Town Clerk Alma Maya Endorses Ganim, ‘Deserves Another Chance’

Joe Ganim hands exploratory committee filing to Town Clerk Alma Maya. At left Ganim's brother Ray committee treasurer.
Joe Ganim hands exploratory committee filing to Town Clerk Alma Maya in April. At left Ganim’s brother Ray, committee treasurer.

Alma Maya earned her political stripes courting an independent streak going back to her days as a disciple of Bridgeport social irritant Cesar Batalla, an establishment fighter in the cause of school funding, busing, voter rights and political power. Maya was elected Town Clerk in 2007 running with Bill Finch who was elected mayor and again in 2011. This cycle she has decided to break from Finch, throwing her support to Joe Ganim, seeking redemption from voters, although “we have had our differences in the past.”

The crazy world of city politics has validated its unique reputation in recent weeks. The retired FBI agent who put Ganim in the joint is now supporting his comeback. So too, a whole bunch of city police officers.

Finch and Maya were never the best of buds, but they generally found a way to co-exist. Maya was a vocal critic of the mayor’s proposal 18 months ago to place a planned indoor shooting range in the revamped West End police precinct near Cesar Batalla School. Following neighborhood opposition, organized with the help of retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez, the mayor ordered a new location.

Maya has never been a Democratic Party suck-up, and she will be the first to admit it has cost her economically in the world of political patronage. Maya and Finch met recently about working together this campaign cycle. She also spoke to Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa. There was no meeting of the minds. Maya reviewed her options: stay involved or sit it out. She’s decided to support Ganim, although she says without finality about seeking her reelection.

Maya issued this statement:

I am supporting Joe Ganim for Mayor because after strong consideration, I believe he is the Mayor that Bridgeport needs at this particular time.

I trust him when he says he has learned his lesson. He paid for his mistakes. I think that he is more qualified now than he was in the past. He has matured. He is wiser.

I have seen with my own eyes that he has made it a point to listen to others and be inclusive. His campaign is an open tent.

I worked for several years with ex offenders. I honestly feel that we cannot afford to prohibit anyone from contributing to the community with their particular skills. Joe Ganim is a politician. He knows politics. He is ready to use his talents and skills in our best interest. He deserves another chance to be Mayor.

I do not believe that he will let us, or himself, down again.

Although we have had our differences in the past, today is a new day. We can work together. We both want a better Bridgeport. We both want a city where we can all live peacefully and with prosperity. We want to be “Bridgeport Proud.”

Joe Ganim is up for the challenge. He has faced up to his past and is poised to confront the future.

He will win.



  1. We want to be Bridgeport proud? You are kidding, right??? Well how sad is this? How sad for Finch? I have always maintained he was surrounded by a lot of real political losers and now, look at the former political powerhouses 🙂 supporting Ganim. Well, it is what it is.

    1. I believe criminals who have finished their time in prison should be given a second chance as well, but let’s be reasonable here. If the conviction was for child molestation, then you don’t hire the convict to supervise a Day Care Center! And if the conviction was for embezzlement or theft, you don’t hire them as your accountant or in any department handling money. AND THAT INCLUDES MAYOR OF A MUNICIPALITY!!!

  2. Alma Maya,
    As Town Clerk for the City of Bridgeport, you have served the people of Bridgeport with extraordinary care and commitment.
    There is respect from the community you have rightly earned as Town Clerk, and there is a profound recognition of the integrity you have brought to your elected position.
    I eagerly look forward to working with you to change Bridgeport for the better by helping Joe Ganim become Mayor… once again.
    Welcome aboard.

  3. is this considered a high-ranking endorsement? Will this be the photo that will be used for mailings? THIS HAS GOT TO BE SO EXCITING FOR GANIM SUPPORTERS.

  4. a positive for Ganim … damn, there must be some uncorrupt young ad upcoming politician out there. Ganim … Newton. … one step forward, three steps back, it will never end.

  5. Did I miss when they announced T-Mobile was part of Steel Point? Off subject but I just saw that slipped in to the city’s news release today regarding Steel Point.

    1. Yes as well as a 12-screen luxury cineplex Would like a corporate tower, housing, and seafood restaurant. I would hate to see Steelepointe reduced to another major retail center. A hotel would be nice, convenient and needed.

      1. Is that a Red Roof Inn, a Motel 6 or a Super 8???
        Did you read where Brass Pro is already in the lodging business but they apparently have no plans for opening one here.

  6. Stevie,
    The only housing you are going to see is Section 8 replacements for Marina Village. But they will call it The Marina Village @ Steal Point to maintain the nautical theme.

  7. How much are you being paid, Stevie? No one would find this hard and also throw a jab at Alma if you weren’t being compensated.
    Go ahead lie away, deny it, but we all know this administration has creative ways to pay their friends.

    1. BPT REBEL, I’ll tell you what. You find out who is paying me 1 cent for this blog and I will publicly with my real name promise to pay you all of my worldly possessions. You may be anonymous but I am as honest as the day is long. If you can find just one individual on this blog with a real name who would disagree, do share. That’s why voters listen to me. No personal agenda and honest as well as a sincere love for Bridgeport. BPT REBEL if I knew who you were based on your personal dumbass comments toward me I’d rip your lungs out. So if you’d care to identify yourself on behalf of your pals on the blog, please do.

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