“The Smell”–At Greene Homes, Residents Endure The Stench Of Human Waste

It will take years but the process has begun to decommission the troubled Greene Homes public housing apartments in The Hollow. CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart was part of a walk-through of the complex on Monday:

And then there are the two options for exiting the building–unreliable elevators that are constantly breaking down, or stairwells so marinated in human waste that a private cleaning company was recently hired to powerwash away the stench.

Some of the city’s homeless population, according to the housing authority, either break into Greene Homes five high-rise buildings or are let in by relatives, and use the public spaces as their bathrooms.

“It just gets embedded in the concrete,” Diedra Perry, interim director of asset management, said Monday as she walked through one of Greene Homes’ structures off of Highland Avenue.

Minutes earlier, Perry joined Mayor Joe Ganim and other city and Bridgeport Housing Authority officials at a press conference outside during which they pledged to improve the cleanliness and safety of what tenants call The Greenes.

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In 2013, former City Councilman Joel Gonzalez provided OIB a first-hand video tour of the repugnant conditions. See video below.



  1. Guess what. The residents of “super-affluent” Black Rock see and smell human excrement as well especially along the Black Rock Harbor area. The West End water treatment plant is a mess. The smell permeates for miles. Condoms,feminine sanitary and clumps of “god-knows-what” line the perimeters of Black Rock Harbor. Every August there is a massive mendahen-fish kill. Thousands of dead and dying fish are all over the place. Fowl that use Black Harbor as a home are showing the effects of long term exposure to pollutants. So,the residents of the Greene complex are not the only one who are victims of environmental pollution. Let’s face it. there is also the question of personal responsibility of the Greene residents/visitors. But,here we go again. Joe Ganim using the Greene Apartments complex as a reason to be elected/re-elected. Where the hell has Joe Ganim and Chuck Paris,Head of the Bridgeport Police Union ,been the last three years. Ganim and Paris used the Greene Complex as a tool to get back in power. Where the hell has Ganim and Paris been these last three years. Ganim got elected Mayor and he immediately began running for governor of CT. Paris has been in hiding. The goals for the nextb two years is to get rid of Ganim as mayor, members of the BPT Police Union should get rid of Chuck Paris. Beyond that,there remains the issue of getting rid of Mario Testa and the whores on the BPT Democratic Town Committee.

    1. Frank, you are making a false comparison between those in Black Rock and the Greene Apartments residents. Residents in the Greene have to smell and walk in dried urine every day, their children walk in every day that they go outside to play and going to school, they bring those germs and bacteria into their apartments. Residents in the Greene have no control of outsiders coming into any of the buildings. The Bridgeport Housing Authority officials are a do nothing committee and the City Council as no concern about those residents and Mayor Ganim is only concern about their vote on election day.

    2. That’s not an apt comparison, Frank. The residents of Black Rock have learned to speak with a collective electoral voice. The residents of Greene Homes try to but no one at City Hall bothers to listen. But that’s not a surprise. Little Joe Ganim has little use for them until it’s election day or he needs a photo op, like this.

    3. OK…guys. I get it that it may be a bit of a stretch. However,I’ve walked along Black Rock beaches and had to scrap out the ‘crap/detritus/affuent” from the soles of my shoes. We ALL have a better place and the search continues.

    1. Bob,Joe’s plan is to keep having press conferences and feigning outrage.Then come October,Mario’s operatives blanket the complex with AB’Ts.Same plan as 4 years ago.

  2. It’s a lot worse than the odor! Before the Pequonnock Apts were torn down, there was big trouble with not only the stench, but the sprinkler system supply line installed up through the concrete landings in the stairwell to all floors, that suffered direct hits of toxic urine acid year after year. Big vertical pipes, corroding and leaking until the system was unuseable. Same is probably happening here!

  3. It seems that as more information “leaks” out, we are finding that is even worse than some of the initial reports. Is this the beginning of a “Flint,Michigan” example of government actually doing things to the detriment of the health of those whom it is responsible for?

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    What is the “norm” for human behavior where you reside? Do you have control of it? When maintenance is required do you address it and get it done? If it is an issue that the City shares some responsibility for, do you report it and stay on it? Do you use the internet Seeitclick system where the City gets the report and keeps the record?
    Or are you a resident of Park City Communities where responsiveness by administration to quality of life issues is a “sometime thing”, with Dept of Justice cases against for failure to “make reasonable accommodations”, account payable backlogs to WPCA among others, and staff behavior that would cause one to be fired in private industry. Sick folks become sicker and those costs are shared broadly. Kids become inured to violence including gun shots. The police are not known by name as community policing would teach. And technology is used to catch the sights and sounds of the City life at big expense but positive change for the folks there is too expensive. What is done in the name of the children? Time will tell.


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