Unofficial Election Results

Before midnight it appeared Republican incumbent John Weldon and running mate Peter Perillo had machine count leads, prior to counting absentee ballots, to fill the two minority-party slots on the Board of Education.

Incumbent Joe Sokolovic, Jose Lopez and Khalid Muhammad ran on the Working Families Party line.

Elections officials were still compiling the vote count as of Wednesday afternoon.

Newcomer Democrats Christine Baptiste-Perez, Erika Castillo and Michael Maccarone were elected to the school board.

Unofficial results for City Council



  1. This is getting boring and quite sad. One party rule in Bridgeport is literally destroying the city for the last ten years. I challenge anyone with a half decent mind to say with honesty that Bridgeport is going in the right direction.

    Im not saying lets give a trumper the role, but why are we so against trying something different. We are so far behind Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford. Our tax base is terrible, the only people buying in Bridgeport to be honest, are landlords, schools are horrible, public office riddled with corruption, that includes some of these elected officials.

    At this point its insanity, keep voting one party expecting a different result. Its safe to say that Bridgeport is Flint, Michigan of Connecticut.

    1. Jo,when only 6400(including AB’s) of the eligible 69,000 voters actually come out to vote,Bridgeport will never move forward,we just keep electing the same people over and over again.It’s a vicious circle…

  2. Congratulation Joe, I found a number of Democrats who were working or candidates would suggest your namme when voters didn’t know who was running for offce and they would ask.


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