The Real Conversation Between Fabs And Finch

Johnny Fabs and Bill Finch had a love fest on WICC late Friday afternoon. If I didn’t know better I swear the fraternal love was straight out of a Fred Rogers episode. Won’t you be my neighbor?

These two guys tossed around more verbal hugs than Mr. Rogers’ 30 years on the air. (Fred’s middle name wasn’t McFeely for nothing.)

“Yes, you’re right, mayor.”

“It’s so nice that we have this fraternity, mayor”

“People have no idea how tough this job is.”

“You couldn’t be more right, mayor.”

Mayor this and mayor that. Were they changing into sneakers and zippering up cardigans? Did they receive a blood transfusion from Eddie Haskell before the show?

Someone pass me a barf bag. PU. C’mon, this is Bridgeport, where pols gargle with nails and a chaser of gasoline.

Fabs enjoys hosting fill-in gigs on WICC. The former his honor decided to play nice with the current his honor. The part you didn’t hear was during commercial breaks.

“You sonuva bitch, I’m tired of you trashing me for your screw ups!”

“Don’t blame me because you walked into that courtroom. You think I want this fucking job?”

“Okay, well if you don’t want it, give it back.”

“No way, you think someone else is gonna pay me $130K with all those perks?”

“You resign, we’ll have a special election, I’ll win and make you economic development director and pay you $200k.”

“Okay, but you have to keep all of my staff.”

“Drop dead. You think I want those guys?”

“What do you mean, they were yours in the first place.”


If you missed my post from the other day I asked the following question: if an election for mayor took place today and the candidates were Joe Ganim, Bill Finch and John Fabrizi which candidate would you choose? Joe seemed like he had a mighty edge. Quick, someone call Fort Dix?

News release from the Shays campaign



Norwalk, CT – October 18, 2008 – In yet another misleading advertisement, Congressman Christopher Shays’ challenger claims Shays stands “hand in hand with George Bush on the Iraq War, ignoring our energy needs and harming our economy.”

This negative ad ignores the facts:

· Shays supports a timeline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq more accelerated than the timeline advocated by Senator Barack Obama

· Shays has been a leading advocate of an “all of the above” energy plan

· Shays was on the vanguard of the call for oversight of Gramm-Leach-Bliley (repeal of Glass-Steagall) and championed extensive and responsible regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which could have prevented the collapse of our housing market.

“Negative ads and political rhetoric ginned up by his opponents attack machine in Washington cannot change the fact that Christopher votes with the President only 52 percent of the time according to CQ Weekly,” said Michael Sohn, Shays’ Campaign Manager. “While Christopher is focused on real solutions, the opponent and his operatives continue to run a cookie-cutter campaign.”

· Shays voted for the Fiscal Year 2008 (FY 08) and FY 09 Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 2642, Roll No. 329, May 15, 2008), which require troop withdrawals to begin within 30 days, with a goal of withdrawing most troops within 18 months.

· Shays, who was named an “Environmental Champion” by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), proposed bipartisan legislation in 2005 requiring manufacturers to build more energy-efficient appliances and more fuel-efficient automobiles, significantly increasing the mileage standards for minivans, SUVs, trucks and cars.

· As early as 2006, Shays raised concerns about the lack the oversight of Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the implementation of rules governing the separation of commerce and banking in a letter to Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan.

· As early as 2002, Shays raised concern about problems developing in the housing market, particularly at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He introduced the Uniform Securities Disclosure Act in 2002, requiring Fannie and Freddie to file like all other public companies under the 1933 & 1934 Securities Acts; offered an amendment in Committee in 2003 to prevent Fannie and Freddie from misleading investors by implying they are federally backed; and supported creating a new regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2005 as one of only 19 cosponsors and cosponsored it again in 2008 when it was signed into law as part of the Foreclosure Prevention Act.

· Shays is a senior member of the Financial Services Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and has and will continue to investigate how our economic crisis happened, hold those responsible accountable and continue his work reforming the regulatory process.



  1. ‘Twas a lot of love on the am dial yesterday … lucky I ate dinner after the show or I woulda lost it like a bulimic supermodel … and as for the next mayor … as I said yesterday … look out for Andres Ayala Jr, he could easily win it with the support of the latino voters … if he wants the headaches!!!

  2. Fort Dicks?

    Nice cameo shot of Shays on the aisle during a State of the Union address in the movie “W”.

    The “Shays It Ain’t So Chris” crowd must read OIB. There is a Rob Russo for State Senate sign back on Shays lawn. Shays must figure with the positive press Rob received today on the Lacey deal that he wanted to hop on the Russo bandwagon. Mama Rell delivered big time for her boy toy.

    Bpts Finest: I listened to the Love Fest for a half hour and almost blew lunch. There be a “Blew Flu” going around town.

  3. Hey Grin … wasn’t it cute how Finch tried to gets Fabs to say he was voting for Obama … bettin’ here is that if Obama’s name ended in a vowel he would get Fabs’ vote.

  4. “look out for Andres Ayala Jr, he could easily win it with the support of the latino voters … if he wants the headaches!!!”

    Andres will be our next Mayor!

  5. So here was a foreign company looking to take more of our jobs away and our state finally steps up to the plate to make sure they stay here in Bridgeport and America. Thank god Russo got the state to step up to the plate and keep these 250 jobs. We need to start doing more of this to keep our jobs from leaving the state. I’ll say it again, I think Russo has earned himself a shot at a full term.

  6. Great these two losers were on the radio and said squat. Fabrizi when he is away from the mike will tell anyone who will listen how he did not screw up the budget. He will tell you what an asshole Finch is. These two phonies should both retire to private life. Fabs and Finch I will never vote for you two bums again.

  7. lol … yes we know Obama’s name ends in a vowel … but his first name isn’t Vito or Tony or Dominic or Vincent … hence our ex-mayor won’t vote for him.

  8. You are right on, Bpts Finest; Italian names like those seem to win most elections in Bridgeport, and if it’s not Italian, it’s Irish in a close second.

  9. #5- You got some balls there calling yourself Cesar Batalla, obviously you’re young & haven’t got a clue who or what this people’s activist was all about. Because if you did, you’d keep the Bpt’s. Finest or some of your other blog names & not disrespect a man of the people by using his name only to blog B/S on this forum. ***

  10. If homeboy Barack Hussein Obama loses, it’s because of racist white Americans. Remember the link I posted two weeks ago about an article regarding the ‘racism’ factor and the effect it may have on Obama’s chances of winning? The link below is in regards to that article.
    I wonder what Ms. Mitchell will write if there is an indictment of Obama as the October surprise.


  11. Mojo on #5:

    I disagree with your contention that this boy has Balls. Don’t give anyone credit when he or she isn’t due any.
    Cesar Batalla was indeed a unique figure and we won’t see anyone like him again even if it’s just a handle. One person who comes to mind that knew Cesar and who I admire for his years of activism is Willie Matos; perhaps this boy can use his name as a handle and show some respect for the dead.

  12. Andres Ayala, Jr, for Mayor!!!

    And, I agree with all others regarding the person using Cesar Batalla as a SN … Dead Celebrities are one thing, but a local activist is another …

  13. On #17 … due to the negativity and the small minds who post here (not all of course but a select few) I guess I have to clear something up … the person using the name Cesar Batalla might also post under other names … but one of them is not mine … I am me and only post under my name … clear enough explanation for the small-minded?

  14. Why are some people assuming that Bpts Finest is the same person that used Cesar Batalla’s name to post? Maybe he didn’t do it, too much assuming going on here sometimes. A while ago I had somebody on here assuming I was somebody else too. Lets just chill out and move on.

  15. I’ve been an observer of Bridgeport politics for quite a while now, and I’ve seen nothing to assuage my cynicism. It is really about who ought to run for mayor, who is posting what comment under which name, etc. Is this what public service has come down to? We elect politicians to office in the belief that he or she might actually do some good for us. When they don’t perform as expected we sit around in front of a monitor arguing about the dumbest things. Too much discussion is wasted on analysing why Finch or whomever is doing this or that, when the fact that anything is getting done at all is always overlooked.

    Bridgeport’s biggest problems–a listing economy, a poorly managed education system, lack of jobs, a desperate need of increased tax revenue–are simply not on anyone’s agenda. The editorial board at the Connecticut Post doesn’t seem to give a shit–they chastised the city for not negotiating a long-term lease with BRAC. (The city needs the money, Mr. Daly. We pay the highest property taxes east of the Mississippi. A building assessed as being worth $1,100,000.00 is worth a hell of a lot more to the city’s coffers than an art center that has not provided any tangible benefit to the neighborhood.)

  16. City Kitty … I’m not sure what Boricua means … but I can tell you that J Fabs has told everyone within earshot of Central High that he will run and he is Don Mario’s choice … no one loved being mayor of Bpt more than Fabs … no one can dispute that.

  17. Bridgeport Kid – that posting #23 was one of the best ones I’ve ever read on here. Thanks Bpts Finest – I looked it up also and that’s what it means. And for sure, Fabs loved being mayor, but I can’t even guess if he can win again if he really does run.

  18. *** As far as I’m concerned, Bpts Finest, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri & Cesar Batalla, etc. are one & all the same ’til proven otherwise! The four mentioned above tend to post a lot about Puerto Ricans, A. Ayala, or use Spanish words in some of their blogs & complain a lot about past & present city workers! Believe me, time & patience will tell as will a little birdie, Bpt. is not that big you know. ***

  19. Mojo … you fail as a detective … sorry to say I am a caucasian and you are wrong … but I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body and I admire what Andres has done and feel he would make a great mayor and even down the line a possible run for governor … as I have stated here and won’t state again … I post under this name and this name only.

  20. Bpts Finest your post #23 is great and right on the money. It’s time for the city to move on the BRAC. Did you ever notice that the Connecticut Post is more about hurting Bridgeport than helping it? It will post every negative thing that happens in Bridgeport but won’t do the same for the surrounding suburbs.
    The politicians that we elect seem to be the type that think about themselves and not what’s best for the city. The only one that makes an attempt at disclosing what’s going on is Bob Walsh but he does it in such away that he loses credibility. I just wish that before I die I can see a group of politicians that truly care for the city and moving it forward rather than trying to take as much as they can from the city.
    I have watched them turn away the Little League, try to run the Ferry Company out of Bridgeport with their tariff on tickets, now they want the new owner of the Bluefish
    to negoitiate a new contract even though he is willing to pay the past debts to the city. I watched them discourage a person wanting to rent the bath house for catering and the list goes on.
    God help all of us who have stayed here and hoped it would get better.

  21. Bridgeport’s transformation is ongoing and incomplete … Hint: the credit crisis might be good for The Park City and a great place for newly reformed financiers to work new wonders amidst a blank slate while gaining, currying and fostering links with politicians and local (ahem) businesses. We’re talking new blood in Bridgeport.

  22. Hey nategreen don’t be mad because we are going to win by a landslide. The Republicans already trying to suppress the vote across America. Even if Acorn registered people who do not exist or registered them 100 times it does not matter because 100 of the same people cannot vote, you idiot. Having more registration cards will not lead to more votes because they do not exist, fool. Ballots people vote are not registration,s you sound like a fool. What you just said is a Republican tactic that happened in 2000 when they dumped thousands of ballots away, that’s why George the same won, you fool. I am very confident all Dems on the ballot this year will win, Obama, Himes, Gomes and even Musto will win over in that district. In Bridgeport Himes is going to run over Shays after the votes are counted. Another thing is there will be hard campaigning for Himes at the Dunbar, Harding and JFK precincts. This could be a disaster for Shays because he might not even get 200 votes at Dunbar this year because of how easy it will be for Obama to win the East End, also we are expecting a record turnout at that precinct that could reach 4000 votes. So just to let you know a little plan they have every precinct down and they are making sure they win every precinct in Bridgeport with at least 70%.

  23. Wondering, I agree with you that the Post seems to only write negative things about Bridgeport; but I read your postings all the time, and you seem to be negative very often about Bridgeport too. You need to cheer up a little and start looking at the positive things.

  24. Will the DCCC ever learn? Negative campaigns do not work in the 4th CD. Jim Himes although smart is a joke candidate. He is just a puppet of the Dems … and I swear to god I am going to lose my mind if I hear this guy talking about how he doesn’t run a negative campaign … you don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that this guy is a hack.

  25. LOL, hey Mojo(n), you are FUNNY … Nice try, but no I am most certainly NOT Eddie Palmieri, Bpts Finest or anyone else on here … This is my ONE and ONLY screen name.

    You’re just a Hatorade-sipping Hispanic that is probably jealous we are all mentioning possibilities about Andres Ayala and not you … You had your chance, screwed up buddy … Hey ur butt(dd)y, KKKurwen might need a partner soon … Maybe u should move, hint hint …


  26. City: Thanks for the response. I Love Bridgeport and had thought we were moving forward before this last election. I am not down on Bridgeport but I am down on its leadership from the common council members to the mayor and his staff. Just a few things that drive me crazy, yeah I know it’s a short trip but here goes:
    1. We fire the Economic development Director and wait 8 months to find a new one.
    2. Mostly we kept the same financial people in place meaning Sherwood & Feeney even after we find out they padded the budget figures and we actually have a huge deficit or so we are told.
    3. The mayor prior to his first budget issued a layoff list for school nurses and librarians; a month later the problem is by and large worked out. Why put people thru the uncertainty of whether they have a job or not?
    4. Even with looming layoffs the mayor is still hiring for political positions such as greeter, Mr. Gomes, Santiago and Curry for a new department to review department budgets. None of these hacks are accountants and we now know Gomes spent $120K remodeling his offices.
    5. Mayor issues a hit list in the Police department that includes mostly officers. This lowers morale and the mayor loses this battle in civil service.
    6. We issue large raises to the workers in labor relations despite the budget problems. This department does no negotiation of contracts and hires outside pros to do their job. Why the raises?
    City Kitty these are a few of the reasons why I am down on Bridgeport Leadership but not down on Bridgeport.

  27. City Kitty

    Take a little walk along Main Street. Start at the corner of State and Main, then walk north to, say,where the theaters used to be (bring a couple of big strong bodyguards).

    After your little sojourn, tell me about all that is being done to revitalize our city.

    Remember the new guy they hired for economic development? Where the hell is he? Is he economically developing Bridgeport? Is this guy’s nickname “The Mute”?

    Big promises … little delivery.

    How come?

    Finch doesn’t know how to do it.

    We just don’t have the time to waste on incompetent, agendized, self interested Testaites while our future is wasting away.

    I hope Shays wins. But if he doesn’t, I hope he becomes mayor. Shays and Hubler are what we need to come in and “revitalize” our town.

    So long as the existing goomba gang stays in, we go nowhere.

    BTW … I watched the debate and concluded Himes is an empty shirt. Rich and Rhodesie is generally a good set of creds for this sort of thing, but not with this guy. The absolutely only reason he has support in Bridgeport is because he has a big red “D” tattooed on his ass. If he were a republican, he’d be panned.

  28. #36- Don’t need your silly blog support, also I’m not in Andre’s dist. And last but not least, I did not screw up, just did not get the endorsment over the district leader’s “stepson”, nor was I able to vote for myself as well in that process! “Sometimes” in unity there is strength, however being a member of a committee or board there will be times you may not agree with the majority’s views or district leader’s prefered vote. For having your own personal reasons or concerns for voting a certain way is “not” reason enough to be cast out without any explanation or opportunity to be heard in front of that Dist. board or town committee! Your blogs depict you as young & without much real experience as to what’s really going on other than your usual out of the box rumors & opinions. They also seem to show who you’re sympathetic to in politics, rumors, etc. But what they really seem to show @ times, is your ignorance of current events, local politics and personal assessments of people in general. In other words “Jr.”, you still need a lot of growing up to do if you really want to be taken seriously as a “man” with somewhat average type of intelligence! ‘Til then you will just be the “idiot” that hides behind blogs on (OIB) as Celia Cruz, Ed Palmieri, Cesar Batalla, etc. “AZUCAR”!


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