1. Surprise, surprise. Santa Ayala, the Democratic Registrar of Voters, the elected official who brought national embarrassment to the city last November, broke the law and violated the civil rights of Mary-Jane Foster et al.

  2. Art Laske has been bested by superior legal talent.

    I don’t get it. Here it is, spelled out in black and white, all the different ways Santa Ayala broke the law. She also offered perjured testimony. So it would appear she’s a liar and a crook. And all most of the other bloggers can do is piss and moan about Jason Bartlett and how he screwed it all up. And they’re also paying too much mind to Mary Choen, that cyberspace drag queen. You know, several people told me to knock it off, including a a distinguished individual at the OIB party. So I did.

    What’s next, cow tipping?

  3. The BOE candidates will be disqualified. The remainder of the MJF slate will be declared valid for primary. The judge will push back the primary date. That is my forecast.


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