The Charges Against BOE Vice Chair Jessica Martinez–Attorney Bradley: A Tragic Case

Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez

A month after declaring in a September 2018 Facebook post “We need better leaders to step up who lead with integrity, whom our children and upcoming leaders could mirror” Board of Education Vice Chair Jessica Martinez was involved in a confrontation with her boyfriend that led to her January 2019 arrest for felony assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Her Facebook post was in response to an OIB story chronicling school board member Maria Pereira’s misdemeanor arrest for allegedly creating a disturbance and interfering with police at a meeting at Success Village. On Thursday Pereira was cleared by a state magistrate.

On Thursday, with State Senator Dennis Bradley providing her legal counsel, Martinez entered a guilty plea to reduced misdemeanor charges that also included violating the conditions of her prior release in a domestic violence case. Martinez’s plea also includes agreeing to a 20-week domestic violence program. Bradley added once she completes the program her record relating to those charges will be cleared.

Bradley commented to OIB on Friday “This is a tragic case of her boyfriend strangulating her, a woman being abused and her self defense turning to violence.”

Her boyfriend Orlando Baez, according to Bradley and court records, is facing more serious charges than Martinez from the confrontation.

For Martinez, the disclosure of her case for the first time was rotten timing. Pereira was in the Golden Hill Street courthouse simultaneous to Martinez.

When it comes to their passionate school board issues Martinez and Pereira are something like the irresistible force versus the immovable object. They are not chummy.

Jessica Martinez wrote the above Facebook caption after Pereira’s arrest last September. Pereira has been cleared of charges. 

See below screen shots of pending cases against Martinez that include reckless endangerment, assault, violating conditions of release and motor vehicle infractions.

Bradley also noted, in lieu of the plea arrangement, that his client was prepared to assert that she was acting in self defense.



  1. OMG!!!!! Wait a minute, BOE Vice Chair Jessica Martinez pleads guilty to domestic violence and who comes in riding a white horse to the rescue is sitting State Senator, Attorney Bradley, Only In Bridgeport.

  2. According to Bradley, ” Jessica was prepared to assert that she was acting in self defense, WAS! Instead she plead guilty to a charge of domestic violence. I’m sure that the BBOE will start plans to remove her from said board just like it would have done had a man assaulted a woman and plead guilty to domestic violence. This is not the example of Good leadership that we want to display for our children nor do we want to send a message to our youth that domestic violence by man or woman is an acceptable practice.

  3. Don, I think a protest by the BBOE against Jessica Martinez to resign for bringing disgrace and embarrassment to the BBOE, thanks for the idea Dennis.

  4. Let me be clear, Jessica Martinez has a total of three separate arrest incidents from October 2018, January 2019, and as recent as June 3, 2019. There are a total of 6 charges including three minor motor vehicle charges, a Class A Misdemeanor for Reckless Endagerment and two Felong Charges of Assault in the 2nd Degree and Violation of a Protective Order.

    Yesterday, she plead to a reduced charge on the original Felony Violation of Protective Order from her June 3rd arrest, to a Class A Misdemeanor Charge of Failure to Follow Conditions of Release.

    The initial incident from October 2018, where she was arrested on January 24, 2019 with the motor vehicle charges, is still listed as a Felony for Assault in the 2nd Degree and the Class A Misdemeanor of Reckless Endagerment. She received a $50,000 Bond on these charges

    Her current boyfriend has a total of 11 charges on these exact same dates. In October 2018 he was charged with six crimes including three felonies. Two were related to the endagerment of a child and the other was assault. He was charged with motor vehicle charges as well and was also arrested on January 24, 2019 on a $75,000 Bond.

    On June 3, 2019 they were both arrested on Felony Charges for Violation of a Protective Order. Jessica Martinez received a PTA and her boyfriend received a $5,500 Bond.

    It is my understanding that the arrests were regarding physical alteraction between Jessica Martinez and her boyfriend Orlando Baez.

    If correct, what would be even more disturbing is if both the CT Post and OIB are correct, and they have protective orders against each other; both Jessica and her boyfriend Orlando continued to violate their mutual protective orders by attending court together.

    They entered the courthouse together, they sat in the waiting area together, and were huddled with Attorney Dennis Bradley which would be another violation of their mutual protective orders.

    The 20 week Domestic Violence Classes is not a support for her as a victim. As part of her plea deal on the June 3, 2019 arrest she must attend classes on anger management, how to handle conflict and more. She may also be required to take weekly drug tests.

    I am speaking for experience. I was involved in a serious Domestic Violence matter with my ex-boyfriend in 2005. We were both arrested. He plead guilty to 4 misdemeanors and I plead guilty to 3. I also attended a Domestic Violence Class, however I don’t recall it being 20 weeks long. Generally, you have to pass the course to receive reduced charges or a nole.

    This is clearly an unhealthy relationship.

    1. You are correct Maria there seems to be a Prefix missing. Ex-

      Like Judges Lopez ghetto parking, you and Martinez courts date was know accident.

      What I find interesting Maria all her court woes you aforementioned seems to be after being elected to the board. How was here court issues before the Board.

      Welcome to Port politics, and the freak show that is it, people.

  5. CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer approached Attorney Dennis Bradley about Jessica Martinez’ arrests. He apparently tried to tell Tepfer that he had the wrong Jessica Martinez before he finally caved in and admitted it was BOE member Jessica Martinez.

  6. Of the 9 current BOE members several have been in the news of late. 3 instances of police or zoning matters as mentioned in This OIB article. And Jessica Martínez was page 1 of CT Post not long ago about having accepted a paying job with 50Conn, a National charter school lobbying big brother to our state ConnCan charter lobby. While our city has a few charter schools, our BOE’s primary purpose is to guide and seek funding for our Public k- 12 schools. Some may see a conflict of interest in this situation. Might there be a Board policy forbidding this and if not perhaps there should be?

    1. There are 23 Charter $chools in CT. We have SIX in Bridgeport which is outrageous. Three of them are currently on probation for abysmal academic performance, significant staff turnover, and excessive suspension and expulsion rates.

      Capital Prepratory Charter Schook recently received only a 3 year renewal instead of 5 due to its poor performance.

      We cannot create a Board policy regarding any school board members employment. I absolutely believe Jessica Martinez had a serious conflict of interest by serving as a paid Charter $school lobbyist while serving on the Bridgeport Board of Education governing g our BPS.

      I do believe she is involved a very real ethics violation.

  7. When I was arrested at Success Village in September 2018, Board of Education Chsir John Weldon had plenty to say in the CT Post article regarding my arrest.

    ” School Board Chairman John Weldon said he was extraordinarily disappointed by reports of the incident.”

    ” Elected school board members should take every effort to conduct themselves in a manner which is a model to the staff, students, and parents that serve. Moving forward, it is my hope that Ms. Pereira will be able to resolve her arrest situation in a manner expected of someone in the position she holds.”

    As we all know, Chair Weldons’ silence regarding his Republican colleague has been defeaning.

    I look forward to his public comments regarding Jessica Marinez’ three separate incidents with 6 charges including two felony counts with a $50,000 Bond on her initial charges.

    I will also be awaiting Chair John Weldon’s public apology regarding his comments related to my September 2018 arrest in which I was found NOT GUILTY on ALL charges.

  8. So,,how do we change the deplorable Jessica Martinez and a LOOOONG list of governance abuses. We have a mayoral election this year. The best way to kill a monster is to cut off its head. Getting rid of Ganim will begin the process of change.

  9. I will make this very clear to all who are having a field day and making a mockery of my personal trauma and life, I will take legal actions against.

    I am Jessica Martinez, Bridgeport Parent Leader, Vice Chair of the Board of Education, I am a victim of domestic violence and I do know how to defend myself. But ultimately I am a human being with real problems like anyone else. Our children are affected by this, as well as, our parents.

    I will be completing a battered and abused women program, since my personal grief needs to be on front street, there you go.

    I stand my my heart, passion, integrity and commitment to my people, more specifically our children. Just know this, I will never stay beat down.

    My work continues and as I get professional I will be stronger than ever.

    1. Jessica,
      I don’t know you. If you are truly a victim of domestic violence I am sorry.
      Your threats of legal action are laughable.
      As an elected official you fall under the status of a ‘public figure.’
      Therefore the standard to prove libel and slander are much higher than for an ordinary citizen. You must be able to prove malicious intent on the part of the person expressing that negative opinion of you. This is not an easy task and generally fails.
      When you ran for public office you put your personal life out there for examination and scrutiny by the public and made yourself a target for those who disagree with your words and actions.

      As of this minute all the public knows is that you have had three separate recent (within the year) arrests and have pleaded guilty this week to a negotiated plea bargain and sentenced to participate in a 20 week program for those guilty of Domestic abuse. They don’t generally order innocent victims to complete this program. You have not been ordered into a battered victims support program.

      If things are so bad in your home, a reasonable question is: why remain? It’s not as if you are tied by marriage to Orlando Baez. Bridgeport has both shelters and transitional housing for battered women and victims of domestic abuse.

      I’ll not attack you for your domestic situation. I shall attack your hypocrisy of taking money from the Charter School industry while serving as an elected member of the BBOE. Your job as a member of the BBOE is to do the best for the students of BPS. Your every action is suspect while taking dollars from the Charter School industry. You have a perceived conflict of interest and should resign one position or the other. Doing both shows a great lack of ethics and personal integrity.

    2. Jessica, as someone who was involved in a domestic violence situation with my ex-boyfriend, which quite frankly was more serious than your situation, I can certainly relate to your circumstances.

      However, I do want to make clear you would have absolutely no basis for litigation as all your arrest information is public record.

      In closing, the fact that you and your current boyfriend appear to have current protective orders against each other, yet he continues to attend school board meetings with you can potentially place others not directly involved in your situation at risk.

      You are likely required to have no contact with each other, and are likely required not to be within at least 100 ft. of each other.

      I ask that you consider that going forward.

  10. Here we go…

    Nessah Smith was going to run for re-election with retired city painter Kevin Monks. Well, Kevin Monks withdrew and as of just a few days ago, Nessah Smith did not have a running mate.

    Last night some one sent me a screenshot of Carmen Nieves announcing that she was no longer running for the Board of Education. She was now going to be running for City Council focused on speaking about the “East Side and the North End.” Carmen Nieves is friends with City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron.

    Carmen Nieves and I attending Warren Harding High School at the same time. She graduated a couple of years before I did.

    She is a Lydia Martinez loyalist who works for Lydia on her massive AB operation.

    Carmen Nieves was a Board of Education employee who went on a leave of absence. After staff repeatedly contacted her requesting documentation regarding her leave and a potential return date, and receiving no response, she was discharged.

    She also had documented disciplinary issues. I found it concerning that a former BOE employee that was discharged wanted to serve on the Board of Education and potentially indirectly supervise those that may have participated in her discipline and discharge.

    How do I know all this? When she announced she was going to run for the Board of Education I filed a Freedom of Information request for her employee file.

    If I am correct that Carmen Nieves is planning to run for City Council in the 138th District with Nessah Smith, I feel confident I will easily be able to prove she is not a “bonafide” voter residing in a “dwelling” in the 138th District.

    She does not live in this district and I can easily prove it with a variety of exhibits. I sharpened my research skills with my massive SEEC complaint against Chris Tayior and Dennis Bradley. I am more than happy to file a well researched SEEC complaint against Carmen Nieves with a variety of exhibits.

    The DTC should know by now that I do not tolerate AB fraud or ANY elections fraud in my District.

    If I am incorrect about Carmen Nieves’ intentions, then this post is mute. However, I believe I am correct in my assertions.

    We shall find out on July 23rd when the DTC candidates are endorsed.:)

  11. I will make this very clear to all who are having a field day and making a mockery of my personal trauma and life, I will take legal actions against you!

    Maria, you are WRONG, I was NOT arrested three times!!! The incident occurred in October and I was arrested in January. The incident where my boyfriend put his hands around my neck and I defended myself. The reason why I was charged is because when I got out my shower, wrapped in a towel there was a cop in my kitchen and I threw him out. How would anyone feel coming out their shower, wrapped in a towel and a cop is your kitchen and you just finished fighting for your life with your intoxicated boyfriend? I even showed the police office the hand marks on my neck.

    Any of you want to challenge that fact, there are these things called police body cams.

    Understand this, I am Jessica Martinez, Bridgeport Parent Leader, Vice Chair of the Board of Education, I am a victim of domestic violence, I do know how to defend myself and I will defend myself.

    Ultimately, I am a human being with real problems like anyone else. Our children are affected by this, as well as, our parents, have the decency to mind your own business.

    I will be completing a battered and abused women’s program, since my personal grief needs to be on front street, there you go.

    I stand tall and in truth, with the big heart I have, my passion, integrity, purpose and commitment to my people, more specifically our children.

    My work continues and as I get professional help I will be stronger than ever. Just know this, I will never stay beat down.

    Oh and by the way, I am going nowhere! Those who want to challenge my purpose, my commitment, my passion, my position…..bring it on in two years!!!!

    If anyone needs to go, its that horrible divisive, spawn of satan Maria and thank God her time is up!


    1. Jessica, I don’t think you realize how ridiculous, absurd, angry and not credible you appear to be.

      When you speak of yourself in the third person you appear narcissistic, delusional,and unstable.

      For you to tell others to mind their business about your three separate incidents which resulted in arrests in Bridgeport and Stratford, yet felt it was okay to post about my arrests at Success Village with three low level misdemeanors and no Bond; you look idiotic.

      If you do not understand the definition of hypocrisy please look it up.
      Calling me names is not going to resolve a single one of considerable issues.

  12. Maria, you have ZERO idea of how serious anything is in my life. You do not live with me. You cannot compare. Funny thing you is you do not know me at all. My very first relationship, 3 yrs long, I was beat and cheated on with several miscarriages due to the violence and when I walked away from that I vowed NEVER to be hit by a man again. Thankfully God Blessed me with an amazing husband for 15 years.

    Also, you do not understand the battles Orlando faces and what he had been through in his life. There is tragedy on both sides. So ignorantly speaking is worthless! We are both getting the help we need.

  13. Robert Teixeira reread what I wrote. My FIRST case of being a victim was my FIRST long relationship that lastest 3nyrs long, that individual BEAT me and Cheated on me, that is where i learned how to fight like a man and also learned not to allow any many or woman to hand on me.

    Honestly your opinion doesn’t matter because if it’s my life vs. Someone else, best believe I am fighting for my life.

    1. Why do you feel the need to explain yourself on OIB? I’m sure you told all of this to the judge and it didn’t change their decision. Now you want to act like little Stevie A who threaten to action against anyone who attended a public hearing about a traffic ticket, now here you are threatening to take legal actions against those who are expressing their freedom of speech on a blog. Move on with your life and take your case as a learning experience and a teachable moment and stop justifying and making excuses for a man who has shown that he is violent against women, maybe you should be helping women who have gone through what you have.

    2. I don’t think you understand my point. It wasn’t an opinion on your life. Defending yourself is one thing. You truly can’t stop someone, be it a man or woman, how wants to fight you. Not saying you or anybody shouldn’t defend themselves for that. But defending yourself from being in such a relationship that is physically violent, was my point. Hence My first post “there seems to be a prefix missing, EX.”

      Unlike Ron or Day I didn’t attack you or judged your situation you find yourself in. They do like to bring up Trump, all thinks Trump, and the ME TOO movement, of the treatment of woman. The mistreatment and violence against woman is serious and some think America has to do a better job in dealing with it. JS

  14. So…..I read all this and think…….. these are the people’s representatives in Bridgeport. Whether on boards, councils, appointed positions, through political patronage, votes by the really stupid or ignorant public, convicted felons, abusers and manipulators of the system, ballot cheaters, some who can’t write sensibly or communicate properly and some I actually witnessed, that can hardly speak coherently let alone intelligently. This is what makes this city tick.
    No wonder Bridgeport’s the laughing stock of the state……..BUT…….the state Dems love it and love the fact that Mario can deliver the votes any way they want. That’s the only thing that’s important to the politicians.
    …… and some wonder why this city is all f…led up!!!!! Laughable….. but sad for the poor working people who are just trying to exist and eek out a living. Sad as well that some here in OIB and elsewhere, criticize people like Maria who appears to have her facts in order and who works tirelessly to expose the people who are in charge of things. I don’t see or hear anyone else doing what she tries to do.
    On another note,,,,another shooting death last night. It might be just a matter of time before someone initiates a class action lawsuit against the city for violating the constitutional rule that provides that all citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law. It’s obvious that Bridgeport can not provide this and an argument can be made as to why it can’t. J/S

  15. Ohh…give us a break .Jessica Martinez comes out of hiding and she asks for sympathy but also threatening those who post comments that show “disrespect” towards.

    1. Jessica Martinez conspired with Chris Taylor(another poster boy for good governance in BPT) and John Weldon to change the bylaws of the Bridgeport Board Of Education so that the minority on the BBOE would have no chance to talk or bring up issues. I think this is important to remember.

  16. Rich, Judge Lopez does much to challenge and expose those in power. She is my mentor and taught me how to connect the dots, how to research, Robert’s Rules of Order, how to find a relevant statute, and much more.

    She doesn’t necessarily always approve of my way of doing things, but it is her mighty shoulders I stand on.

    1. Lol. Many people don’t approve of the way you do things!! If you were “politically correct” in your approaches it would not have the same effect. The honorable judge feels that way because she IS an honorable person but that’s not to say that people who do things in a harsh manner are not honorable. Right your honor?!!
      I guess I’ve always liked your style because that’s how I operate as well. Thank you for what you do and I’m sure many feel that way. I have always spoken for those that are either to meek, weak or scared to speak up. That doesn’t make them any less important than anyone else. That’s why leaders are necessary in society and you are such a person……. and thank you, your Honor. !

      1. As I sometimes stated ,(facetiously) , to bad guys when I was dispatched to a police call: “hi, I’m from the government, and am here to help!!”

    2. Please, you still have a case, an over the top one, on extreme paper grabbing, and lets not forget your extreme door slamming incidents that hurt the entire right side of your body. 🙂
      You are not fighting the power just the other side, while doing the same things, with the same over the top antics. 🙂

      Speaking of teacher, slow your role Pixar Jesus, shit, it doesn’t work like that, don’t need a bunch of dumb-ass, disappointed one eye pirates waiting around, collect workers comp disability. JS

    1. Harvey, you are way of base on this one, there is a real jewel right here, just drive around inside of Seaside Village. Seaside Village was built in approximately 90 days, starting in late October 1918 and ending in early March 1919. 377 homes were planned, but only 257 were built due to the end of the war shortly after construction began. Seaside Village is on the National Register of Historic Places due to its architecture, community planning, and social history. It became one of the first collaborations of city planners, architects, and landscape designers in creating a comprehensive approach to community planning. It is cited in architectural textbooks and is of great interest to architectural historians due to the precedents it set for later development, its aesthetics, its sustainability, and desirability as a place to live. Bridgeport experienced a big influx of immigrants and industrial workers in the late 1800s and early 1900s as the city became the major industrial center in Connecticut. Bridgeport’s population increased more than threefold from 1880 to 1914, growing from 30,000 to 115,000 as immigrant labor arrived and manufacturing expanded.

      Seaside Village is a jewel in the crown of a proud old industrial city. Not only is it a survivor from a crucial period in the urban and industrial history of Bridgeport, it is a significant and widely known landmark in the history of American housing and community design. While much of the economic, institutional and architectural fabric of the era it represents has lost its purpose and declined or disappeared, Seaside Village is a thriving community whose population has transitioned from factory workers to a diverse group of mixed-income residents, devoted to both the heritage and the current life of the Village.

      Harvey in closing you will find this statement below is written in the history of Seaside Village Homes:

      “Seaside Village is a jewel in the crown of a proud old industrial city. Not only is it a survivor from a crucial period in the urban and industrial history of Bridgeport, it is a significant and widely known landmark in the history of American housing and community design. While much of the economic, institutional and architectural fabric of the era it represents has lost its purpose and declined or disappeared, Seaside Village is a thriving community whose population has transitioned from factory workers to a diverse group of mixed-income residents, devoted to both the heritage and the current life of the Village.”

    1. Maria,it’s just a culmination of everything I guess.We have a convicted felon as Mayor who really doesn’t want the job,as his gubernatorial run a few months after he was re-elected shows.He is trying to get re-elected again because let’s face it,what else can he do for $150,000 a year??.Joe,as we all know,cares much more about himself than our city…Then we have Mario,a tyrant who manipulates elections through threats&Absentee manipulation…Our police dept is in chaos,crime is rampant,our police chief isn’t qualified for the position,he was given the job because he is loyal to Joe& Mario,and he does what they say..We are a city that can’t even fund our schools,every year there are massive cuts,resulting in teacher layoffs,and an overall cut in the essentials our children deserve.Then we have our school board,no offense Maria,but this too is in total chaos,the fighting,arguing and overall disdain is another determent to our school system and the children are the victims of it….Moving on to development,or lack there of,when is it going to happen?,answer,it’s not.Oh sure,every couple years a building is built at Steel Point,or a new restaurant,cafe will open downtown,but when was the last MAJOR development Bpt has seen other than Steel point?..Maria,do you now understand how I feel the way I do?..I honestly don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel..

      1. Mr. Weintraub, I understand your position. However, what I see is a wealth of opportunity and growth.

        I worked in retail management for close to 25 years. I never wanted to take over the management of a store that was profitable and running well.

        I thoroughly enjoyed taking over stores that were in poor shape because I loved having the opportunity to take something that was a mess and making it into a well-oiled machine that was profitable for the company while providing great customer service.

        What most other managers saw as a headache and a nightmare, I saw as an opportunity for nothing but growth and opportunity.

        That is Bridgeport.

  17. Maria,until Bpt voters realize that our city will never turn around until we have a change from the top,IE:, Joe, Mario, & all their blind followers who do what they tell them to do, Bpt is F***ked.
    And Maria, I may not agree at times with you, but I do admire your tenacity, Bpt needs more of you.

  18. This lady coming in here saying, “you don’t understand it’s complicated”. No. It’s not complicated. Man hits you and you leave. End of subject. He does it once he’ll do it again. And you have to serve 2o sessions for domestic violence because you had an officer leave your apartment. Go sell that bullshit to the voters that some how voted for you. Morons.

    Maria gets so much shit everywhere but the lady is blunt and honest and I respect the hell out of that. Where I agree with her views or not. You don’t seem to have any views. Just leave whatever way you’re told to. And to go on the internet and threaten lawsuits because people talked about information that’s not even private? People are allowed to have opinions. Can’t sue for that. Ugh. Freaking joke.


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