event and have satellite stages or performances around downtown and leading up to Seaside. It’s a thought. Sure, the rental of $50,000 is low, and maybe the city could go up a bit. The bigger question is how can the city leverage the event to market Bridgeport, help business, and bring the event up to a broader scale by incorporating the surrounding community.

  • Bob Walsh

    It brings in business for the local hospitals for sure; double-digit drug ODs for sure but families attend so who cares.
    And of course there are many years when the city coroner picks up some business, too.
    Is that what your are talking about, Andmar?

    • Steven Auerbach

      He is talking about your enthusiasm, Bob. Tone it down, please!

    • Andmar

      The ODs would be minimal in comparison to the total attendance. Probably less that 1%. Not sure why this would be justification to shut down the event. Do I think the ODs are ridiculous? Sure. But it still does not detract from the benefits of the event. Are there drugs? Sure. And there are are thousands of people who are sober and are there for the music and a good time. Except it is easy to just focus on the drugs and the popular sensationalized headlines that appear on the CT Post. My thinking is the event is not leveraged enough and brought up to scale. Look at the music scene in Austin. Are there drugs? Sure. But the music scene in Austin has become a destination. Why not build upon the success of this event that has been in the making for years and leverage it?

  • Denis OMalley

    I am not a Vibes fan but agree it is good for Bridgeport. A lot of people see Seaside Park which is dynamic and changes the Bridgeport stereotype. Those who wash regularly and appreciate the finer things will explore off-site Bridgeport restaurants and bars and be favorably impressed.

    My only negative is hearing the back and forth between the City and the Vibes. Vibes keep complaining about yada, yada, yada. If it’s that bad and you aren’t making money, then go somewhere else. That’s what Jerry would have said.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    It would be better for Bridgeport if local merchants made more money out of it. The local economy has been dependent on criminal proceeds and welfare checks for too long.

    • Andmar

      I agree, Bridgeport Kid. Here we have thousands of people who pour into Bridgeport yearly. How can this be leveraged to benefit local merchants? That’s what really needs to be figured out. I’m not fully sure if it is a merchant problem to figure out or a city issue, or both. But there could be ways of designing the logistics of the event so as to benefit local merchants. For example, maybe the buss pick up could be at McLevy rather that the Ball Park parking lot which is not nearby local businesses, etc. This would also be closer to the train.

  • Pete Spain

    Excellent points! I catch your vibes on The Vibes.

    Bob Walsh is the wise Oscar the Grouch “Troll” uncle we shouldn’t forget when methodically putting ideas to measurable tests. He is an experienced devil’s advocate.

  • Ron Mackey

    Here in Seaside Village we catch hell because of the Vibe, we have people parking their vans here and sleeping here, we have them walking through here. There are those you see looking for drugs which is not hard to find in certain areas of the South End. They drive through here as a shortcut.

  • Ron Mackey

    Friday evening just before it started to rain, there were two men who parked on South Ave. and they were rolling a mattress on a moving dolly through Seaside Village to Seaside Park.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Here in Black Rock the short bus has been making the rounds.

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