Two Wounded In East Side Shooting

From public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin:

Bridgeport Police responded to a non-fatal shooting incident late Tuesday night in the area of Stillman Street & East Main Street.

The Bridgeport Police Department received a call regarding shots fired at 9:18 p.m. on August 18, 2015.

The victim, a 29 year-old male of Poplar St., stated he heard two groups of people arguing and then heard shots.

The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the right upper chest.

The victim was transported to Bridgeport Hospital by a personal vehicle.

The victim is in stable condition.

A second victim, a 46-year-old male of Noble Ave., stated he was walking south on East Main St. toward Stillman St. when he saw some kids running and then heard a couple of shots.

He received a minor grazed wound to the back in the left shoulder blade area.

The second victim was transported to Bridgeport Hospital by a responding ambulance.

Multiple units are searching for the responsible parties, and anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Bridgeport Detective Bureau at (203) 581-5201.



  1. Three shootings in less than ten days but it’s alright. Mayor Finch told us “Bridgeport is the safest it has been in more than 40 years.” Thanks Bill, we needed that.

  2. Finch is out of touch with the realities of Bridgeport. People are still getting shot and Finch says “it’s the safest it’s every been.” That’s how out of touch he is. He is socially awkward and I think Finch has Tourettes because he just repeats “it’s the safest i’ts ever been.”

  3. The problem is the Finch administration doesn’t do anything about the low-level crime. People drink on the sidewalk, hang out by the stores, hang out on the sidewalks, the graffiti is not cleaned, trash everywhere, people drink on front porches, play music loud into the late hours of the night and nothing is done. Giuliani and Ganim had it right by addressing all these problems even if they were small and addressing them before it gets worse. Just like Ganim just asked that grocery store owner to close early because of all the problems of people hanging out in the late hours.

    1. Amen. The “broken windows” policy is an effective way of dealing with urban deterioration, addressing quality of life issues before they become more serious problems.

  4. Very sad situation. It is even more sad Mayor Finch is the one you are blaming. Honestly, that is as sad as the action itself. These shootings would have happened if Mother Theresa were the Mayor. It is a hot summer. This is happening in every city across the country. Very, Very sad. I wish those who were shot a speedy recovery.

    1. There you go, making excuses for an incompetent mayor, one more time. If Bill Finch actually gave a damn about the people living in low-income and minority neighborhoods, he would have directed Chief Gaudett to institute an anti-crime program. Blaming the shootings on the hot weather is like blaming Isaac Newton for rotten apples.

      Go crawl back under your rock.

  5. Very sad situation. It is even more sad Foster and Ganim are the ones Steve is blaming. Honestly, that is as sad as the action itself. These shootings would not have happened if Ganim or Foster were Mayor. It is a hot summer. This is happening in every city across the country. Very, Very sad. I wish those who were shot a speedy recovery.

  6. It was probably accidental. Just errant bullets from guns fired by young people caught up in their unrestrained exuberance over all of those Steal Point job opportunities, and of course the new concrete and asphalt play areas in all the parks that only had cheap, dirt play areas before. You know, they just have “the feeling” because they can’t deny “Bridgeport is getting better every day.” (And I bet they can’t wait to get back to school and take all those wonderful tests their happy teachers have to administer day in and day out.)

    And we shouldn’t forget what fun it will be for them to shop at Bass Pro with their parents this Christmas when they have their full assortment of handguns, rifles and shotguns just waiting to fly off the shelves with complimentary full loads of bullets for every weapon.

    “Better every day, every day, every day, la, la, la.”

  7. Pardon the sarcasm, but it would appear we are having a public safety meltdown in this city this summer. There is a pattern to this escalation of gun play in our streets.

    It seems we are doing a rewind of the ’80s going into the ’90s. The drug business and turf wars are still the only paying game in town and the city once again can’t afford to competitively staff its police force (even if it can afford to create expensive asphalt and concrete play areas, where kids can fall and get injured, and new parks for the idle, forlorn job-seekers in our city).

    Where is all of the concern out of Hartford and Washington?

    It would seem our governor and state and congressional delegations–who so enthusiastically endorsed the present administration for another term–are comfortable with their candidate’s ability to take the heat for this long, hot summer in Bridgeport, even if they don’t believe his administration is up to addressing our public-safety crisis. After all, it isn’t their election year, and they don’t need our votes, just yet.

    1. Quentin, let’s agree they are understaffed. Now Quentin, how do you blame the Mayor for these shootings? I will not respond to the others but I do not see how you blame the Mayor for the shootings. That’s like Ron Mackey blaming Ganim for not building a supermarket in the East End. Would 500 extra cops have stopped that shooting? The answer is no and the Mayor is no more to blame for those shootings than you or I. I am stating the obvious.

    2. The mayor of any city or town is elected to administer the people’s business. In this case we’re talking about the business of the people of the city of Bridgeport, ALL OF THEM. What the mayor cannot do, he delegates to his subordinates. If there are incompetents within the administration, they should and must be purged.

      No one is blaming Mr. Finch for the shootings. He probably couldn’t shoot himself in the foot to get out of military service, back in the day. But we are criticizing him for a lack of interest in violent crime in impoverished black neighborhoods. Black lives matter? Of course they do. More to the point, ALL LIVES MATTER.

  8. This is a perfect time to bring back Ganim now that the city is declining and reversing back to what it used to be like. If Finch is not defeated now we may never have this opportunity again.


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