The Bad Slugs At CT Post

Haven’t you wanted to call all those scribes at the Connecticut Post a bunch slugs and get away with it without editorial retribution? Now’s your chance. They’re a bunch of slugs, no a bunch of Bad Slugs … the name of the newsroom band, that is. Last Christmas at a holiday party at the Field in Black Rock, the sluggers knocked it out of the park with this cover of Louie Louie made famous by the Kingsmen. The Post scribes received a shout out from The Louie Report.

Jack Alcott, managing editor, slugged my Facebook page with a declaration about The Louie Report:

The Connecticut Post newsroom band–The Bad Slugs. Jack Alcott (managing editor) and Mike DeSalvo (online producer) on guitars for this one, with Pat Quinn (“Go” editor) on drums, Ken Dixon (statehouse reporter) on bass and Ralph Hohman (metro editor) on vocals … OK, so a Louie of the Week may not be a Pulitzer–but it’s a start! Our goal is to play in the city-sponsored concert series at McLevy Square one of these summers. If we keep practicing, we might be ready by 2020. We just need to learn that fourth chord …

What’s a bad slug? Writes Alcott: “it’s a newspaper term for a mess up …”



  1. Now I know why this newspaper has turned into nothing more than a paper for the bottom of your bird cage. The writers are too busy with their music and the editors are busy telling the writers to make sure they don’t offend anyone and to play only politically correct music. If their playing is as bad as the paper has become then they need to find something else to do.

  2. Andy,
    Budget Oversight Bridgeport has been following the money in the City for about five years. THERE WAS A FINAL MONTHLY REPORT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 20 YEARS for 2013. It revealed illegal Council activities when coupled with the Annual Purchasing report generated about three years ago per Ordinance instructions from the previous decade. It proves when one gets access to the info, IF ONE CARES ABOUT TAXPAYERS, some light can be shed on the darkness. And when there is light, fingers can be pointed at issues or problems that need correction. Those who have been elected or appointed are free to pay attention. But pretty soon if they ignore or avoid the issue, they begin to own it.

    In the same way you may look at a news organization. The CT Post has received multiple articles about City money and Council activities. Have you seen them in a news article? On the Op-Ed page or contained in an editorial? Is there a reason for this? Popular wisdom would suggest you look to the money once again.

    Publisher thought? Investigation into irregular doings takes reporter power and time. We have less than ever of these resources. The paper receives a good stream of revenue from the City directly for legals and RFP/RFQ etc. And some Finch supporters are also significant advertisers. OMG!!! Let’s support the status quo. Is that what is ongoing? Until the scandal(s) hit(s)? Time will tell.


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