Trump Brings Campaign Circus To Fairfield, City Cops Will Supplement Security

Trump image
SHU bound.

Some people wonder based on his cretinous campaign if Donald Trump’s involved in some sort of conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton president. Trump, who has compared himself to P.T. Barnum, brings his campaign circus to the Pitt Center on the campus of Sacred Heart University around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Campus proper is located in Fairfield, but part of the university spills across the city line which means Bridgeport Police at the request of the Secret Service will lend a security hand to its neighbor, but not nearly the amount of security detail for Trump’s visit to the Klein Memorial Auditorium in April that cost city taxpayers about $37,000. For tickets to the rally see here.

Fairfield will absorb most of the cost for this visit. Trump is likely to fly into the city-owned Sikorsky Memorial Airport so a small Bridgeport detail will be assigned there if that happens, according to Police Chief AJ Perez. A few other officers will be assigned to assist with SHU security. The chief expects the security costs to be minimal.

Trump’s had quite a few weeks on the campaign trail. Many GOP political operatives worry Trump will be a drain on the under ticket.

Republican Congressional candidate John Shaban who’s challenging incumbent Jim Himes in Connecticut’s 4th District is having trouble raising money from traditional donors because Trump has become a radioactive lightning rod free-falling in latest polls.

Trump’s accusation about President Obama forming ISIS hasn’t helped. In retreat, as he often does, Trump says it was sarcasm. It’s usually sarcasm or blame the media.

For some Republicans the Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld is looking pretty good.

Connecticut Democrats have pounced on Trump’s visit.

“From inciting violence against his political opponent, to insulting a Gold Star family, to mocking a reporter with a physical disability, Trump has shown time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit and lacks the judgment to serve as commander-in-chief,” says Leigh Appleby, a spokesperson for the Connecticut Democratic Party.



    1. flub,
      Would you explain your comment, especially the sense of insult? How much of Barnum’s story, especially his business marketing, have you read in detail and understand? It is curious to me as I have come to learn PT Barnum’s attitude towards the public who might consume his entertainment and spend their money, the relationship that developed between those who were fooled by his claims and pronouncements kept coming back for more. Your point, please? Time will tell.

      1. To the best of my knowledge, P.T. had true concern for his fellow Bridgeport citizens, provided economic opportunity for them and was a philanthropist. It is only with his reputation as a huckster that Trump could be compared.

  1. Hopefully someone will get a ticket for this event for donj because he’s such a big Trump supporter. donj, when you go I hope you understand because you are black everybody will be watching everything you do. Let us know how much you enjoy yourself.

  2. Let’s use the M.O.M. criteria used by our leader. Specifically, let’s talk about Trump’s M.O.M.
    Money: Trump’s name is synonymous with it but he hasn’t spent much so far. Even the GOP bigwigs are hesitant to finance his campaign. Otherwise, he gets plenty of free coverage. To some, Hillary is overexposed; Trump is exciting.
    Organization: Here’s where Trump has a disadvantage. His ground game might materialize in the final weeks but he’s hopelessly behind Hillary and much-needed state support might go to down-ballot candidates. Many in his own party have dismissed him.
    Message: Trump’s strong suit hasn’t been seen yet and he’s getting better all the time. Maybe America needs a President who makes our allies and enemies confused.

    Observers think Trump has an anti-Hillary rant that will make every male refuse to vote for a female President. Conversely, Trump represents the kind of strong, male figure some women admire. The voting booth is one of the few closets left in America. Whenever you have only one competitor, you’re always in it and never out. Too many voters remain undecided at this time.

  3. I have several friends who on Facebook urge others to sign up for tickets on Trump’s website so they can then stay away from SHU, depriving DJT of a bit of his audience. It reminded me of a ditty my grandfather used to sing:
    “Sy and I went to the circus.
    “Sy got hit with a rolling pin!
    “Sy said, ‘I’ll get even with the circus!’
    “He bought two tickets and didn’t go in.”

      1. While we are at it, help Bridgeport clean up blight. By that I mean any remnants of McCarthy for State Senate, the ENDORSED CANDIDATE. Painful, embarrassing, what were they thinking? Saw a sign on North Avenue this morning and picked it up for Tom. It was the least I can do for him at this point. And he never has asked for my help in any case. Let the Moore signs remain on private property while supporters celebrate, but in the public byways, let the signs of this ignominious defeat be gone. Time will tell.

  4. Why did city taxpayers pay $37K for Trump’s visit to the Klein? Who decides that?
    And why are we paying for Trump’s visit to Fairfield? Why aren’t the campaigns paying for this?


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