‘The Donald’ Versus ‘The Dick’

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is often a target of Donald Trump’s tweet storms. The other day Blumenthal noted the walls are closing in on Trump–calling him an unindicted co-conspirator–who responded with his default rejoinder to Blumenthal inflating his service in Vietnam years ago. Trump has triggered a new name for Blumenthal: The Dick, to match The Donald coined by his first wife Ivana.

From The Donald:

Watched Da Nang Dick Blumenthal on television spewing facts almost as accurate as his bravery in Vietnam (which he never saw). As the bullets whizzed by Da Nang Dicks head, as he was saving soldiers…
Replying to @realDonaldTrump

….left and right, he then woke up from his dream screaming that HE LIED. Next time I go to Vietnam I will ask “the Dick” to travel with me!

From The Dick:


“This sentencing memorandum is a bombshell … The pieces of the mosaic, or the puzzle, are coming into place and the walls are closing in on Trump and his inner circle including his family.” @SenBlumenthal on #Hardball



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