Two New Downtown Restaurants, Eat And Harlan Haus


You love Asian eats? New restaurant opened Wednesday on Fairfield Avenue Downtown. I marinated in the curry beef stew rice. It was the berries. Check it out, 269 Fairfield Avenue next to Bijou Theater. Oh, by the way, restaurant is called EAT.

Harlan Haus bar
Suds flow Wednesday night at Harlan Haus Photo: Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media

Wednesday night also featured the opening of the German beer garden Harlan Haus at State and Main. More on this from Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

“Prost” is a well-known German word surrounding Oktoberfest celebrations, but some customers at the city’s new beer hall used the phrase Wednesday as they bumped glasses with friends.

Occupying the historic former People’s Bank building, which was built in 1897, the German beer hall–Harlan Haus–sits in the heart of downtown, next to McLevy Green with a shared parking lot behind the building.

The establishment had its public grand opening at 5 p.m. Wednesday. And by 5:30 p.m., the place was packed–the bar seats filled, the extended picnic tables occupied and the tables surrounded by people.

Full story here.


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  1. this place, Harlan Haus is different and hopefully a great success….more higher end apartments….the comedy club….the renovation of the theater…Brewport…..hummm, maybe try and get a Panara bread…..great things now please don’t take the 2 steps back like in the past…

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