Tribes: Slot Us Out Of Bridgeport Casino Competition

Last December leaders of Connecticut’s tribal nations that run Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun wrote this to legislative leaders, “If circumstances have changed and there is now real interest in putting a casino in Bridgeport, we want to be a part of that discussion. Over the past 30 years, many promises have been made to residents of the Park City. Few if any have come to fruition. We like so many others see the tremendous potential of Bridgeport and would love to be one of the catalysts that lead to a real revival.” On Thursday, they announced they might be interested in Bridgeport, if something was handed to them, but not if they must compete for it in an open process. So much for being “catalysts to a real revival.”

From the CT Post:

The Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes will not participate in a request for proposals for a Bridgeport casino if the General Assembly chooses to issue one, tribe leaders told legislators Thursday.

The chairmen of the two Connecticut tribes, which own Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, said they might be interested in a Bridgeport site, but have no desire to compete against private casino companies when a tribal compact with the state gives them exclusive rights to operate slot machines in Connecticut.

MGM Grand has already announced plans for a $700 million seaside resort in Bridgeport and a job training center in New Haven. It has promised the city 7,000 jobs and millions in revenue.

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  3. The Tribes are showing their hand… They don’t have the means to compete on an MGM level (they used to but they lost it through short-sightedness/mismanagement and outright theft/embezzlement — just like some of the original Vegas casinos…)

    Now, with Connecticut in dire $trait$, and MGM needing to get in the NYC market in a big way soon, or miss the chance, the two sides had better agree to move forward quickly with and excellent deal for Bridgeport (especially) and the state…

    If this GA blows the chance to get a $casino$ located in Bridgeport this session, those responsible must be targeted and eased out of office in November… And, in that vein, Dan Malloy’s legacy can’t afford to further negatively add to his political identity as the man who destroyed Connecticut — he had better work for the Bridgeport casino this session, or he will bury his political carcass in the economic excrement of a dying state (and smother Luke Bronin in it as it fills his political grave)…


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