The Suspense Builds–What Will Judge Bellis Do? Ruling at 3:00pm Friday

In yet another bizarre election season, Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis will decide if/when a Democratic primary for mayor features Mayor Bill Finch and challenger Mary-Jane Foster and her slate of candidates rejected by Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala for one too many candidates for Board of Education after Ayala notified Town Clerk Alma Maya that Foster had enough petition signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Ayala has carved out another dramatic moment in the city’s election history after failing last year to print enough ballots to accommodate general election voters. Lawyers for Foster’s slate and Ayala made their final arguments Wednesday afternoon one day after Judge Bellis posed a series of questions in no doubt what is uncharted waters for an election challenge. We’ve seen many election challenges through the years after a vote has been tallied, but few (if any) involving this kind of complaint based on a candidate rejection.

As we approach Labor Day weekend, the judge announced she’d issue her decision 3:00pm Friday. Judge Bellis posed a key courtroom observation Wednesday afternoon: had the Foster slate proposed 900-plus candidates for BOE wouldn’t Ayala have a duty to say something? What’s the difference whether it’s one or 900 extra candidates, doesn’t a registrar have a duty to point out what he/she thinks is something wrong? Ayala’s legal team says the registrar has no legal obligation to point out a consent mistake. Foster’s campaign team rolled the dice on the number of candidates allowed and crapped out, says Deputy City Attorney Art Laske who represents Ayala on behalf of the city.

Foster’s lawyers have asked the judge to push back the primary a few weeks. If there is a primary September 13, what a mad scramble for votes with just days remaining. Surreal is the word. If the judge sides with the city, will Foster ask the state Supremes to step in?

Will the judge err on the side of democracy? Ayala, weighing legal advice, went the other way. If the judge rules with Ayala based on her not having an obligation to tell the Foster camp of her candidate surplus concern, the state legislature should pass a law making it an obligation to inform. This holier-than-thou contention that lay people, even if experienced campaign hands, should know campaign qualification law is a bunch of crap. A public official such as Ayala (and any other registrar) should have the legal obligation to point out consent concerns before and not after the fact, if such a statutory duty does not now already exist.

Connecticut’s esteemed legislature passes perplexing laws that often seem unclear to lawyers, citizens and the media. Lawyers write the language, elected legislators vote the language into law and then lawyers and judges figure out what the hell they’re trying to say.

A public official in any capacity has a duty to inform when they think something looks screwy. Next case.

The countdown to the judge’s decision has begun.



  1. No comments. Everyone holding their breath for the judge’s decision. OK, but while all the attention is on “permission to primary,” it has certainly been off what is going on in the City around money.

    Lennie said: “A public official in any capacity has a duty to inform when they think something looks screwy.”

    Well, Tom Sherwood, Dawn Norton, Mayor Finch and Budget and Appropriation Co-Chairs Curwen and DePara must think City finances are just fine or they ignore their duty. That is the party line, I guess. Don’t ask! And whatever you do, don’t tell!

    Tell what?
    **This past year’s budget was not balanced! OMG
    When we don’t have enough revenue that happens. **And when we have insufficient money, we keep borrowing on our City credit card (and pay about $1 Million more in interest expense than the lenders charge other municipalities like Fairfield or Danbury for one year.)
    **And we are another year older and DEEPER IN DEBT! But is anyone in the City talking about these things? Noooooo …
    A perfect City Hall fantasy might be to have another storm where we can show how competent our leaders are at responding to emergencies. However, what the residents, taxpayers and voters of Bridgeport need is confidence somebody is attending to the financial business of the City.

    Keeping property taxes flat while salaries, benefit costs, additions of new employees (cutting down the effect of employees terminated) among other things are increasing City expenses is a cruel hoax perpetrated on a financially unsophisticated public. Public scrutiny is avoided by talking open, transparent, and accountable but not supplying the numbers AS CALLED FOR BY THE CHARTER in a timely fashion. The financial gurus are not brilliant. They are clever. They speak half truths, but four years of numbers don’t lie.

    **If your “unrestricted and unencumbered City fund balance reserve” decreases below percentage levels called for in the City Charter–you are in trouble as a City.
    **(And when the City attempts to use only part of the budget total, eliminating BOE expenses that are part of the City budget, as a reference to determine that % to make it look better, you know the people putting the reports together are fearful of showing the real numbers. And that is worrying.)
    **If your asset values increase less rapidly than your total liabilities–you are in trouble as a City.
    **If your annual budgets do not include revenue to cover all of your current expenses–you are in trouble as a City.
    **If you fail to make progress in economic development activity, large and small, your Grand List is stagnant, and you are in trouble.
    **And if the people look at these facts and more, suddenly the “king has no clothes” and the charade stops.

    You tell me you don’t care. Well real taxpayers do. Good financial reporting is the start and we do not have that in the City for public view. And that means those who would move here with their company or business or settle here, if they have a choice. What numbers would you like to see? How often? What is their meaning to you? Speak up now!

  2. I believe Judge Bellis will rule on the side of the Foster camp. I cannot imagine her ruling against Jason Bartlett’s desire to have a board of ed ballot in place. I agree expecting Jason to know all the legalese is a bunch of crap. Santa Ayala as well as Alma Maya as elected officials had every right to inform, educate and direct the Foster camp as to what to do properly prior to a deadline. I believe even Judge Bellis had a problem with Laske’s closing argument, that Ayala could have, but was not required to explain any problems or conflicts. Pleading ignorance is just another embarrassment for the city of Bridgeport. Laske’s closing argument was also redundant ad nausum for 20 minutes ranting like a lunatic who was losing control of his case. The ramifications of the decision on Friday will be historic and exciting. I believe not only should Foster be in the primary, but also at least an extension of at least 2 weeks to continue her campaign that is gaining momentum. Bridgeport needs and supports Mary-Jane Foster. Until Friday at 3 pm. We wait and hope for the best. We move forward and believe democracy will prevail.

  3. What I think is sad is we have City Attorneys who arguing “the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November,” is September 13th. Almost anyone who could read a calendar could tell you that. The fact the “learned” City Attorney is so insistent the Charter provision designed to say how many persons may win seats in a primary and become the party candidates again ON THE FIRST TUESDAY AFTER THE FIRST MONDAY IN NOVEMBER WHICH IN THIS CASE IS NOV. 8, is really, really sad. Further, if there were only 3 BOE candidates on the Foster slate they would be the de facto endorsed candidates because the DTC failed to endorse candidates. Which is the real reason Coviello magnanimously dropped out. There would be no need of a primary with only three candidates. I guess the Ayala attorneys “don’t know” know how to read a calendar, what the Charter really provides and their election law with regard to PRIMARIES. That is the kinder way of describing it; rather than the Bridgeport Administration tried to pull another fast one, that Finch isn’t a bird, he’s a chicken.

  4. When the judge rules in Mary-Jane’s favor, she and her crew have a lot of work to do. Finch spent the last three days visiting senior housing sites that had no electricity. He brought them all a 5-course meal including trays of chicken marsala from Vazzy’s. The seniors were delighted. That Mayor Finch is quite a guy. How’s that for buying a vote!

    1. So do you believe the seniors think he paid for it out of his own pocket??? I have to safely assume MJF has been going to all the senior centers for the past few months with Jason. Funny thing about seniors, They Vote!!!

      1. Steven, yes the seniors vote. Seniors are also easily influenced by things like free dinner with the mayor. It doesn’t help either that people like Rosemarie Hoyt, Dept of Aging Director and old girlfriend of Mario Testa, tells the seniors who to vote for. Finch, through Hoyt, has neglected the seniors for over 3 years. Now he’s bringing them dinner. It is a disgusting display of politics at its worst.

    1. The seniors will remember the chicken marsala. The homeowners will remember the road repaved and the debris from the storm removed. MARYC is back and she doesn’t care about Bridgeport taxes because she lives in Fairfield AND finally has her power restored. But she will continue to attack issues with minimum relevancy at this point like Jason Bartlett’s or TBK’s brand of toothpaste.
      Let the judge do her thing and let’s get on the page about money, about sidestepping Charter requirements routinely, about half truths and lies.
      I guess my point is being made tonight when my first post talks about multiple financial issues and not one peep is heard from everyone else. I am disappointed that knowing about financial issues is the public’s Achilles heel. No one squawks until taxes rise. If you see someone beginning to swing a bat at you, or load a gun, or poise to wield a sharp blade at you, can’t you begin to focus upon the threat, and what you might do about it promptly to diminish your personal pain???
      The financial threat we are facing after four years of Finch will seem just as deadly to too many, who through lack of attention and info, will only scream as the financial bloodletting takes place!

  5. Hello OIB–My power is back. What did I miss? For those of you concerned, my home in Fairfield suffered minor damage although I did lose a Basquiat painting. Let’s look at the tale of the tape if I might ask. For the sake of democracy I hope the judge reinstates MJF. In order for the fight to be fair Jason Bartlett needs to step down and MJF needs to bring in Lauchlan McIntosh to run the show. Let’s look at the tale of the tape. Gomes’ Campaign manager won every single campaign he ran. Here are the facts.

    2011 Bill Collins for Mayor – Summerville, Municipal Election

    2011 Hartley Cooper for Town Council – Sullivan’s Island, Municipal Election

    2010 Leon Stavrinakis for State House – General Election

    2010 Anna Johnson for Chas County Council – General Election

    2008 Anne Peterson Hutto for State House –Democratic Primary and General Election

    2008 Elliott Summey for Charleston County Council – General Election

    2008 David Pascoe for Solicitor – General Election

    2008 Patsy Knight for State House – General Election

    2008 Leon Stavrinakis for State House – General Election

    2008 Obama for America – Mississippi Democratic Primary

    2008 Rob Miller for Congress – Democratic Primary

    2007 Joe Riley for Mayor – General Election

    2006 Leon Stavrinakis for State House – General Election

    2004 Fred Knight for Sheriff – Marlboro County, Democratic Primary and General Election

    2004 John Edwards for President – South Carolina Democratic Primary

    2003 David Rivers for Charleston CPW – Runoff Election

    2003 Joe Riley for Mayor – General Election

    Let’s look at Jason’s body of work.

    The Bethel resident, an African-American, took three tries to beat Republican challengers (two-time loser, no?)

    He was also known as the former campaign manager for state Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney in his failed bid for mayor of New Haven in 2001. (failed = loser)

    Campaign Manager for Gerry Garcia who lost the primary for secretary of the state last summer. (See a trend here … loser)

    Bartlett then lost his re-election bid in the fall. (Here we go again Losie McLoser)

    Campaign manager for Mary-Jane Foster’s campaign. It was his blunder, some say, in ignoring a nominating petition flaw that got his boss blocked from a primary ballot spot. (Oops he did it again!)

    For 15 years, Bartlett, 45, owned Connecticut First Capital Corp., a mortgage company in Bethel. He also once owned a restaurant, Dishes, in Hartford. (Go to court much, Jason?

    The evidence is CLEAR! If Sandy and Jason ran a Funeral Home/Brothel nobody would die or get laid.

      1. Anna–If I were to post Adam Wood’s win sheet Lennie would have to add 1500 extra servers. Adam Wood is a kind and gentle human being who wouldn’t harm a fly. He has boyishly good looks and would make a fantastic senator when Richard Blumenthal retires. Adam Wood for Senate 2022!!!

          1. BTW, Adam Wood is a nasty, arrogant, incompetent politico who has done absolutely nothing for 3-1/2 years except give raises to other politicos.

            BTW, feels great to be back!

  6. I know we aren’t electing Bartlett, and no one he manages gets elected either. As an MJ supporter this concerns me. He screwed the pooch and landed MJ in court by not listening. Mary’s post backed with facts what I’ve been saying. Just because she/he is on opposite sides does not mean I am blind to the beauty of his/her post. Wake up … Bartlett is no McIntosh.

    1. We are a team! Jason Bartlett is doing just fine!!! If you support MJF then you understand the importance of teamwork! Being critical of individual pieces of her campaign is not conducive to a healthy and happy camp. I believe Bartlett will celebrate his first win with Mary-Jane Foster. We will all celebrate together. United we stand divided we fall. Get with the program!

  7. WINNING–I respect your views. We all know that the City of Bridgeport wants to see Mayweather (Finch) Vs. Pacquiao (Gomes) not Mayweather Vs. Glass jane. Please urge Mary-Jane to step aside and allow John to run against Bill. I am still confident Bill would win. I want a challenge. Bill Finch looked at Hurricane Irene in the face and forced her away. Mayor Finch saved hundreds of lives and should be commended for a fantastic job as a leader who is ready to lead.

    1. Awesome boxing analogies for a, er, woman, Mary?
      Impossible for MJ to step aside at this point, nor would I want her to. WHEN MJ wins Mr. Gomes will be a big part of her team. It is MJ’s name on the ballot no matter how badly Bartlett tried to screw it up for her. Things will be rosie again in Bpt. Do keep the posts coming, Mary, they are entertaining and fun to read. It’s obvious the MJ camp told tc to cool it, and hopefully did the same with TBK.

      1. I was asked to ignore the two faux bitches. An individual I admire and respect approached me at the OIB party specifically to ask that I ignore them. So I am.

        The real meaty posting is not here, it is the one with Mount and Neigher’s answers to the judge’s questions. It’s an informative document, one that points out the various laws Santa Ayala violated by rejecting perfectly legal petitions. And here a few of you are, providing fodder for a couple of washed up has-been drag queens.

        What’s next, cow tipping?

        1. Oh but you still can’t resist tossing out a few cheap shots can you? If you were asked (more that likely, you were told by the ladies in the Foster camp), it was to stop posting vile comments and vulgar language. What a loser you are. Nothing else to do with yourself than peruse this blog 24/7 in search of new comments you can expound on with the same redundant hogwash. Hope you tip the cow more than you probably tip a waitress. Oh wait, you’ve already said Mary and I work at a diner!

  8. Let us not forget that Jason Bartlett as an African American decided not to support a fellow African American for president. He was the Statewide chair for Hillary for President. We all know how that turned out. Add that to the loss total. It keep growing.

  9. Oh Ms. Mary, you are great at tossing the bull and daggers with those javelins, you are cracking me up. Sure you can’t come over to the good side? The fun we’d have.

  10. If Judge Bellis throws out the petitions is she part of the machine? If it goes to the supremes and they throw them out are they part of the machine? When you gamble at any casino or in life you don’t get a do over. Jason Bartlett gambled with MJF’s shot at Bill and lost. Too bad! When Bill Finch wins in the primary will MJF’s supporters be sore losers and not support the Democratic candidate? I heard MJF stayed at the Holiday Inn during the hurricane. Sales at the Blue Martini were sky high.

  11. So at the end of the day we know Bill Finch is a liar, a crook and a bigot. We also know Santa Ayala doesn’t give a shit about the laws she was elected to enforce. And we know Mary-Jane Foster will defeat a corrupt political machine.

    Anyone got a deck of cards?

  12. Quit while you’re behind Kiddy, MJ doesn’t need the support of the kids on the yellow bus wearing football helmets. Now put on that white jacket with the nice straps and go nite nite.

    1. Whining, er, I mean winnow, damn it, WINNING (at what?); go home, take a pill, get over yourself, and find something constructive to do with your time. All the incessant harping about how “it is all Jason Bartlett’s fault” has turned into a dreadful bore.

  13. *** After all the elections & storm O/T this year, whoever is Mayor for 2012 will find a $30+ million budget deficit waiting in City Hall. Can anyone say tax hikes, layoffs & union concessions just to start! *** THINK MONEY GREEN ***

  14. Bill Finch promised a $600 tax rebate he knew was undeliverable. That means he lied to the people of the city of Bridgeport.

    Bill Finch told the people of the city of Bridgeport he was going to ask the state of Connecticut to take over the school system. An admirable decision, admitting neither he nor John Ramos could put the pieces back together. When the people of the city of Bridgeport objected to being left out of the decision-making process Mr. Finch responded by saying many of Bridgeport’s parents could not participate in the democratic process because they are illegal immigrants or convicted criminals. As more than a third of the city’s population is Latino this remark was and is offensive, insensitive and bigoted.

    Bill Finch “donated” $46,000.00 in funds leftover from his ’07 mayoral campaign. The money has been washed, folded and returned to him in the form of “reimbursements” for shopping trips to Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble and the Big Y. That makes him a crook. It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. Attorney’s office convenes a grand jury.

    Bill Finch attempted to claim higher ground during a debate with two other mayoral candidates by saying “I did this for Steel Point, and this, and this …” Too bad for him there was nothing to show for it, too bad he could offer no specifics to illustrate his claims.

    And now the bell is tolling for Santa Ayala, the corrupt ROV who rejected an opposing mayoral candidate’s primary petitions for reasons that did not benefit the people of the city of Bridgeport in any way.

    1. How many more times are you going to post this same old same old? You clearly think you are the end-all sage of this blog, when in reality all you are is a windbag. As far as bells, ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

  15. Vote Brannelly/McCarthy in Black Rock. Solid, honest leadership. Jill Hughes was one of the earliest supporters of the library referendum. Not even on the council and Jill has already raised taxes a whole mil to pay for her husband’s salary and you guys call Finch corrupt?

    I thought MJF was supporting a “Buy Local” campaign? Couldn’t she find good attorneys in Bridgeport? She went out and got attorneys from Monroe and Westport and you guys say Finch hires outsiders.

    Sounds like “Machine Lite.”

    1. Sue is liaison to the Library Board for the City Council. As such is it her responsibility to attend those meetings on occasion, direct two-way communications or merely grill Library representatives in her role on Budget and Appropriations when they appear for budget hearings annually as they did this past spring.

      Sue and Marty know the City funded the Library before the referendum to the tune of at least 60% of what the City is now required to fund the Library at BECAUSE OF A REFERENDUM where the VOTERS spoke. Therefore the dedicated $6 Million did not “raise taxes a whole mil.” Perhaps repetition of this lie makes you feel good, but isn’t that what TBK receives criticism from you for?

      Bill Finch printed a BIG LIE on the tax notices that the entire Library budget was the cause of the tax increase that year. It must continue to wound him that voters resisted his guidance and voted for the Library separation.

      At the 2011 B & A hearing it was clear some City Council members were expecting progress in the form of new library facilities like Black Rock received after 5 years of closure for other parts of the City. Was communication from their liaison absent? What they apparently did not understand is the Library Board has both plans and funds to do the anticipated work and staff the new facilities but they need the administration and legislative liaison to collaborate. Hey guys, can we talk, get on the same page and provide the Library facilities the public is expecting? Otherwise you have the “sound of one hand clapping” and other mouths yapping patent untruth!!!

  16. Mary it looks you love bullshit more than flies do. Let us not forget Messrs. Finch, Beccaro and Wood are currently under investigation by the SEEC and possibly the State Attorney’s office. So even if on the remotest possibility MJF loses … Bridgeport is left with another crook on the ballot. Lastly, if Finch/Ayala lose it puts them in a pickle. Appeal or not to appeal? Do they really send the City and Ganim to the Supreme Court to argue the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is September 13th? Really? Also, it will further show how much Finch is afraid of running against MJF. They want all this noise to distract people from his failures, education, economic development, jobs and let’s throw in he doesn’t believe in democracy and he insults the City’s citizens. He would rather fight to suppress the democratic process in Bpt rather than have a real primary. No, let’s have the taxpayers keep shellin’ out the dollars to the Ganims to represent Ayala all the way to the US Supreme Court.

  17. McFly on the wall–Finch, Wood et al. will come away scott free. Prepare for another four more successful years of Finch rule.

    TBK–Your endorsement is as empty as your bedroom on a Friday night.

    1. I’m guessing that he posts with one hand on the keyboard and the other, ah well, I’ll leave that up to the imagination. I can’t help but wonder what he’ll do with his time when Finch wins the primary. Perhaps finding a job would be a consideration?

      1. Mary and Godiva are highly suspect of being paid “spoilers” and also highly suspect of being the same person. They usually show up as a tag team and attack when they feel they can manipulate the dialog to a place that will goad folks into incriminating sparring rooted in a defensive posture, and very far off topic. Mostly everyone ignores them, and should continue to. I highly doubt Finch would stand behind anything they post, and probably not Testa either. On the other hand if Finch and Testa do stand behind their posts, well that paints a nasty picture as well doesn’t it? *** EPIC FAIL ***

        1. Finch has nothing, no record of accomplishment to run on, despite his claim “I have a good record.” These two are simply engaging in personal attacks on the other OIB contributors. And some of you thought I was crude …

      2. HIGHLY SUSPECT? By whom? Apparently just you and your alter egos. No one has to pay me to support the best person for mayor. It’s delusional that you think everyone is an MJF fan just because the little nucleus on this blog does. And it’s a rather small nucleus since you and others post under such a wide assortment of names. Your rhetoric is so obvious you cannot hide yourself with a new name. GO FINCH!!!

  18. WINNING–If MJF gets on the ballot and by some sort of miracle from the unknown wins she should serve one day and resign so Tom McCarthy can run this city. The City of Bridgeport needs real leadership.

    1. Mary_Choen95 // Aug 31, 2011 at 11:40 pm
      To your posting

      Ms. 95,
      Back to school for you … There would have to be a special election or didn’t you know that? Anyway some more fun for Santa wouldn’t you think?

    2. Tommy McCarthy is not the guy you want running Bridgeport. He’s a triple dipper. City Labor Lawyer who does little, City Council President who defers to the dummy known as Finch, and a member of the DTC who does as Mario tells him.
      Lennie, did he come out of the closet yet? Could be the first gay mayor in Bridgeport …

      1. Bob, come on now let’s stay focused here, There is no need to ask if Mr. McCarthy has come out of the closet because there no need to ask anyone who is running that question. What does someone’s sexual preference have to do with what is best for Bridgeport?

  19. Jason Bartlett has failed at everything he has ever attempted.

    1. Bartlett screwed up Jim Newton’s and Martin Looney’s Mayoral campaign (New Haven).

    2. Bartlett ran for the state house 2002 and 2004 and lost.

    3. Bartlett was elected then arrested for driving without a registration or ins card.

    4. While a state rep he managed Garcia for Sec of the State and failed. A few months later he lost his seat in the second district.

    5. Did you know Jason W. Bartlett owes $4,720 in taxes to the town of Bethel according to their web site?

    6. According to the state of Connecticut Jason has been sued a few times.
    CV 08 5005028-S Countrywide v. Jason Bartlett
    CV 10 6004068-S Wells Fargo v. Jason Bartlett
    CV 10 6010669-S TUTHILL Finance v. Jason Bartlett and his failed Conn First Capital Corp.

    MJF used bad judgement hiring a Jason Bartlett and all his carpetbags of debt he brings to Bridgeport.

    It is nuts this dude is being sued in the same court he is suing the city of Bridgeport.

    MJF should ask her campaign manager to pay the city of Bethel their tax money and settle his court debts before he could be her number 2 in city government.

    1. It is so interesting we are discussing her campaign manager and not Mary-Jane Foster. She is running for mayor. Jason Bartlett is an adviser. He is not running for office. Together we will put Mary-Jane Foster in office. Bartlett will have a success, the city of Bridgeport wins and we move forward. You are all so negative. I am happy to state I will be working in the Beardsley Park area on Saturday. Specifically, Eastwood Condominiums and Nob Hill. Having lived in the 138th district for 17 years it will be fun talking about Finch being the last to come forward to stop the construction of a jail across the street from Beardsley Park. They were going to call it “Nob Hill Academy.” Now we know the Nob Hill in Bridgeport is not as affluent as Nob Hill in San Francisco, but the residents there are not stupid and will forever remember Bill Finch as knowing the plans a year in advance. Typical of Bridgeport, a prison on the park with park views. Remember Derail the Jail!!! I was there. I was on record protesting in the CT Post, Channel 12,3,8. I HAVE NOT LIVED IN NOB HILL FOR 7 YEARS AS I CALL THE NORTH END 134TH DISTRICT HOME. I WAS THERE FOR friends and neighbors as they will be there for Mary-Jane Foster.

  20. Mr. Bartlett should also pay his car taxes $282.58.

    I like MJF but why did she pick a guy like this?

    Mr. Bartlett you’re making money–help out your town and pay your bills on time.

    1. demo,
      Happy you like MJF. Happy you can focus on money issues.
      I have posted most frequently on the big picture of City finances. Assuming you are a taxpayer, do you care to make any comments about: Increasing debt, failure to maintain balanced budgets, continuing failure to make monthly reports available to the public as called for in the Charter, allowing total City liabilities to increase, using Tax Anticipation Notes to fund City current expenses with no announced plan after four years for finding grants or other revenues to repay the TANs as stated in the CAFR-2010, etc.
      It is not Jason Bartlett’s finances I am worried about as a taxpayer. The finances planned by Bill Finch and communicated and executed by OPM after the City Council provided majority approval without commenting on the City balance sheet degradation, the use of internal service funds, increasing use of TANs, and adding $20 Million per year to existing $800 Million Other Post Employment Benefits annually during the Finch administration.
      Comments and dialogue on these VITAL topics invited from all OIB posters!!!

  21. All’s well that ends well. As you will learn from reading the plaintiff’s answers to Judge Bellis’ questions (/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Plaintiffs-Responses.pdf), Santa Ayala broke several laws and violated the civil rights of Mary-Jane Foster and the more than 3000 individuals who signed her primary petition. She’s done this before, rejecting petitions based on “invalid” signatures. Unfortunately for her she came up against a well-prepared candidate who had the resources to prove she is as much a fraud as Bill Finch.

    Mary-Jane Foster’s name will be placed on the primary ballot, Finch will lose, and the city of Bridgeport will be on the road to recovery. Finally.

    Jim Fox and Jill Hughes for City Council. The 130th District needs real representation, not hand-picked shills taking orders from a pasta cook on Madison Avenue.

      1. Why?
        I am a Gomes/MJF supporter who has NO blinders on like you do Kiddooo. I see it for what it is. Bartlett screwed the pooch and we’ll know at 3 tomorrow how badly. If the judge says no MJ, Bartlett is to blame. Now go back to your yellow bus and remember your headgear.

        1. So you’re going to attack me because I don’t agree with your “thoughtful” commentary? If you support the Foster campaign support it wholeheartedly. Don’t pick and choose. We’re not in high school anymore. It’s more than a little obvious you have some sort of personal grudge against Jason Bartlett. He is not the only person on the team. There are attorneys who should’ve reviewed the paperwork. They didn’t. Your criticism of him is not accomplishing anything. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Your negativity is not helping, only hurting. I don’t have blinders on. I’ve read the court documents. The machine saw a chance of derailing her campaign because of ignorance. They failed. Santa Ayala broke the law, period. It isn’t the first time she voided petitions on questionable grounds. It’s almost a certainty it will be the last time.

          Now go crawl back into the sewer, and don’t forget to replace the manhole cover behind you.

          1. Read back Kiddy, you started the attacks on me due to my opinion on Bartlett. If Bartlett had listened to numerous people who told him he was wrong there wouldn’t be a discussion other than Sept 13. Grow up little Kitty, you have no clue.

          2. So you keep harping on this nearly moot point. Get over it. Judge Bellis is going to rule in MJF’s favor. What will you do then, tough guy? Climb all over my postings? Seems to me you need to get your priorities straight. If you need a hand, let me know. I’ll bring the hammer.

          3. Thoughtful commentary was my line and my commentary is more thoughtful than WINNING’s.

            When things are not going well and people are worried or upset or angry, it is not uncommon for them to vent. And until MJF is on the ballot, Bartlett will be the target of the venting.

          4. Bartlett shouldn’t be targeted, nor should anyone else. I’m as emotionally invested in the judge’s ruling as anyone else. I’ve also been able to maintain my objectivity.

            Did it ever occur to anyone this might’ve been anticipated by the Foster campaign? Santa Ayala has a well-documented history of rejecting petitions for the flimsiest of reasons. I hardly think Jason Bartlett or anyone else involved in the MJF campaign was ignorant of Santa Ayala’s allegiance to Mario Testa. It’s unbelievable no one else thought of that. WINNING and a few other chowderheads have been bashing Mr. Bartlett, and it’s become a dreadful bore. It’s also wrong. It accomplishes nothing. I understand there is a tendency to vent at times of stress. Channel the energy toward something productive.

            I’ve looked at the legal documents. MJF has the winning hand here, not the city. All Art Laske III could talk about was the first Tuesday after the first Monday, blah-blah-blah. He gave up before closing arguments. And this “WINNING” asshole is giving me a hard time? You guys need to get over the myopia.

  22. Jason Bartlett should go to the town of Bethel and make good on his taxes. Everyone should do their part to help cities and towns with tight budgets.

    Why would MJF pick Mr. Bartlett to be the face of her campaign?

    Maybe Bartlett can teach MJF how to run Bridgeport into the ground. I know a carpetbagger when I see one–but this is the first time the carpetbag is filled with debt.

    Shame on Bartlett!

  23. Bartlett. Really? A financially irresponsible stooge. MJF made a mistake in putting him in charge of her campaign.

    How do things like that happen? Quite a few of the people who hang around political campaigns, certainly not all, have unfortunate backgrounds like Bartlett. They show up looking for jobs. They have difficulty getting jobs on their own so they latch themselves onto a candidate, work like hell and if their guy wins, they get to be Directors of Public Works instead of third shift Dunkin Donuts.

    Candidates (local runs) rarely if at all vet the people who they choose for important campaign roles. They should. Bartlett has embarrassed MJF. Water under the bridge.

    She would be well advised to remove him from her key staff when she defeats Finch in the primary. She should have already identified a well experienced campaign manager who can ensure a victory in November.

    1. I must say you are one of the few posters who doesn’t have tunnel vision. Bartlett has made a career out of working on campaigns–all of which were lost to the opponent, including his own. One would think Ms. Foster would have made a wiser choice. Look what he’s done for her thus far, he did embarrass her and without a doubt he played a major role in the debacle that now has to be decided by a judge. When, if ever, have you seen a primary get so screwed up by ineptitude? Thus far, her belief in his abilities makes me tend to question her judgement. And I still find it highly unlikely she will defeat Finch in a primary, assuming the judge allows her to run.

  24. All of this dialogue is amusing. Two men using women’s names bragging about their love of expensive ladies footwear and taste in overpriced imported booze, supporting an incumbent mayor. Said mayor has no record of achievement, nothing he can claim to have done for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport. He has a few other “accomplishments” to his credit:
    • He promised us a $600 tax rebate that never materialized. It was later revealed he knew it was a nonstarter; he just wanted to say it. So he lied to the people of the city of Bridgeport.
    • He’s been laundering campaign funds for at least ten years, in violation of state and federal laws.
    • He thinks many of the city’s parents are illegal immigrants and criminals who can’t vote. Based on that mistaken assumption he was not compelled to include them in a decision that affects the city’s children.
    • He claimed to have included a land disposition agreement in the Steel Point development deal, but so what? It’s still a piece of weedy, garbage-strewn land the city is unable to collect taxes on.

    Flagging campaign, strong opposing candidate breathing down his neck and ahead of him in some polls. So what does he do? Hires a couple of minions to go on the offensive here. None of them have said anything to extol his questionable virtues. That’s a hard one as he has none. So they attack and bait, bait and attack, criticizing Mary-Jane Foster’s campaign manager. They attack other contributors to OIB. To what end? What are they accomplishing? In a word, NOTHING. At the end of the day Bill Finch is still Bill Finch, a man who didn’t want the job to begin with and now can’t get out of it because he made a deal with a devil named Mario Testa back in 2007.

    1. The Bridgeport Kid, when these two people popped up started to praise the mayor with their point of view, it was obvious to me they were two men. They were looking for people to attack them in such a way MJF supporters would look bad because they would be attacking women.

      1. So we know they are men, big fucking deal. Pardon my saltiness. It doesn’t matter if they are male, female, or hermaphrodite. Neither of them has a good word to say about Mario Testa’s puppet in the City Hall Annex. So they go after Mary-Jane Foster’s African American campaign manager. That’s ironic, considering they’ve been suited up in women’s clothing.

      2. No, they are not women. There are many clues … MANY! As an honest to goodness female I say: what the hell was this posting about? Oh! I remember! Weighing in on the decision by Bellis. My car taxes are also due, BTW … let’s just all go to the debate tonight, shall we?

      3. Maybe you wouldn’t know a real woman if you tripped and fell over one. And I am a real woman, and for the record, MJ would and should be offended at some of the smut tossed at me because I am a Finch supporter. But think what you want, I really just don’t care.

          1. And you care enough to respond. Matter of fact, I think I made your day since you are all over my posts in a matter of minutes. As far as posting drivel, you take the prize with your redundant repetitious posts. How is it you have so much time on your hands? If you are such an ardent supporter of Ms. Foster, you should be working on her campaign rather than sitting in front of your computer all day just waiting for an opportunity to attack anyone who isn’t supporting her.

    2. The mere fact you cling on to my every word and instantly rebut every one of my posts with insults proves to me you fall for my so-called bait every time. It’s not bait, it’s my belief. I’ll be straight up here–I’m not a “paid” blogger (minion as you say), I believe in Finch. If you feel differently, that’s your right. Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth preaching constitutional rights if you are unwilling to listen to an opinion that differs from yours. Constitutional rights apply to everyone, not just you.

  25. People are assuming Jason B has not paid his property taxes. If you look at my tax bill you will see I owe $3,000 and it’s due in January. I split my property tax bill into 2 payments. If someone is looking to make that an issue they will post a bullshit message on here.
    Get rid of Jason? We are so close to the prize. How did we get there? Through a lot of hard work by Jason B and a terrific job by MJF.
    The court case was a royal screwing by Ayala and the Finch people, nothing more nothing less.

  26. I thought Finch took all the take-home vehicles away? I just left an appointment in Trumbull and heading north on Main Street towards Monroe was a white van with plate #511 BPT. I’m so sick of this.

    1. My posts are thoughtful, Corrupticut.
      And I see a white Bpt van #243 in Shelton every day when I’m heading home from work. Guess it sounded good vehicles were taken away, no?

  27. Steven!!! I need lawn signs for two different properties in the 138th district! Upper East Main St and Jennings Ave … let me know what time you’ll be in the area.

    1. I will be at 259 Louisiana avenue at 11:30am Saturday, and then I am going to catch up with the rally for MJF providing she has good news on Friday at 3pm. I am leasing out an apt I have there. Come up an introduce yourself. I will be there to get a check. Gonna walk the complex later in the day or Sunday. Give me the address or I’ll have the signs in the car. You know who I am and I am clueless as to who you are. lol lol lol lol lol.

  28. All of you have a hell of a nerve telling me or anyone else to go away because my political point of view differs from yours! Coming from a group of bloggers who are constantly carrying on about constitutional rights, telling me to go away reeks of hypocrisy. Too bad there’s a fly in your ointment on this blog, you had your own little fantasy world dedicated to your candidate on here and I simply had to come along and ruin it with an alternative point of view. That’s life, get over it because I’m not going anywhere.

    1. We’re elitist? You’re the one bragging about purchasing an expensive pair of shoes for Bill Finch’s inaugural gala. Every day that looks more and more like a concession speech. You’re the one bragging about drinking overpriced booze that is filtered through sand. You’re the one bragging about drinking cocktails at O Bar in Fairfield and making snide comments I couldn’t afford to pay your bar tab. Guess what, prissy? I have more than enough money to cover your drinks. The problem for you is I wouldn’t want to.

      I call Bill finch a liar because he is. I call Bill Finch a crook because he is. I call Bill Finch a bigot because he is. Bill Finch doesn’t have a record of achievement as mayor; only lies, fiduciary malfeasance and racism. Repetition works.

      You and your fellow Testites have resorted to criticizing other bloggers because we disagree with you. It’s not a matter of disagreement. You haven’t said anything in Bill Finch’s defense, just thrown mud at Jason Bartlett and called the rest of us names, implied that I sit around jerking off in front of the computer. If that’s all you have then you ought to go away.

      If you want respect, if you want civility, behave respectably and act civilly.

      1. You are confusing me with Mary and she has every right to her choice of shoes, liquor and anything else that pleases her. Your initial response to her and me was to label us “whores.” I never referred to you as an elitist and for the record I’ve never been to O Bar–you can’t even recall who you post to or what you read. You just see an opportunity to pounce on anyone who dares to differ with your sanctimonious opinions. You consider yourself above reproach, and true to form, you pounce on my every comment within minutes, which leads me to believe you are obsessed with me. You have even been reprimanded by other supporters of MJF on your crass comments and vulgarity. Too bad I threw mud at Jason, but it’s factual, I’ve never resorted to calling him the horrible names you’ve called Finch and many others. If I had to guess, I’d say you wanted a job with his administration and were turned down, now you have sour grapes. Practice what you preach, I had to laugh when I see you, above all people, telling me to behave respectfully and civilly when your behavior is rock-bottom on this blog. As far as Finch’s accomplishments, if he walked on water you wouldn’t give him credit. I don’t have to post accolades for him, his record speaks for itself, just as yours speaks for you.

      2. I respond to your posts because they have no validity. Neither of you has posted anything substantial in defense of One-Term Bill Finch. If his record speaks for itself why are we not hearing anything? His going door to door before the storm made landfall was nothing more than a photo op, a chance to get some face time and maybe get his picture in the Daily Bugle. If he weren’t up for re-election and facing a formidable opponent he would’ve stayed home and left it to Adam “Pecker” Wood to man the phones and yell at people, which he usually does.

        So Richard Blumenthal came to town and heaped praise on the city’s efforts during the storm. Senator Blumenthal is more interested in maintaining his elected position than endorsing the public face of a corrupt political machine. He knows what goes on down here in Bridgeport, had to deal with the machine himself in order to get elected.

        Where’s Governor Malloy? He was taking care of business, doing the job he was elected to do. Bill Finch is the other guy.

  29. The debate is at 7pm at the McGivney Center on Stillman off East Main Street. It is sponsored by the League of Women Voters and East Main Street Revitalization Inc.

    The last mayoral forum is next Thursday morning September 8th at 8am at Housatonic Community College Beacon Hall sponsored by the four Chambers of Commerce. The Publisher of the CT Post and Hearst Media Group will moderate. All four candidates will be participating in this one.

    Come listen, learn and support your candidate.

  30. I know the Dolly Sisters may want to divert us from our main focus … stopping the criminal behavior at 999 Broad street.
    By defeating Bill Finch …
    Bridgeport taxpayers, residents and voters win.
    By defeating Bill Finch, we will end machine rule and engage in real democracy.
    The Dolly Sisters are not being paid to promote democracy, they are being paid to trash … they are not being paid got the truthfulness of their statements, they get paid their bucks for their trash …Their venom and their deceit …
    So much for machine politics in Bridgeport.

    1. They’re being paid to talk trash, that’s right. When we return fire they complain we are “elitist” and crude and vulgar because that’s all they have to work with. I may have bought into the baiting and the antagonism for a little while but not anymore. There was an implication Mary-Jane Foster would’ve been offended by some of the comments directed toward the Dolly Sisters. I saw her last Friday and the subject never came up. Paying two men to dress up in cyber drag to taunt and bait and attack supporters of an opposing candidate is just too sleazy, like Bill Finch going to the old folks’ home to serve chicken dinners.

      Bill Finch has done absolutely nothing positive for the city of Bridgeport, only sank the city further into debt (more than $1,000,000,000 at last count).

    2. How do you feel about the derogatory manner in which gay people are being referred to by some of these bloggers? Rather offensive, wouldn’t you agree? And again–I AM WOMAN–hear me roar! I find it amusing you think I am being paid to post my support of Finch, but I find the term Dolly Sisters rather cute. I support Finch because I want to, not because I have to.

  31. Judge Bellis will rule in Mary-Jane Foster’s favor. Art Laske III threw in the towel before lunch on Tuesday. I’m going to venture a guess the Honorable Judge Bellis will also push back the primary to 9/27/2011. The court case has caused some stress on both campaigns and they need to regroup.

    Finch has a lot of problems to deal with. He is being investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission for financial irregularities. Santa Ayala’s rejection of the Foster petitions is also being investigated by the same commission, which has the authority to recommend criminal cases to the Office of the State’s Attorney. Chances are that is the likely result of one or both investigations. With clouds like those hanging over his head it is going to be difficult to maintain a stiff upper lip.

      1. Two bitchy woman or two neurotic gay men. Both the same to me. Really! Delusional and loyalists. I give them credit for trying to take all of the bullets for Finch. I wonder if they supported Ned Lamont also.

    1. That comment would almost be funny if you weren’t making a joke of their personal business. I cannot believe Stafstrom and Murphy would be leaving those ignorant comments. Try again; maybe if you are nice they will man up and share their identity with you! Lol lol lol when Pigs fly! Geez maybe it is Stafstrom and Finch. hmmmmmm.


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