Time To Cast Your Vote For State/Federal Offices And Early-Voting Ballot Question

Four years ago, in a 41 percent city turnout, Ned Lamont secured about 80 percent of the Bridgeport vote against Republican Bob Stefanowski on his way to victory in an open seat for governor.

The city turnout was higher than prior gubernatorial elections, juiced by the midterm presidency of Donald Trump.

What’s changed for Stefanowski this time around? If you believe the polls, it’s gotten worse with Lamont running on a record of budget surpluses after years of prior red ink. Stefanowski’s run a largely uneven campaign including an overhaul to his campaign management team, misplaced messaging and nothing clearly identifiable about the candidate himself.

He talks about spending more time in urban areas, but what was the specific urban agenda?

Eliminating taxes on motor vehicles? Nope. Implementing a property tax cap? Nope. Grants to put more cops on the streets? Hello? A state awash in surpluses was poised for a campaign message: here’s how I’ll return your money.

If Stefanowski manages a competitive margin, there’s an undercurrent in the water polling waves did not see.

One area the Bridgeport turnout will be higher from four years ago is absentee ballots, now that voters may cite illness such as Covid to avoid in-person voting. In 2018, about 1,500 votes counted as absentee. That number will be closer to 3,000, according to returns from the Town Clerk’s office.

Speaking of early voting, Connecticut electors will decide yes or no to the following question: Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?

Most states allow some form of early voting other than excuse-only participation, as is the case in Connecticut.

After votes are tabulated Tuesday night and everyone segues to thoughts of Thanksgiving gobblers and the extended holiday season, Bridgeport electors will have another decision to make with the 2023 mayoral cycle on the horizon.



  1. Lennie, looking at that picture for this article and examining your recent article about Porter being the logical choice for Chief of police? Would it still is logical for G2 to choose Porter for Black voter’s sentiment/support and throwing Latino, woman, Garcia under the bus, with a 42% population at play? If Chris Rosario made a push to run against him, taking the advantage of a slight on the Latino population?


    Moore, the strongest black candidate, gave him a run the last time around. While she didn’t state if she was going to challenge him again G2 is in far better shape this time around with black sentiment without the Orange man in office and “White Supremecy” dominating the news cycle.

    In Local politics, if the strongest Latino in the city took advantage of such a slight to the Latino by G2 and attempted to challenge him , picking Porter may not be the logical choice.

    It’s a dilemma, alright. G2 still being white and blacks brown still have a longer history of mistreatment/sentiment by the police within and outside of it, regarding G2’s inherent whiteness, regardless of the Guardians/NAACP’s recent claims of black and white being victims of officers’ mistreatment.

    Did anyone read Ron Bailey’s book “No Black Heros”? 🙂

    I mean, how will that play out for him while walking down the Puerto Rican Day Parade route
    basically, in an election/primary year? JS

    Peace out people, play nice,


    1. P.S for Lamont, this time around, Bob, (Rs) AKA Walter. Doesn’t have a shot.

      Consider the Rs in their strongest election year to regain the Governor’s seat, when the D’s couldn’t even run their sitting Governor, Dan. The R’s chose one of the weak candidates in the Republican field, bypassing their strongest candidate, Mark Boughton. Who didn’t run election cycle because he gave up his mayoral position to be a tax commissioner in Ned Lamont’s administration. 🙂

      Can some one say COLLUSION? 🤣


    2. “He talks about spending more time in urban areas, but what was the specific urban agenda?”

      Fair enough, Lennie (Bloody-Heart Liberal) Grimaldi. What has Lamont’s “specific urban agenda” been. Ned Lamont has spent allot of time in Bridgeport but, it was an election year. I’m still wondering where he was when the Bridgeport delegation was seeking $2.5 million to balance the last Bridgeport budget. Ritter saved the day and I’m not aware of him having visited Bridgeport.

      “Eliminating taxes on motor vehicles? Nope. Implementing a property tax cap? Nope. Grants to put more cops on the streets? Hello. A state awash in surpluses was poised for a campaign message: here’s how I’ll return your money.”

      Entertain me Lennie and ask of Lamont the same question above. Better yet, give us the correct answers. Ned Lamont told us how he was going to return our surplus money? Shit, I better stop reading OIB and pay more attention to state and local news.

      “If Stefanowski manages a competitive margin, there’s an undercurrent in the water polling waves did not see.”

      Lennie, you didn’t see it the way I and the masses have. Maybe it’s the undercurrent of the aftermath of the 2008 tsunami. You of all people knows Republicans haven’t had a competitive margin in urban areas in quite a while.

      I really hope that the Democratic campaign committees which have advertised on OIB, end with surpluses and pay for ‘thanks for your vote’ OIB ads.

  2. I was voter #87 a half-hour ago at the City Hall polling place on Lyon Terrace. This normally drowsy precinct seemed much more active than usual at the time I voted. Can other people post turnout reports from their precincts?

    Voted nearly a straight-party ticket, making one deviation in a down-ballot race. And “yes” on early voting.

  3. Final thoughts on this voting day and the LOGICAL-est of it all, outside of wine-stashing AJ. 🙂

    Let’s be honest and say race is on the front burner. You know this because when you have the historically black organization, NAACP state we don’t care which black candidate is chosen as long as it’s not the Brown candidate, citing racist claims and mistreatment of not just black officers but white ones as well.

    Historically, being white, you always read black racist claims and mistreatment accusations come from whites about black and brown people. So it was a surprise to read whites were in the same camp as blacks of racist mistreatment. I wonder if that will be part of the CRT curriculum. Jesus Christ, people. 🙂

    However, let’s look at those anything-but-brown candidates for Chief. You have, (I believe) the vice president of a black organization within the BPD, the Guardians, making and filing suit about the racist workplace, retaliation, and mistreatment against Garcia (Brown). Specifically, an OIA investigation on officers/supervisors involved in a police abuse incident in which a white officer blatantly pistoled whipped an unarmed, none treating young black male in the back of the head for valid reason whatsoever.

    I wonder if this white officer was one of the white officers in the Guardians/NAACP claim of Garica discipline mistreatment action against black and white officers.

    This is the same person/candidate who was implicated by another black officer in a racist criminal hate crime against fellow white officers, To be fair whiteness in general, 🙂 with the dissemination of racist letters and (nooses I believe) placed around/in the BPD against black and brown officers.

    The officer who disseminated the racist letter against the white officer and implicated the Guardian candidate for chief, as the person who told him to do it was himself involved in a high-profile police abuse charge/case that was caught on another cell phone of a beating in Bearsley Park.

    The other black Guadian member and (I believe) president of the Guardians was standing behind Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski’s endorsement by BPD’s police union, who spoke about being against the Police Accountability Act. Who found himself at the opposite side of the table when he was arrested and charged with beating up and sending a resident to the hospital in a minor car accident.

    CONCLUSION: There’s no LOGIC in Port politics. Happy voting day people. 🙂


    1. BTW, Councilman Cruz while a agree with your sentiment let’s try to remember that inherent ancestral Latino passion for Garcia and the Latino population on Columbus Day for Italian where they too have inherent ancestral passion.

      Notwithstanding Columbus’s history is a Hispanic thing more than it will ever be an Italian thing, hence your spoken language. Not only today’s Italians are so far removed from that history, even today America, blacks are pretty removed from America’s history of bondage. While it wasn’t Port’s Moses of his people who broke those bonds, not many are freed blacks are migrating back home.
      It’s 2022 blacks are not driving Miss Daisy. They play the same game, pretty apparent too. Hell, we’re in a time where cars don’t need a drivers. JS


      Peace out people, Try to play nice. I am out of here. Good luck people

  4. My precinct in Trumbull was rockin’!
    Parking was fully used and my emptied spot was quickly taken.
    The electorate is turning out — I hear music in the distance.

  5. The time to vote is useless if one doesn’t know where they vote. Just as Google!
    Where do I Vote? Fill in your address and get there. Camp Stefanowski messed up. After the polls close, I’ll share a short line he could have used and gone a long way with it, free of charge.


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