“USA For Bradley”–A State Senator’s Cry Against ‘Big Government’

Bradley thumbs up
Dennis Bradley thumb up on primary day in 2018.

Leave it to Dennis Bradley to add showmanship to his State Senate reelection with no announced opponent.

Bradley has formed USA for Bradley 2020, a curiously named candidate committee for a freshman state senator.

Bradley likes to mix it up even when no one is mixing it up with him other than perhaps state and federal investigators examining his 2018 campaign finances. Those probes have taken a back seat newswise–as just about everything else–during this virus madness.

Tuesday night, under virtual platforms, delegates in multi-town seats will issue candidate endorsements for State Senate.

City Councilman Marcus Brown is challenging incumbent Marilyn Moore in the 22nd State Senate District. He’s expected to be endorsed by Democrats with Moore receiving sufficient 15 percent support to qualify for the August primary in the city-suburban district.

Several months ago it appeared Bradley would have a primary battle considering Uncle Sam on his tale. Right now that’s not the case.

Bradley represents Connecticut’s 23rd District encompassing about two thirds of Bridgeport and a sliver of western Stratford.

In light of scrutiny placed on his 2018 run for state office that led to a public grant rejection for the general election, Bradley will eschew that process to raise money outside Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program. Under the rules, Bradley’s campaign may accept a personal contribution up to $1,000. He says he’s determined to raise $100K with or without an opponent.

Says Bradley “In the midst of Covid-19 we are gonna raise $100,000 during this campaign, something never done before in the 23rd District from we the people! The new mindset is that government needs us. We don’t need the government. We are the leaders and not big government. We will hold commissioners and organizations accountable from a place of integrity and leadership by example. I intend to show Hartford the will of the people. And in this rekindled spirit we will fight any foe, confront all adversaries and stop at nothing to realize our potential!”

Call it Bradley-speak.



  1. State Senator Dennis Bradley said, “The new mindset is that government needs us. We don’t need the government.” Really, Bradley is sounding like President 45, they both need a punching bag, something that won’t punch back.

    Governments are responsible for providing services that individuals cannot effectively provide for themselves, such as military defense, fire and police departments, roads, education, social services, and environmental protection. Some government entities also provide public utilities, such as water, sewage treatment, or electricity. To generate the revenue necessary to provide services, governments collect taxes and fees and charge for many services they provide to the public. If these revenues are not sufficient to fund desired programs, governments borrow money.

    1. Ron, In which senatorial district do you reside? Senator Moore’s or that which Dennis Bradley is running for??
      If you are eligible, have you considered throwing your hat into the ring?? You regularly provide response and perspective as well as history on Bridgeport governance. That would resonate with many people. You held a responsible position as a public safety employee and because you are older, but not necessarily antiquated or historic, can be better trusted with a long term viewpoint for all of your neighbors relative to those who rise up with a dashing look but no evidence that they are in the race to benefit all the folks in the district bringing fairness, equality of opportunity and justice with each issue you take a position for. Time will tell.

  2. Ron,
    I write in reference to your noting the similarity between 45 and Dennis relative to railing against BIG GOVERNMENT and finding punching bags that do not return punches……safe targets.

    Another category that Trump finds unhelpful to him and opposes often is OVERSIGHT. If you are President subsequent to Watergate crimes there are multiple Inspector Generals within each Department and 45 has eliminated four of them in recent months. In each case the IGs were looking into matters that appeared running off the tracks. The easiest things for the executive to do was to eliminate the investigator as the 2020 campaign begins heating up.

    Is Dennis out to perform OVERSIGHT for the voters of Bridgeport and Stratford district he seeks to represent? What are the issues that should resonate with them? Specifics please? Who will he seek in the public to provide $100,000 in absence of State funds? What are their issues that deserve or require OVERSIGHT? Time will tell.

    1. JML, Dennis Bradley past political claim to fame was his failure to raise the education level of the 21,000 of Bridgeport school students while he was the President of the BBOE plus his lack of leadership with his boycott of Maria Pereira and to force her off the BBOE and stopping the business educating are students., that’s the same thing that President 45 does.


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