Ganim’s “Statewide” Campaign Eating Dust Of Competitors

Ganim, Wyman
Ganim lacks the profile of Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman to organize late.

If Mayor Joe Ganim is serious about a statewide run for office in 2018, he lacks a serious campaign infrastructure for the task. Ganim’s so-called campaign is eating the dust of just about every other candidate who has formed an exploratory or full-blown committee, the latest Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst who pledges to “take on the corrupt gold-dome culture.” And it’s a key reason media outlets and political operatives around the state–beyond Ganim’s titillating chutzpah–aren’t taking him seriously.

In the six weeks since his exploratory announcement, Ganim has done little to build the necessary infrastructure for a compelling fundraising operation and message outreach. While the modern version of campaigning includes the convenience of culling dollars via a web-based portal, Ganim has none. Raising money via a home computer or phone is the most effective outlet both in meeting financial goals and organizing record keeping.

Instead, Ganim is doing it the old-fashioned way through snail mail and dialing for dollars, asking for personal checks and relying heavily on Bridgeport Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa and close political operatives to grind out a show of support for a fundraiser later this month at the chairman’s Madison Avenue restaurant. Mario is a formidable old-fashioned manual fundraiser but not schooled in modern techniques. It leaves lots of dollars on the table.

Ganim showed continued fundraising strength a few months ago, amassing nearly $200,000 for his 2019 mayoral reelection campaign. But that’s a completely different animal than running for statewide office, especially since Ganim must likely run into court after the State Election Enforcement Commission advised him he’s ineligible for a public campaign grant due to his 2003 felony conviction. Ganim argues constitutional issues support his case for public grant eligibility.

Ganim has no point person on the ground organizing his campaign.

He has no messaging platform to engage donors.

He has no consistent media platform to build credibility.

It’s too soon for this stuff? No, it’s getting late because every other campaign has a significant advantage in all these areas. Ganim doesn’t command the kind of statewide contact profile and platform such as Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman that allows jumping into the arena later than most. Wyman has not yet announced her intentions.

For Ganim, most of this is lack of focus and lack of confidence in someone who can pull all this stuff together for him. Ganim does not trust easily. When engaged he’s an exceptional retail politician.

So if Ganim’s not serious, what’s the point?

If he continues to vacillate he’s better off vacating a statewide run and focus instead on governing the city.

But it’s Joe, right?



  1. Me’s think this is much ado about nothing. I think Joe knows that he can’t pull the wool over the eyes, can’t hoodwink or bamboozle nor bullshit the voters of Connecticut like he did Bridgeport.

    1. There are many Gullorant voters all over the country. I introduce you to POTUS Donald Trump–he won despite loosing the popular vote by 3 million votes. I think Joe Ganim will use his fundraising success and his voter base in Bridgeport as leverage to negotiate some kind of deal. If there is a crowded field of Democrats (Joe included) running for governor in a primary, he may stand a chance.
      If he wins the Democratic primary, he will have an up hill battle and the Republicans could grab the governors seat and next year, the State Senate or house. Too much at risk for the Democratic Party in Connecticut. I’d like to see a Kennedy/Mattei ticket and a Lauretti/Markley ticket go at it.

      1. Joel, you are on the track, the Democratic Party in Connecticut really could lose their majority in the House and Senate to the Republican Party. Ganim would need a huge turnout of black voters in Bridgeport and in Hartford and New Haven just to stay in the game. Black voters really have no need to support Ganim for governor because what has he done for the black voters since his election? NOTHING.

  2. “But it’s Joe , right”?

    He beat the odds to become Mayor. Donald Trump became President. Getting his name out there is important. In 5 years from now, Bridgeport may in fact be a real jewel. People will look at this city and be amazed. Maybe, just maybe Joe Ganim will be the man to beat. Maybe not. I expect the city to be making news. Good news. I expect Ganim to be Marketing this city because that is what he does best. I wouldn’t count him out now and certainly not in a few years. He was the Mayor for 10 years and he made a huge comeback. At some point the anti Ganim reporters will stop using the preface of disgraced mayor. Bridgeport’s better days are around the corner and people are watching and listening.

    Regarding a previous post with Joe Ganim teaching at the University of Bridgeport. Seriously, being critical of the Mayor teaching at at a local college that has been treated like it had leprosy for 8 years? When I think of how The University of Bridgeport could have been a real magnet for South End development over the years is still upsetting. That has always been my biggest criticism of Mayor Finch.

    There are choices to be made. Candidates need to decide if they want to run for office and people will have to decide whether the candidate has earned their vote. We shall see!

    1. What is he teaching, Ethics in Government 101? Get real Steven. Joseph P. Ganim lost his license to practice law and his application for reinstatement to the bar was denied by a panel of three Superior Court judges. The Honorable Barbara Bellis, writing for the court, cited Ganim’s lack of remorse and failure to admit to his crimes.

      If he’s teaching Basket Weaving for Fun and Profit well okay.

      1. Bridgeport Kid, what you say may be true. However, Ganim is more than qualified to teach this course . His experience first hand on many issues good and bad could only benefit a student. If he is teaching basket weaving for fun and profit, well that would be a gross misuse of talent.

    2. IF and its a mighty big IF, Bridgeport has a resurgence in the next 3 years due to Ganim actually getting in front and being a leader I would bet he probably could get reelected. And if that continued in 10 years he could create quite a good narrative for himself in spite of his original fall from grace. In the face of success, criticism of Ganim would become less frequent and be more on the fringe. The problem is Joe has shown no interest in being mayor outside of being the mayor. His words carry little weight within Bridgeport and none everywhere else. I do not feel he is capable to do the self work needed that could or would attract investment in the city. And without that, his comeback to state wide prominence is over before it starts.

  3. Joe is waiting for Reverend Stallworth to invite him into his church to confess and he’ll be all set.
    The minority community in the East End, Wilbur Cross and South end is all that he needs.

    1. Bobby, I don’t think, feel or believe that Rev. Stallworth or the Black churches will support Joe again for State or local office. I believe that the Black Churches are in lock step with who they will or will not support this time around. As you know there will be one or two that lack character, integrity and a social conscience and you know who they are, will support him, but Rev. Stallworth won’t be one.

  4. The term disgraced mayor, convicted of political corruption, jailed former mayor will be with Joe until they write his obituary. Get used to it; it ain’t going away.

        1. Jim Fox he went on to a glorious career in New York and I am happy for him. Jim fox you couldn’t be anymore supportive of Joe Ganim on this blog- What happened? Seriously- What happened. The negativity on this blog is always such a bummer for me. You do realize that Ganim most staunch supporters do not comment on this blog. You do realize that right? I didn’t just support Bill Finch, I worked my ass off for him. I did not adhere to the “anyone but Ganim ” mentality. I do not see Ganim as an absentee Mayor. I will have to pay closer attention. But I will never join the negative posters. It drains me and bores the crap out of me.

          1. I was reading the other day that his glorious career in New York State is about to end. His days are numbered and they are planning on taking the acting and replacing it with former.
            I guess he didn’t even last as long as Ganim.

          2. I understood he was getting a position in more in line with his passion. Green energy. What is it with all of this negative energy? Would you feel joy if Mayor Finch lost his livelyhood? Does it ever end?

  5. Joe knows he will never be elected governor,but that won’t stop him and Mario from having “fundraisers” at Mario’s joint.Get a couple hundred to go,get the cash,then Mario takes out the cost for the food and open bar,pad that total a bit,then him and Joe split the difference!..Every few months this goes on now,it’s a hell of a scam they have going.

    1. You got it Harvey. He’s going through the motions until he finds out what he wants to do. He won’t be running for any office outside Bridgeport, and he won’t be reelected as Mayor in Bridgeport. I’m not being mean-spirited, just realistic, as is Joey G. BTW, I really know who the next mayoral candidate will be and this incredible candidate will win!

  6. Connecticut is a basket-case state and there are a plethora of announced and “lurking” candidates… The people (those not already making plans to relocate to another state or country) will not be looking for familiar faces with a familiar message… Nor will they be looking for a mad-hatter, dark-horse candidate such as was the case nationally in this past election… Someone could emerge from the political shadows this time around — possibly from academia — who can paint a bold, but believable picture of an economically-resurgent, progressive Connecticut… I doubt that any of the usual suspects/party favorites, Gold Coasters/suburbanites, conservatives/regressives, or professional politicians are going to rise to the top of the heap. It could be that one of Connecticut’s well published, well-traveled academics (economist?) could rise up with an exciting platform and $powerful$ connections and replace the “dead wood” leadership that continues to permeate our mildewed, rotting, dysfunctional state political system…

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