1. John Weldon is simply outrageous. Dr. Johnson had just sent an email to staff at 5:00 PM announcing her resignation. Instead of giving our employees an opportunity to absorb Dr. Johnson’s resignation and allow them to breathe, he drafts a memo, and contacts the Superintendent to have his memo sent to all staff which required her staff to distribute it at 7:00 PM, hours after their work day had ended.

    The “memo” shares with the staff what the “Board” is going to do about the resignation and replacement when the “Board” has had ZERO discussion about what we are, or are not, going to do regarding filling the position.

    Neither Joe Sokolovic nor I received a copy of the memo John Weldon drafted on behalf of the “Board” with ZERO input from the “Board.”

    I had to email John Weldon and ask if he had sent a memo to all 2700 employees. Then, and only then, did John Weldon send us a copy of his memo.

    I want to state here unequivocally, John Weldon is a control freak. He micromanages everyone, or attempts to. He has specifically told Dr. Johnson’s immediate staff not to answer my questions or provide me information I need to fulfill my statutory obligations as an elected school board member. He specifically told her staff not to provide information regarding whether a regular meeting had been canceled, who canceled it, was a recognition ceremony scheduled in the place of our regular meeting, and more.

    This is just pure absurdity.

  2. From the CT Post.
    Assistant Superintendent Janet Brown Clayton was also submitting her letter of resignation. Clayton will leave on June 30, 2019, district officials confirmed on Wednesday

  3. Mr. Day, not all resignations are a negative. Sometimes we have teachers, custodians, staff, etc. that resign because they may be facing something more adverse.

  4. No, you did not insinuate anything about the resignation. I just offered my perspective on what a resignation may or may not signify.


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