Torres Family Takes Ownership Of Acoustic Cafe, Renovations Underway For Music Revival

Rick Torres, longtime owner of the popular Harborview Market in Black Rock and a former mayoral candidate, announced Monday that he and his family have purchased the landmark Acoustic Cafe on Fairfield Avenue.

“We’re excited to finally announce that the Torres family has purchased The Acoustic here in Bridgeport and will be reopening the venue later in 2021,” says Torres. “Over the last 20 years, the Acoustic birthed, grew and nurtured a thriving music scene here in Black Rock, and we intend to carry that torch well in to the future.

“In addition, we will be bringing nearly 30 years of experience in the food and beverage world along with us, creating a destination in the heart of Black Rock. Renovations have already begun and we are excited to celebrate with you soon!”

Torres’ son John is a talented musician who has played in a number of local bands, most recently the Color Blends.

Local music lovers, such as WPKN’s Steve di Costanzo and former Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz, a Fairfield resident, hailed the move.

“Fantastic,” Frantz said on Facebook.



  1. There’s only one thing better than being in a band and that’s owning the room you’re playing in.
    It’s wise move on Torres’ part. He’s betting on himself.

  2. Michele, Rick and other family members, Mary Lou and I want to wish you continuing success for the vision, energy and effort you expend for the benefit of your customers from the region. Whether it is food variety, methods of service, varied extras over the years or a plain smile and hello, they have contributed to business sustainability and success. You have tried many things and many have worked abundantly well. You prove to naysayers that risks must be part of the equation if rewards are to be a part of the picture moving forward. Odds are this will likely be another winning combination for all of you.


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