Vallas Creates Military Academy, First Responders School

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Steven Ramos, 13, wants to be an FBI agent.

The district’s planned Bridgeport Military Academy is the answer to this eighth-grader’s dreams.

Along with the three multi-magnet science high schools that have been in the works for nearly a decade, the concept for the academy, which is also being called a First Responders High School, was introduced by interim Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas.

Vallas created similar schools in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

The new Bridgeport school also will explore military and public safety careers. For the first year, it will be housed at the magnet site. In the future, there is talk of putting the school in the district’s swing-space school that is located adjacent to the University of Bridgeport. A budget for the new school, according to district officials, is still being developed.

Bassick High School Principal Wayne Alexander, who created an officer training program at New London High School, is in charge of planning the Bridgeport Military Academy, and said the school will open in the fall to 150 freshmen. Interest is being generated by creating middle school clubs to teach students things like first aid and CPR.

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  1. *** ROTC and other type structure groups are great to instill personal pride and the ability to become independent and responsible at fulfilling whatever task is at hand. More urban schools should have these programs that stress teamwork and build strong bodies and minds at the same time. Mr. Vallas continues to show much more educational insight, in a shorter time, than any of the past school Supts. Let’s keep it going regardless of the usual pitfalls that plague “ZOMBIELAND!” ***

  2. Mojo,
    Let’s have a cheer for “educational insight!!!”

    Showing up + on time + dressed to play = is said to be 95% of the secret to success. Understanding a purpose larger than oneself and bending your will, getting training and caring about and for your fellow group members are fantastic life lessons.

    This is another educational life choice that will directly change the questions asked of City youths and their families. The answers to those choices and the application of students to these tracks will ultimately determine the return on educational funds invested. Time will tell.

  3. I like the concept of this type of specialized education. First Responder jobs are always needed, and you cannot outsource them somewhere else. All US schools should start to put an emphasis on programs/curricula that focuses on careers with low risk of outsource.


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