The Candidates For November

Later this week, the official ballot lineup will be set for the November 3 general election, four weeks from today. The following candidates will appear, not necessarily in this order.

Candidates for mayor: Democrat Joe Ganim, Republican Rick Torres, New Movement Charlie Coviello, petitioning candidates Mary-Jane Foster, Tony Barr, David Daniels, Christopher Taylor.

City Clerk: Democrat Lydia Martinez, Republican Joseph Borges.

Town Clerk: Democrat Don Clemons, Republican James Carbone.

Board of Education: Democrat Dennis Bradley, Maria Pereira, Ben Walker, Republican Kevin McSpirit, John Weldon, Working Families Dennis Bradley, Karen Jackson.

City Sheriffs: Democrat Wesley Matthews, Wilfred Murphy, Stephen Nelson, Republican Michael Garrett, Joe McLane, Michael Moretti, The New Movement David S. Goodman, Victor Hernandez.

City Council 130th District, Democrat Kathryn Bukovsky, Scott Burns, Republican John Slater, Rick Torres, petitioning John Lee, Tyisha Toms; 131, Jack Banta, Denese Taylor-Moye, Republican Matthew Carraquillo, David G. Goodman; 132, Democrat Evette Brantley, John Olson, Republican Jeffrey Falberg, Roger McKenzie; 133, Democrat Jeanette Herron, Tom McCarthy, Republican Brian Banacowski, Jose Morales; 134, Michelle Lyons, AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, Republican Anthony Lombardo, Michelle Lyons (cross endorsed); 135, Democrat Mary McBride-Lee, Richard Salter, Republican Willie Dyer, James Keyser; 136, Democrat Jose Casco, Alfredo Castillo, Republican Philip Flynn; 137, Democrat Milta Feliciano, Aidee Nieves, petitioning Teresa Davidson; 138, Democrat Anthony Paoletto (other pending special election), Republican Anthony Damato, Quentin Dreher, petitioning Julia Concepcion, Charles Hare, Melanie Jackson; 139, James Holloway, Eneida Martinez, Republican none.



  1. Okay, so I have to admit I had no idea OIB contributor Quentin Dreher was running for office in the 138th and I thought he lived in Black Rock. Why Harborview and not the ’50s Diner? Hmmm? Are you actively campaigning or just on the line to have a Republican slate?

      1. Bridgeport Kid, thank you for acknowledging that. Yes the world revolves around me and yet I seem to be doing everything for everyone else. How in hell does that happen?

    1. Now things are starting to come together, I see why Quentin Dreher has been talking out the side of his mouth because he’s running as Republican for the City Council in the 138th, I also thought he lived in Black Rock. I must say based on Dreher’s comments on OIB there is no way he’ll get elected if the voters know what he has been posting.

  2. Lennie, I notice David G. Goodman is running as a Republican for the city council in the 131st district and also as a city sheriff. Would he be able to hold both positions if elected?

  3. All, why the surprise? I have stated more than once I’ve run for not only councilman, several times, but also state rep and state senate. I do these things because I care for this city and my experience and knowledge of budgets would be a plus. I am not a politician, just a citizen who wants to help.
    Steve when you, I and Maria met on Wake St. that time, I told you this is my neighborhood. I’ve also stated many times on this blog I’ve lived on Dover St. my entire life.
    And Ron, when did I talk out the side of my mouth? Was it when I told you I could cut spending? Balance a budget? End cronyism? Those are things I believe to be true.
    We can keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results or we can actually make significant change and vote for someone who can actually do the job. And that’s me!

  4. No problem, Steve. To answer your question; I am serious about running, I’m not a placeholder. One thing about me is I won’t do something if I’m not totally committed. The lower East Side has not been represented in the 138th for probably 20 years or more. I truly believe I can help!
    And the reason I go to Rick’s is because my wife loves the croissants and I love the Cuban sandwich and we have several mutual friends. My lunch invitation is still open, we can do the ’50s diner. I may be taking Friday off from work, I’ll let you know.


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