Two Shot In The Hollow

In what police describe as a possible drive-by shooting Saturday morning, a woman was shot in the buttocks and a man wounded in the leg in The Hollow. Steve Krauchick from Doing It Local reports witnesses saw a silver car fleeing at Park Avenue and Olive Street.



  1. One, from a shooting in Pembroke Street in August.

    An arrest can only be made if the victim cooperates with the investigation. More often than not it is the victim that interferes with the investigation. They refuse to name their assailant and witnesses go blind and dumb at the same time. Yet people are quick to be critical of the police and blame them for not making arrests in these cases.

    Blame the silent witnesses and victims who allow the assailants to remain free to shoot again. They got away with it once, why not a second or third time? Hell, to some folks it’s entertainment better than Pay Per View and something else to gab about on a social media site.

    See how many shootings are connected to the same gun.

    See how much tee-shirt sales go up when someone is arrested.

    They are printed with the same slogan, “Free so and so.”

    Be part of the solution or part of the problem.

    Until people are as fed up as they are with police shootings and brutality, the shootings and street killings will always be part of our society. If you are black and killed by the police you become a martyr. If you are black and shot down by another black person, hardly anyone notices.

    It’s sad, folks; and not the way it is supposed to be.

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