Troubled Building In East End Demolished

City officials on Friday celebrated the demolition of the building that housed the Snack Shop at 604 Newfield Avenue in the East End cited for numerous health violations. The demolition will make way for neighborhood improvements and the adjacent Honey Locust Square Retail plaza on Stratford Avenue, according to city officials.



  1. Well, it’s a start. When will the rest of the city get demolished so that it can have a fresh start?!! Actually, most of Bridgeport’s politicians have been demolishing the city for years!!!!!!

  2. This is great news for the East End. It will be nice to see some New Construction. kudos to all involved in bringing this plan into reality. The East End is the future of the city. Location and Steelepointe (If they ever do anything) will help bring other development into an area that has been under served for decades. It is time that families that have purchased homes see their properties value improve. Would be nicec to see more home ownership and less slumlords. Gentrification is not a bad word. It is what saved Harlem in New York.


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