Trantolo Law Firm Adds Bridgeport Presence

Trantolo, kids
Students from Curiale School show off their safety helmets presented by the Trantolo law firm. Police Chief AJ Perez is leaning against railing.

Connecticut’s oldest continual family law firm Trantolo & Trantolo on Friday opened a Bridgeport regional office next to the city’s theatrical gem Klein Memorial Auditorium at 944 Fairfield Avenue, joining offices in Hartford, Waterbury and Torrington. The personal injury law firm handed out helmets to students at nearby Curiale School as part of a bicycle safety program.

Several city officials including Police Chief AJ Perez and Economic Development Director Tom Gill attended.

The firm is under the leadership of its third generation of family members, Managing Partner Keith Trantolo and Chief Operating Officer Scott Trantolo, following in the footsteps of their father Vincent Trantolo and their grandfather Joseph Trantolo who founded the firm in 1938.



    1. Gee Bob , if Ganim was there we would see 10 posts regarding Photo-ops

      Let me be upfront before everyone does to Ganim what they pulled on Finch. I expect the Mayor to be outfront on TV in ads touting everything in the city. I don’t give a crap if it helps his persona to voters in Kent or Essex. This is our city. The Mayor should be there as Finch should have been. Unfortunately, I guess Mayor Finch listened to the critisim . I hope Ganim does not. I remember seeing Ganim ads on TV during his first term. It made residents feel good and help put on nice face on our city.

      Keep an eye on Steelepointe and the Poli and Majestic theaters. They are key to our future development.Keep on pushing U.B, The University on the sound. We should all be wearing Purple Knight tee shirts.

  1. T&T welcome!! Thank you for creating another law office in Bridgeport to serve existing clients who respond to your marketing, yet who do not wish to drive to your other locations.

    I am not sure whether you have moved because of any initiative from OPED since Director Gill was present at your opening. Bottom line, what does your presence do for the taxable Grand List in the City this year? (Not being negative because you are here, but that is the nature of the local struggle to put declining numbers into reverse.)

    And it’s great that Acting Chief A J Perez was welcoming also, but in the face of multiple calls on his time currently for a variety of management and leadership initiatives at the moment, I do not understand this Welcome Wagon type of priority? Perhaps you have a longer term relationship?

    Do the two professionals who will staff the office live in Bridgeport? Likely you have visited the Town Clerk office already to identify your firm. Then you will be advised to visit the Tax Assessor’s office for the purpose of identifying your office property for City taxation. Hope that you will enjoy the time in the City, find it personally profitable, and persuade others to join you long term in changing the taxable Grand List momentum? Time will tell.

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