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 Saturday September 22, 2018

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The State Of The DTC Slates

February 9th, 2018 · 24 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics, News and Events

It’s now official, primaries will take place March 6th in 6 of 10 districts for Democratic Town Committee seats. Within a week or so after the primaries, the 90-member DTC will select party officers.

The top nine finishers from each district will become members of the DTC. What’s on the line here? Future control of the party. DTC Chair Mario Testa, Mayor Joe Ganim as well, wants another two-year term.

District candidates follow listed by Slate B and C. No Slate A because no party endorsements in this process. Democratic electors in the respective districts are eligible to vote.

130th District, Black Rock/West End:
Slate B: Eric M. Amado Jr., Scott Burns, Joy A. Cline, Anne H. Larcheveque, JoAnn Manzo, Michael S. Meehan, Thomas A. Mulligan Jr., Daniel S. Roach, Shaquana Shaw.

Slate C: Shaurice Bacon, Gregory Blake, Lynda Bluestein, Donna M. Curran, Dione T. Dwyer, JoAnn R. Kennedy, Michael R. Raleigh, Jenny Valencia, Diane M. Vulcano.

131st District, South End/Downtown/West End:
Slate B: Jack O. Banta, Paul R. Boucher, Tommika Leak, Genoveva Miranda-Torres, Jose A. Negron Sr., Glenn Pettway, Mitchell Robles, Eric M. Simmons, Denese Taylor-Moye.

Slate C: Mdsufian Ahmed, Mary L. Bruce, Jorge Cruz Sr., Shavonne Davis, Frances Demery, Travis M. Harden, Scott Hughes, Omari O. McPherson, Melody Thergood.

132nd District, West Side:
Slate B: Carolyn D. Askew, M. Evette Brantley, Julian T. Brown, Michael D. Freddino Jr., Anthony J. Lancia Sr., John W. Olson, Elaine Pivirotto, Rolanda Smith, Reginald F. Walker.

Slate C: Lillian M. Alves, Marcus A. Brown, Rosie A. Clarke-Jones, Robert F. Distasi, Braxton T. Gardner, Antoinette Giles, Robert Halstead, Eva J. McLeod, Lisa Parziale.

133rd District, North End:
Slate B: Albertina Baptista, Michael A. DeFilippo, Patrick Gorrell, Jeanette Herron, Hernan F. Illingworth, Sabrine Kuczo, Thomas C. McCarthy, Samantha R. Nelson, Wayne Rodriguez.

Slate C: Jessica R. Allen, Sandra J. Carolina, Vincent DiPalma, Joseph Goldberg, Gail Janensch, Robert T. Keeley, Claire Mastromonaco, Anne Pappa-Phillips, Leighton O. Reynolds.

135th District: Whiskey Hill/North End:
Slate B: Robert A. Anderson Sr., Harry A. Bell, Darrett Evans Moss, Linda G. Jones, Wilfred E. Murphy, Doris R. Nelson, Stephen M. Nelson, Carmen D. Roman-Hatton, Arnold L. Whitaker Sr.

Slate C: Lisa Anderson, Audrey M. Barr, Keisha Burks, Tomeekha Gee, Warren Godbolt, Mary McBride-Lee, Waith K. Mitchell, Charlie L. Stallworth, Ruth M. Vines.

138th District, Upper East Side:
Slate B: Jacqueline Abrams, Timothy L. Bassey, Daniel C. Faber, Charles E. Hare, Sarah Lewis, Helen Olga Losak, Maria H. Pereira, Michele L. Small, Samia G. Suliman.

Slate C: Tony Barr, Tyreke Bird, Abraham Duque, Dolores Fonseca, Rafael Fonseca Jr., Kevin Monks, Anthony Robert Paoletto, Martha Santiago, Nessah Smith.


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  • Andrew C Fardy

    I wwill say this both slates in the 138th have people that suck. Lets hope the voter split both slates to make 1

  • Kelvin Ayala

    6 out of 10 districts with primaries is not bad. I offer this suggeston to all who plan to vote. Ask any of the candidates in your district one simple question.

    If elected, will you vote for Mario as DTC Chairman. If they say “YES” walk away.

    The first 9 “NO’s” I get are getting my vote. I don’t care if we vote for a “Rock” as the new DTC Chair. There has to be a change. In fact I never want to see another DTC meeting at Testo’s.

  • Jimfox

    In Black Rock (130th) these parasites haven’t been caught yet!

    Scott Burns, Joy A. Cline, JoAnn Manzo, Michael S. Meehan, Thomas A. Mulligan Jr., Daniel S. Roach.


    • The Bridgeport Kid

      Read my mind. Time for change in Black Rock’s DTC representation. The old guard I’ll only get in the way of Pete Spain and Christina Smith.

  • Zena Lu


  • Wanda Simmons

    Why is 139th being counted out? We have requested verbally and in writing to Santa Ayala and the ROV OFFICE WHAT 25 signatures that disqualified our slate since Feb 2, 2018 with no reply.

    We can accept thier findings with PROFF. This office was recently found GUILTY of ELECTIONS FRAUD in the case involving Bob Keeley.

    We will NOT accept ANYTHING verbally FROM this OFFICE WITHOUT written PROFF and seeing for OURSELVES WHY our SLATE was disqualified.

    What’s the hold up in the PROCESS? WE ARE ENTITLED to viewing our petitions. TO BE GIVEN AN I DON’T KNOW ANSWERS and NO RESPONSE to a written REQUEST is illegal.

    The Saga CONTINUES!!!

  • John Marshall Lee

    There is something good to be said perhaps about an opponent who says nothing, claims nothing, but has the power of identifying and offering positions with privilege, and supposed power, to the public without talking about criteria. And it is also beneficial for that opponent to be nowhere to be seen when their candidate is publicly dishonest between actions in office and campaign claims.

    To the folks in the 130 who may have benefited personally for their Democrat voting patterns, or perhaps only by association with those in power for years, the state of our City is because Democrats have failed to run credibly for Town Committee as independent minded women and men, truly representing the diversity of our City, and working respectfully with others from the District to “represent all of the people”. The current DTC cannot make such a claim. It represents the “legendary Black Rock” of yore, not the 2018 reality which is the challenge slate. No City jobs. No incumbents. Reaching out to the community before and AFTER THE ELECTION IN MARCH. The City needs more OPEN and TRANSPARENT governance, and DTC members who will not or cannot meet any and all Democrats who wish to run for office, are not worthy of their position. Time will tell. Vote for the Challenge Slate in 130, Line C. Time will tell.

  • Jimfox

    Joe Ganim needs his friends from Black Rock to stay on the DTC, as he makes his historic run for Governor. Sure they did very little to hold the line on Taxes for Black Rock, and the roads in Black Rock totally suck Winter after Winter, an their appointments to boards and commissions our very few if any, lets not forget how long most of them have been sitting on the DTC for BR most of them over 23 years like Danny Roach, Joann Manzo, Michael S. Meehan, Thomas A. Mulligan Jr. nice people.
    They all got rich sitting on the DTC!

    But it’s time for a Change Black Rock. Please VOTE LINE C !

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