Two Moore Years For Marilyn

Democratic State Senator Marilyn Moore riding huge pluralities in Bridgeport has won another two-year term defeating Republican Elaine Hammers in the split city-suburban 22nd Senatorial District, according to unofficial returns.

Unofficial returns show Moore won Bridgeport precincts such as Central 1607 to 436, Wilbur Cross 1675 to 132, Park City Magnet 1213 to 305, Winthrop 1806 to 754. Hammers won the traditional Republican towns of Trumbull and Monroe. At Middlebrook School in Trumbull it was Hammers 1055, Moore 639. At Monroe Elementary Hammers 1055, Moore 639.

In a high-profile presidential cycle the Moore-Hammers battle was the one competitive legislative battle to watch given the diversity of the district.

Moore won the seat two years ago defeating incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary on her way to a general election win. She defeated City Council President Tom McCarthy in an August primary.

Other legislative incumbents with unofficial wins:

State Senator Ed Gomes

State House:

124th, incumbent Democrat Andre Baker

126th, incumbent Democrat Charlie Stallworth

127th, incumbent Democrat Jack Hennessy

128th, incumbent Democrat Chris Rosario

129th, incumbent Democrat Steve Stafstrom

130th, incumbent Democrat Ezequiel Santiago



    1. What did you expect? Millions of people like yourself did not support her. We get what we get. He supports Charter schools. Now what? I am grateful the election is over. I am sorry for Mrs. Clinton and women who will never see a woman elected as President in our lifetime. I am hopeful for a Trump presidency. I have no choice. I will not be critical for the next eight years. The people have spoken. Again, Hillary wins the popular vote but does not get the prize.I am pleased with all the down-ballot wins. Congratulations to all of them and our new President-elect.

      1. Steve, c’mon man, stop dancing around. The biggest issue that was out there right there in front of America was race. Trump came out on day one when he announced he was running the “dog whistle politics” came out. This same climate America faced was in 1968, poor whites were mad about the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr, the Black Panthers, the Nation Of Islam, the Vietnam War. They had enough of two terms of a black President and now here is another Clinton and a female, their answer was “Hell No.” We want our country back was their cry. Donald Trump blew the dog whistle and they got the message and they really didn’t care if Trump knew how to govern, they just wanted someone to talk shit and act like he is going to kick ass. White females didn’t come out to vote for the first female President like blacks did when they came out to vote and to put into office America’s first black President. C’mon man, get real.


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