The Politics Of Absentee Ballots–They Matter In Close Races

Sample ballot Upper East Side

Examine all the candidate personalities you want. Debate the issues. Parse respective messages, demographics, money, organization.

In the end, what becomes tangible in a political campaign?

In close Bridgeport races, measurement is determined by absentee ballots, the only form of early voting allowed by Connecticut state law.

Most states offer advanced early voting. Wanna vote now? No excuse required. Connecticut allows something called excuse-only early voting. That means, for example, absence during voting hours, illness, physical disability, religious activity, military duty.

Each Tuesday and Thursday the Town Clerk’s Office, as a measure of transparency (thank you Town Clerk Charles Clemons and Deputy Christina Resto), issues a complete list of electors who have requested an absentee ballot. This becomes instructive for political operatives to gauge what they expect to bank vote-wise before the polls open, in this case Tuesday’s Democratic primary featuring incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim and opponent State Senator Marilyn Moore.

As of Thursday about 1,200 city electors have voted absentee, a number that will rise several hundred more by Tuesday’s vote.

Mayor Joe Ganim has a commanding lead in that department over Moore by virtue of his organizational support.

Four years ago, when Ganim made a remarkable return to the mayoralty, he did not win the absentee ballot count (repeat, Ganim did not win absentee ballot vote) which went to incumbent Bill Finch who won that margin by roughly 200 votes. Ganim defeated Finch by roughly 600 votes on the machines to win the primary on his way to a general election win.

Moore has a much higher machine count burden to reach to defeat Ganim based on the returns to the Town Clerk’s Office. No, the ballots cannot be opened and counted, by state law, until primary day, but based on the neighborhoods of return it’s overwhelmingly Ganim country: West End, South End, East Side and East End, the areas where Moore is least known.

Doesn’t mean Moore’s camp isn’t working absentee ballots. It is. But the campaign doesn’t enjoy the institutional support of Ganim, and, in some cases has rejected absentee support from operatives who reject Ganim.

Case in point, outgoing school board member Maria Pereira who’s running for City Council in the Upper East Side 138th District. Pereira’s a bold personality who’s something of an acquired taste. If she’s against you, look out. If she’s for you, she’s like a one-woman riot squad campaigning morning, noon and night. She has votes. She doesn’t like Ganim.

Moore hasn’t wooed Pereira, someone who knows her constituency in need of an absentee ballot. “Maria will turn on us at some point,” Moore’s operatives assert as a rationale for eschewing Pereira.

So what?

In tight, short primary windows it’s worth embracing Pereira and holding your breath until the time she turns on you.

You can’t govern unless you win. For those who say Pereira isn’t worth the trouble, here’s the rejoinder … the mercurial Moore operative Tony Barr who finished dead last in a six-way election for mayor four years ago brings more to the table?


Doesn’t mean Tony Barr has nothing to offer. He does. But not more than Pereira in a search for votes.

Moore needs a mighty machine count to take out Ganim on Tuesday. If that happens she’s assured the mayoralty.

If she fails the good news is she has a second bite of the apple in November, a safety net that could be more difficult than the primary, depending on Tuesday’s result.



  1. I can’t “turn” on Marilyn Moore because I have never been a loyal Moore supporter.

    I had a fairly lengthy conversation with Moore shortly after her mother’s passing. At that time I shared those closest to me recommended I not support her. Moore said incredulously well who else could you support, Stallworth?

    I replied no, I could simply stay out of it which is what I chose to do.

    I want to reiterate here that I have not made a single negative comment about Moore to a single 138th District voter.

    I am publicly challenging anyone who asserts otherwise to bring a 138th District voter who will assert otherwise.

    He/she does not exist.

    We are guestimating we have approximately 100 ABs where voters did NOT vote for either Ganim or Moore.

    I believe we will have the highest number of returned absentee ballots since I moved into the neighborhood in 2012.

  2. We will be able to judge Tony Barr’s ability to bring votes to Marilyn Moore on election day.

    If he gets 100 votes then you know he MAY have been able to bring 100 votes to Marilyn Moore.

    Generally, if you can only get 40 electors to vote for you, then it is likely the maximum number of voters you can get for someone you endorse is 40 votes.

    I am looking forward to seeing the vote count for Tony Barr on election night. 🙂

  3. If these people can vote on election day no need for them to vote absentee a investigation needs to be done to see if they were out of town or sick. we are reaching presidential level absentee for a primary that’s nuts!!

    1. donj, there’s a give and take from four years ago. Ganim certainly inspired new voters who had not participated in a primary vote. Many will not return. On the flip side a bunch of politicians with votes who did not support Ganim four years ago (they were with Finch and Foster) now support him. Ganim received 6,200 votes four years ago in the primary, the highest raw turnout in 30 years. He will not achieve that number on Tuesday. He doesn’t care about that. He only cares about winning. Same for Moore. This cycle is completely different than 2015. Turnout will be less. Four years ago it was about quantity. This time quality.

  4. Did anyone hear the Rabbi, Josiah Isreal position on the undocumented at the City Council Candidate Forum? He could have been a Fox News contributor. 🙂

    Touching back on McBride’s comment on Moore not being black enough. This is definitely not a race thing, black and white, but a black thing amongst them. When George Mintz, head of the Bridgeport NAACP, said, “So they’re going there?”

    A. who are they?
    B. Where are they going?

    Consider McBride is a “strong Black woman” her words, a pastor who marched in Selma Alabama and was honored on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. Yeah, this has nothing to do with white people.

    Does anybody know which church Moore attends and if her pastor had anything to say about McBride” comment? I remember when this same subject come up in Obama’s primary with Hilary. Obama’s pastor had something to say. 🙂

    P.S Study break. 🙂

    1. September, a return to school for many? A time to buckle down to studies and make the commitment of time and dollars productive? RT are you cheating on your study time, class time, or just having a time out? Thought we were going to miss you for a while according to a recent post?

      What did McBride-Lee mean by the “black enough” comment? Do you know and not sharing? And if you are using the words “black and white” today, about citizens, taxpayers or Democrats specifically, why does it have nothing to do with white people? Such an explicit reference to skin color is playing the race card in plain sight.

      The DTC, and most of its loyalists, many who have paying or appointed positions with Ganim2 administration and others who like hanging out with them, for the most part enjoys the status quo. Keep the vote turnout low. Spend enough beyond signage and mailings to assure you carry a majority on Primary Day or Election Day with street money and let the good times continue to roll, no matter what it does to those who reside in the City.

      Let Rev Mary Lee-McBride speak for herself as a multi-term legislator, city educator and religious leader. Those positions plus her history should qualify her to utter a few words in her own right and defense? What is her meaning? RT, you say that this has nothing to do with white people, but that is not truthful. A continuing “uncivil war” among people of color who represent more than half of the City population has meaning for ALL PEOPLE.

      What does Rev Lee-McBride mean by “not black enough”? What is her evidence? Who on the City Council supports such a statement? Why does a woman of color, old enough to know an alternative truth, having witnessed the years she has since the Pettus Bridge, settle for the rewards she fancies more important, and stand up for “racial division” here in Bridgeport in 2019?? Is this the truth of the City Democratic Party?? Perhaps we shall have to wait for Election Day in November that allows Unaffiliated, Republicans and Democrats to express their vote for a change? Defeat Hate, Educate and Vote in September and in November! Time will tell.

      1. JML, I believe I say study break, hence my comment. But If you think about it, is not this a lesson. I always said OIB was/is the best ESL class ever. And I have never had cheated, I failed, never cheated. 🙂

        Please re-read my comment. I said McBride’s comment about Moore being not black enough is not a race thing, Black and White, and is something amongst them. So I don’t know what McBride meant by those words, because I am not black. McBride used the word Black or lack of. Again her comment has nothing to do with white taxpayers or Democrats. McBride’s comment was not a policy issue regarding the Port’s city residents, and it was her comment that reference color, black, or lack of. You love question, was McBride’s comment that was an explicit reference to skin color was playing the race card in plain sight?

        I believe McBride had spoken for herself, and I don’t know the meaning of her comment nor do in know the meaning of George Mintz, head of the Bridgeport NAACP comment, “So they’re going there?”

        JML, since you are white, maybe you are in no position, (black) to understand McBride’s comment?

        I depart with my initial question what church and pastor does Moore attend. I know it’s not McBride’s. 🙂

        P.S If there is a Civil War that is uncivil among blacks. What is that war about JML? Are we ALL not part of the human race?

        1. RT
          Long study break?
          You want to run my schedule? I have priorities, and I have had face to face meetings with the Council candidates running in my neighborhood, and support a couple of others in the City based on interest. What did I miss that was valuable to you? Doubtless I was doing something more important to me at that moment than in taking a reading of the candidate class for CC. God willing, I will introduce myself to those who finish the election in November winning? Personally I hope that they become better students of municipal finance, public administration, and delivering public service to others, rather than private services to themselves or those close to them. That is a habit or pattern easily observed in too many over the years.

          McBride Lee’s comment about Marilyn Moore was UTTERLY RACIST and purposeful at this Primary time. I do not understand what explanation she would provide to one who asks her for an explanation. And if she offers such comment in a public school venue, she should be able to offer such an explanation.

          Perhaps you can turn to page 24 in How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram Kendi where he defines an antiracist as: ” One who is expressing the idea that racial groups are equals and none needs developing, and is supporting policy that reduces racial inequality.” My belief system in spite of certain privileges enjoyed during my life causes me to attempt to practice antiracism in this time and place as the hatred and violence that accompanies racism in the form of white supremacy conflicts with who I am and wish to be. And I have become aware that you cannot practice non-racism as it leaves you stuck supporting the structures, stories, systems and processes that maintain RACISM in its pure and raw forms.

          Because she is inside that system looking out, she has betrayed her brothers and sister, as well as coreligionists, in my opinion. But from being a public speaker in front of her on more than 30 occasions I will guess, she is very happy where she is and does not care about hypocrisy, racial equality or fairness to all. When you are ready to speak in person, perhaps we can deal with other issues you raise. Where are you in school? Pursuing what course of study? With what goal in mind? Time will tell.

          1. It was not racism, for McBride is black. Like the N-word it is only racist when coming for a non-black. I told you there are the things your “privilege” will not totally understand. That being said, I hope your schedule and the priorities allow you and your and red boots to find the time to address the CC. 🙂

            But let’s not forget you are preaching to the choir after the fact, the election. All the things that you mention here on OIB about the mayoral race and city governance are only part of the city governance. Is it not? I mean why else
            do you peach at every CC meeting? 🙂 All not all not human.


          2. JML, I must ask, who did your antiracism, hatred, and violence that accompanies racism in the form of white supremacy conflicts enter the conversation of what one black, McBride, comment to another black, Moore come to be? Are you saying McBride is fighting for white supremacy? Are you saying McBride is a white supremacist?

            I will not get into McBride’s comment like the N-word it is not my place, nor do I understand how you can call it racist since McBride is back, oppose, dislike, even hate. I can understand. Unless you are saying Blacks can be racist to other blacks, but then again just because the sentiment of the Civil War is present doesn’t mean it was racism. Your attack on McBride seemed racist because you are white. JS.

            P.S The best way to be an antiracist you will not learn and read from just one book on page 24 book. The best way to be an antiracist is not to be racist, it resides in you.


  5. I just received a Marilyn Moore mailer with one of the most flagrant lies I have ever seen a out the Bridgeport Public Schools.

    Is states as follows:

    ” Marilyn Moore gets it done for Bridgeport. As Senator, she secured $8 million in increased funding for Bridgeport schools when they faced $10 million in cuts.”

    The most the BPS has received in increased ECS funding during Marilyn Moore’s 5 years in the Senate was this school year which was an ECS increase of $2.7 million.

    Most years we received a ZERO increase. When Malloy and the Legislature were trying to close a huge budget gap mid year, and after the BOE made $16,000,000 in cuts, Marilyn Moore and the entire delegation voted to reduce the state’s ECS funding by $1,000,000 mid year.

    It was December and we now had to find ANOTHER $1,000,000 IN CUTS.

    This is an absolute piece of propaganda.

    1. Maria, and your comment will help who to become the next mayor or you are not concern who becomes mayor because when you get elected to the City Council you will do what? That’s what I thought, you won’t do shit because none of the other 19 council members can trust you which means the 138th district becomes the biggest loser in this election.

      1. CT Legislation passed a new ECS formula that just kicked in in 2019. So Maria’s $2.7M is accurate. Adding 2019 and 2020 school year, it’s a total amount that gets close to $8M.

        CT ECS formula has started, and will phase in through 2029 and BPT schools will be better funded because of the new statewide formula. Bridgeport funding should improve significantly going forward. Marilyn was an outspoken supporter of this new funding legislation.

    2. Wow Maria,I had to check who posted that twice,I thought Stevie A came back and posted this.You know Stevie reads every post on here still,how long before your quoted on Joe’s #1 supporter’s FB page?.

    3. Maria,
      You are very smart, well read, and a careful reader, as well. I carefully and respectfully ask a question of you therefore, to set the record straight between what you term “the most flagrant lies” put out that you have seen, and some facts that are offered below by Donald Day on funding from Hartford.
      First, we both know that Hartford is spending several times more that Bridgeport taxpayers do on the funding of Bridgeport school operations annually through the “educational cost sharing” program or ECS. True or not?
      Second, other funds come from Hartford often for special initiatives that may last for 2-5 years, are often applied for and become grants for specific tasks that are necessary and irreplaceable. True or not?
      Third, for a decade or more Bridgeport has been on a school construction or renovation program where the City taxpayer funds around 20% of the CAPITAL costs for such approved plans and the State contributes around 80%, or did until recently? And this type of planning and funding is approved by the City Council at least once and perhaps again when it is time to go to the bond market. This is recorded in the Annual Capital Budget as received and spent. True or not?
      Finally there are likely an additional one or more sources and millions that come in from the Federal government for meals or other purposes as well as more local sources of philanthropic giving annually. True or not?
      During five years in office as a State Senator, what has been the voting record of Marilyn Moore on education matters, capital, ordinary ECS, or other State sponsored funding?
      (I sense from reading you regularly that you are not happy with any support for Charter School funding by Senator Moore or others.) What has the State provided while she has been in office, as your attack on her did not restrict the types of funding (ECS, Grants, Capital, etc.) from the State that may make up the $10 Million claimed? Respectfully appreciate your taking the time to provide an answer that will let voters of all stripes see how much (or little) funding is coming from taxes paid to Hartford. Time will tell.

    4. Maria Pereira, you don’t like Mayor Joe Ganim and you are not supporting Marilyn Moore for mayor, so you don’t care who is elected mayor. Maria, Nessah Smith, Anthony Paoletto, and Karen Jackson are all your enemies but you have no problem in doing what they did and that is to glad take $1000.00 from Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa biggest supporter, John Ricci who is being investigated for his involvement with the City’s scrap metal scandal. Maria where is your moral stance against Mario and Joe Ganim , your morals are just like Nessah Smith, Anthony Paoletto, and Karen Jackson. Which one is it Maria for mayor, Joe Ganim or Marilyn Moore?

    1. Derek,Moore doesn’t stand a shot winning this primary.Mario and his minions,like every election,have manipulated the AB’s.People can scrutinize all they want,nothing ever changes.

  6. Can anyone answer this one?
    Has Ganim2 prepared for and found a way onto the November ballot in case the September 10 totals go against him?? Why has no one asked that question and looked for an answer on OIB? Just plain pragmatic electioneering isn’t it? What does it mean?

    Not a “one and done” primary for which Finch was unprepared in the aftermath? But a “two and see you” at the polls with all registered voters having an opportunity to oust the incumbent in November. Are there enough Democrats who feel unrepresented by the DTC, unaffiliated unhappy and unconnected to a party line, and pragmatic Republicans who will see that race as a genuine opportunity to push back on Mario and the Machine? Time will tell.

    1. JML,,,,,,,, I think Lenny answered this a couple of weeks ago. Joe Ganim does not have another line for the November Election. Even couple of weeks ago,it was too late to do the machinations to secure another line(according to Lennie). So,If Marilyn Moore wins the primary,she will probably be the next mayor. Joe Ganim has to win this primary to maintain a line for November. I will do a little research and see if I can find Lennie’s answer and I will post it here.

  7. Maria, Joe and Mario, Senator Moore shepherded nearly $6,900,100 grant-in-aid to repair the Barnum Museum, $1,854,000 grant-in-aid to the Discovery Museum,  $850,000 grant-in-aid to assist Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, $850,000 grant-in-aid to assist Capital Prep Harbor,  $775,592 grant-in-aid for improvements to Barnum, Batalla, Geraldine Johnson and Waltersville and $175,869 grant-in-aid to assist The Bridge Academy. These are but a few of the things she’s done for Bridgeport while working as a Senator on behalf of Bridgeport.

    Councilwoman McBride or minister or Joe Ganim rump kisser, Senator Moore received an award by the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club who by the virtue of this award thinks she Black enough for this illustrious organization, even though you think she’s not Black enough to be Mayor yet Joe Ganim from the affluent white community of Easton is Black enough to be Mayor? Let me quote your response to me, “YOU HAVE A BAD BRAIN!”

    1. Don, but isn’t Rev. Lee more black than Senator Marilyn Moore because of what she wears? Well, with that logic President Obama wasn’t black enough because he wore suits like the white President. Don, Rev. Lee is saying Mayor Joe Ganim is more black than Senator Moore.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking, Ron.

        Do you think that it is about the color of one’s skin that is on her mind?
        Perhaps she hasn’t noticed how little that Ganim2 has accomplished for the large number of brothers “returning as citizens” from behind bars and hoping for some local support when they get home? Failed Mayor’s Initiative for Re-Entry Affairs?

        Or is Rev Mary Lee-McBride responding to the color of the “green” that makes the world go around for herself, her family and others? And in that regard the Bridge in the South that she crossed 50 years ago, with fear and courage in solidarity with an idea of equal and fair citizenship, has changed since she has come to Bridgeport where governance tears down bridges between people or fails to re-build where needed?

        Was Linda Lee, an East End resident and taxpayer, whose van was rapidly dispatched in our abandoned car program, black enough for support, other than by Ernie Newton eventually? Why not sooner when the City would have not paid for the attorney? Wasteful and unnecessary?

        Is Myron Dukes, class of 1988 at High Horizon Magnet School and released from NYState prisons in 2016 after 24 years and eight months of incarceration, polite and respectful and “black enough” to get an answer from one or more Council members as to why he was intercepted by Police in February for a Black History Month event at City Hall and denied entry? More than three times speaking since March. Isn’t he still without answer? Is it because his Mom is Korean and that disqualifies him from being black?

        I have more questions as you may imagine. Let’s see some credible answers first? Time will tell.

  8. Councilwoman McBride is a deplorable example of a minister, a politican and more important as a Black Woman for her detestable and atrocious comment that Senator Moore isn’t Black enough to be Mayor of Bridgeport.

    McBride and people like her believe they are the legitimate holders of “real black culture”, and everyone else is a sellout or white washed. That assertion is as absurd as Minister McBride calling herself a minister. Is not being Black enough like
    acting white and that statement is one that seems to indicate that being white is bad in of itself. It’s a slap to the face of all educated black people when one of the deciding factors of being an educated Black woman is something like bad grammar.

    I would think that every Black religious leader, every Bridgeport politician and especially those Black women ministers that stood along side of this execrable lady, that they repudiate her vile statement and views with respect to whether Senator Moore is Black enough.
    Councilwoman McBride wears those colorful African garb and hats, but those hats that she wears are a clear example of putting a $50 hat on a nickel head.

    1. Don, Marilyn Moore was the Director for The Witness Project that serves underserved women in Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford. The Witness Project provides education, screening, diagnostic and treatment advi and support service for African American women throughout the state of Connecticut. Don, how blacker can Marilyn Moore be than health and life of black women from cancer? What has Rev. Lee and the other black female pastors have done for black women and their health?

  9. This race is going to come down to black women heart of the democratic party and most likely democratic voters and hispanics. Moore dosent have to win hispanic vote but she must run competitive. If she wins the black women vote I think its over for ganim. I think its safe to say moore will win the white vote.

  10. JML, you are correct in I need to get back to my studies. The break wasn’t that long, was it?

    I will depart with this though. You injecting “white supremacy” in what McBride had said about Moore is more of a racist tone in the propagation of racism then what McBride had said. When I first hear that term it was when it was said to Obama. My impression was it was said because his mother was white and he was mix race.

    In this case, it is far removed from when it was said to Obama in my eyes. You are correct in we live in a system, but when you speak of it being ” White Supremacy” is that really the system? I mean, when a black person (McBride) opposes and another black person (Moore) on behalf of a white person (Joe), who people here on OIB are saying because she, McBride, is benefiting from it. Is it really “White Supremacy” if blacks are benefiting. Do blacks run against other blacks? I hear no good words or support for Francis, the black Republican from you. Are you racist because of your support of Democrat Moore over Republican Francis, who are both black?

    JML, that system is more class than race though. while the race is more predominant in American that was/is being built by practically every race and nation people. However, that class system plays out in their homeland for SUPREMACY. You are a Yale Graduate and well-read. The atrocities that took place on Rwanda was for “WHITE SUPREMACY” I think we need to look at supremacy by itself.

    Is McBride, who is black, wanting Joe, who is white, to be the supremacy of Moore any different than you, JML, who is white, to wants Moore, how is black, to be the supremacy over Joe, in this election one and the same?

    P.S JML, since you were not at the City Council forum and didn’t hear Rabbi, Josiah Isreal’s position on the undocumented, you can not answer my question, not that you give any answers or solution for that matter. However I must ask in a world with systems, do you find it compelling the black Jewish rabbi the last name is Isreal.

    1. P.S JML, no book be it philosophy, or otherwise, has grounded, supported, inspired, or uplifted the black community in America than the teaching of the New Testament. We can debate like the forums we had on this election cycle for supremacy of city politics. There will be another election. While philosophers and religious people continue the debate on God’s existence and the questions about the focus that reign supreme over, their origin of the existence of the universe is equally the same. How do you get something, life, the universe, and everything in it, form nothing? Who knows, magic maybe, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Maybe it’s that SIMPLE. 🙂

      1. RT,
        Read the book. Learn Kendi’s definitions. Argue with the way he defines the system. BAM!! Enough said. Your words run all over the place, lacking a major point, I think.

        If you wish to know more. Call me. We can sit and listen to each other. Should be interesting? Perhaps we could sell tickets? What do you think? Folks might like to learn what is serious about this RACISM discussion and how it affects Bridgeport.

        Are you afraid of this offer? Others have been and for certain I cannot tell why. I have more than a fifty year track record in this region of pursuing the truth relentlessly and seemingly tirelessly. It does not come easy for sure. And my endeavor since 2002 to find the “truth” in my faith tradition in terms of abuse of children and the management coverup of the past 50 years and more has led me to pursuit of institutional governance that is OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST.

        What harm is there in meeting? Or will you as a few cautious others remain divided from another human willing to meet you, one time, where and as you are, fair and equally, unless you believe my offer is rigged in some way or another? Is refusing to acknowledge this offer personally disrespectful? Time will tell.

  11. Like Kendi’s definitions that you say he defines the system can very in one’s mean. No? Doesn’t not the N-word definition differ between a black person saying it to another black person than a white person saying it to a black person? Which is my point on what McBride said about Moore. If McBride was white it would have taken on a completely different meaning and tone, like the N- word, NO?

    I believe I made my view on racism in America here on OIB. As for your endeavor since 2002 to find the “truth” in my faith tradition in terms of abuse of children and the management cover-up of the past 50 years.
    try reading the Old Testament , and the Koran and let me know what you uncover.

    P.S, no ‘m not friad, unfortunately my words some time are not appealing face – face. I digress.

    The system has done far more to silence.

    However, mostly a weak education works best to silence. But that two is also part of the system Kendi tries to defined, for you can only define of what you know. Right? Can you define Islam without reading the Koran or practicing it? Can two people who do practice Islam define it in different ways?

    You are a smart person, you and your white privilege can sort my point out on McBride’s comment about Moore. BAM! 🙂

  12. So should we now investigate Joey G being too white to be Mayor of Bridgeport? Because JG is too white the Bridgeport PD is filled with racist hate, racist legal matters. Black children being shot by officers in the street and everything being swept under the rug, which is white shag of course. Black childrens education being ignored and undefunded. Black neighborhoods crime and police calls being ignored. No new jobs for Black people in predominately black neighborhoods. Nothing new has been brought to predominately Black neighborhoods for black children to do. And now under Joey G, he has single handly divided the black communities and pinned them against each other by standing by Mary Lees comments, proudly, on the front page of the CT post. Joey G stop trying to put black weaves in your few hairs. You look ridiculous and it doesn’t help change the fact you are too white to be Mayor of Bridgeport.

  13. Mary Filo, beautifully stated and beautifully written. I share your sentiments unequivocally. Mayor Ganim what are you going say about that vile statement from one of your stringent supporters? NOTHING?


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