Testa Chairmanship Vote Set For Thursday

Testa and Lydia
Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa and City Clerk Lydia Martinez campaign in front of JFK precinct last Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday night, at his Madison Avenue restaurant, Mario Testa will seek another two-year term to lead the Democratic Town Committee. Will he have a challenge?

The 90-member Democratic Town Committee on Thursday is scheduled to elect party officers at 5:30 p.m. The main event is the party chairmanship vote. Last week the results of six district primaries pretty much went Testa’s way. It was 10 years ago that Testa regained the chairmanship that he had vacated in 2003 to ease voter pressure on then-Mayor John Fabrizi who was seeking a four-year term against several insurgent challengers in the wake of the federal corruption probe that toppled Joe Ganim from office. Fabrizi won a tight primary on his way to a challenging general election win over Republican Rick Torres.

In the years since his return, Testa’s had little trouble winning support from the party faithful. And in the summer of 2015 he was in the thick of it supporting the return of his friend Ganim who defeated incumbent Bill Finch in a wild primary that gained national attention. Party regulars were split in that primary.

Testa is now noodling a strategy to help Ganim secure enough support to qualify for the August Democratic primary for governor. He has two ways to get there: 15 percent support from delegates at the party’s May convention or through a labor-intensive petition signature process.

On Monday recounts took place in three town committee districts. It appears Testa has the 46 votes needed to win another term.



  1. *** Mario will win again & why not? Just not anyone can handle being the city’s DTC chairman. You need to bring people together, mend political bad feelings fences, make back-room deals that satisfy the how about me (?) members, etc.. And most important, raise $ for the party! Like him or hate him, Mario’s got what it takes along with the experience & connections to do the task @ hand! Congrats & keep it moving on another up-coming 2yrs. Mario, as Bpt. DTC chairman! *** A rolling stone gathers no moss, no? ***

    1. Mojo, I see things a little different than you on this one. First, the city’s DTC chairman DOES NOT have to be a member of the DTC.

      Mojo, you said, “You need to bring people together, mend political bad feelings fences, make back-room deals that satisfy the how about me (?) members, etc.,” well, Mojo you know that Mario Testa IS NOT a people person and those back-room deals Mario is able to put pressure on those DTC members who have City jobs or their family member has a City job. To raise money for the Party well there will always be a line of donators in state and out of state who want contact with Bridgeport to make deals with and support Democrats statewide with nod from the city’s DTC chairman. Example, Chris Caruso was a former city’s DTC chairman who knows the operation, the rules and policies and the history better than Mario Testa plus he’s honest, no?

    2. Mario Testa and ALL his hacks are completely unacceptable to any people who want good and honest governance in Bridgeport. There is no grey with Mario Testa. It is only black and white. We will continue to fight and reach out to people throughout Bridgeport until Mario Testa is fired and Joe Ganim is both a failed state gubernatorial candidate and a failed city mayoral candidate. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

  2. Mojo, your post was very politically atute. Everything you said was on the money. I have asked a number of times who could possibly replace Mario and do his job. A very difficult job indeed. Most negative comments come from people that have little or no interaction with Town Chairman.

    The ability to satisfy 9o members and raise money is a daunting task. It does hold a lot of power and that position holds alot of power in every single town and party. It is not unique to Bridgeport. You need contacts, connections and be a bridge builder as well as the ability to bring the troops together under the most chaotic conditions. I am looking forward to casting my vote Thursday.

    On another front, Bestsy Devos is an embarrassment and should be taken down.

    On another front 650,000 children under the age of 5 across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are severly malnourished.

    Back at home Ben Carson canceled his 31,000 dining room set and forget the 139000 dollar doors. Maks you sick. Disgusting to say the least!

    Back to the recount, Good luck to all. Thursday should be interesting!

  3. *** I refuse to blog personal anti-Mario here-says or comment on bloggers insults. I know the man & at times may have not agreed with everything he’s put forward as as DTC-chairman but its not an easy task & he must be doing something right to keep being voted back in over the years in this 1-party city.***

    1. really..giving city jobs to people is a pretty nice place to be..How many husbands and wives and sisters and brothers and cousins and aunts and uncles and boyfriends and girlfriends are part of the Bridgeport Payroll records. The City of Bridgeport Employer /Personnel records are an incestous map.

      1. name one town in the United States where that is not the case? Just one Frank. The term “machine” , name one DTC or RTC that is not the machine in any town, U.S.A.
        Frank, patronage is the way of politics. Ask the POPE. The biggest Political entity in the world. Ask about patronage and a “Machine” , you think voting for Pope is not a political process? Honestly?????????????????

        1. Steve.. how many hundreds of time have you looked at that video of Pope Testa and his rationalization of the “so-called patronage’ within the Roman Catholic Church?? Ohh really Steve? Do you want me to list where Civil Service rules are actually observed instead of being ignored and being thrown into the garbage. DAVID DUNN. Another one that needs to be straight out fired for dereliction of duty.

          1. David Dunn…along with handfuls of other fake Bridgeport Employees need to to have BPD officers walk up to them,tell them to get up and get out. The big question is when will the People of Bridgeport regain control of The Bridgeport Police Department.

          2. Frank I have no idea of what you are saying– so I will say I understand Frank.. It’s easier.

        2. You’re rationalizing unethical behavior, Steven. As a member of the BDTC you have a vested interest in seeing Zio Mario to another term. The chairman of any town, state or national political committee should be advancing the party’s ideals and platform. Mr. Testa has ruled the Democratic Town Committee as a personal fiefdom. 

          MGM’s casino is a proposal, nothing more. It will be at least a decade before shovels break ground, if at all. Every day it looks less likely. Bridgeport had bigger issues. High unemployment, violent cime, street gangs, industrial pollution, abandoned factories, high taxes and no end in sight as long as Mario Testa and Joe Ganim are in control. The latter is preoccupied with his gubernatorial campaign. If Mrs. Danny Roach is to be believed Joseph P. Ganim is running for governor for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport. Yeah, right. If pigs had wings…  

  4. Ron Mackey , imagine if you ran for the DTC you could have nominated Christopher Caruso. But instead you complain about Mario incessantly. Mario is not self anointed and not everyone is a follower. You will remember the DTC nominations for Mayor between Finch and Ganim. Finch was dealing as well as Ganim. I interviewed for a job and lost out to someone who simply voted for Finch. He was hired and fired within a week.

    The scope of the DTC is very intense. Ron, You mention Christopher Caruso. He is a good man. I like Chris but like Keeley and Parziale. They represent yesterday. Caruso is definitely a cut above, but he has kept an extremely low profile for way too long while involved with the Malloy administration. You hate Malloy. Caruso is part of that administration. Does he get a pass?

    I will be voting for Testo. I will be very Curious to hear of any other nomination. Maybe Scott Hughes will nominate Mary Bruce. They are new on the 131st. All fine people. Good luck to anyone willing to run. It is a huge job.

    1. Steven, are you saying that Mario Testa is the future of the DTC? Mario is older than both Chris and Lisa. Steve, I had the pleasure to vote AGAINST Mario Testa for chairman of the DTC when my street was placed in the 130th district and I was a member of the DTC. In I got elected vice chairman of the DTC at that same meeting when Alvin Penn withdrew his name from running to nominate myself. Bill Holden was placed in nomination against Mario. Danny Roach was my district leader in. I’ve already stated that Carmen Lopez would be a excellent chairman of the DTC. I’ve told this story before and it was Lisa and Mary who backed me up against Mario along with Chris.

      1. Derek, Mario Testa is so out of touch with everything, jusy6 try holding a conversation with him. He has absolutely no relationship with the black community but be does with the few black district leaders in fact that’s all he needs, just 5 of the 10 district leaders.

        1. Mario Testa is a product of his life and times. Joe Ganim has but a superficial relationship with the black community. Three years ago he made a big deal of repairing a damaged fence behind Trumbull Gardens. A campaign lackey was there with a camera to record the moment for political posterity. The camera operator was there when Ganim opened an “unofficial” police substation in a campaign office near the housing project. Another teachable moment.

          Men like Testa and Ganim are incapable of changing their spots. Mario Testa doesn’t see a percentage in appealing to the black community.

  5. Let me give a list of candidates who would do a better job of running the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee than Mario Testa. First, someone who holds no political office, retired Judge Carmen Lopez, Chris Caruso, former DTC Chairman, Andres Ayala, former State Senator and former City Council President, Lisa Parziale, former City Council President and Bob Keeley former State Representative. Any of these five individuals would lead the DTC in a new and honest DTC. The time is now.

  6. Lisa Parziale- Not ever in this lifetime. That I can assure you. Bob Keely? Are you fucking kidding me? Those 2 candidates show how out of touch you have become Ron. Sorry. Can any of those candidates raise money and build bridges? I like Caruso but I am not going to sugar coat it. He is a maverick and not a bridge bilder. He is a Bob Walsh protege. Bob Walsh , a man you supported when he was called a racist.A man so in love with minorities in Bridgeport that he moved to an area far away from the flavor of Bridgeports Diversity. If there are any African Americans or Blacks of any nationality or any Hispanics in Branford, You can count them on one hand. I can not share your total disdain and disrespect for Mario Testa.
    Bridgeport Kid I told you Mario does not serve Kool aid that we are accused of drinking. Finger sandwiches and Brownies.

    Andres Ayala, great guy. hmmmm to get elected for Town Chair? Nope. Not after he ran for office, gave up the office for a nice position in the Malloy administration. Left the position. His supporters were a tad upset. I have always been a fan of Andre.He is a good teacher at Waltersville and could never do what Mario does. It is a huge job and the blogosphere has minimized it to a ridiculous do nothing job. I couldn’t blame everyone from wanting to be King of the Hill. Could yu imagine having to deal with just one of you 🙂 leave alone 90 plus.

      1. Gary Tobin, I will cross tht bridge when I come to it. In a couple of years maybe an individual individual will emerge. At one time John Stastrom was a highly respectable and capable indivudual . He certainly knows how to raise money- lots of money. He is well educated and not only a attorney but politically saavy. He is politically astute and again he knows how to raise money. He has contacts across the state. He is well respected in the Democratic party and he is not considered a has been. We have a few years to worry about a replacement. I think when Mario retires, he will have acomplished everything he set out to do and there will be many that are grateful for everything he has done. A very tough job, certainly not being the head of the Republican Party in Bridgeport. I mean honestly!

    1. Steve, really, what do you really know about Mario Testa? When the last time that he was elected to any or state position? Why did Mario have to step down from being the chairman of the DTC? Who took Mario’s position as the chairman of the DTC and why did that person have to step back? I notice you NEVER mention anything about Judge Carmen Lopez, why?

      1. Ron, What am I suppose to say about Judge Carman Lopez? I respect her. I met her when I was walking Black Rock for Bill Finch. She was a fan of mine on OIB. I respect her. I think she is a very sharp woman- obviously. What am I suppose to say about Judge Carmen Lopez? I notice she never says anything about me :-). Was she running for something? I know she would have been a much better choie to run for Mayor than Mary Jane Foster. Are you suggesting her as a DTC chairmen? Are you serious? Back to Mario, I can only judge people on how they treat me. Everything Mario has been accused of is not my experience at all. He is a sharp politically astute man. People listen to him. He listens to people. I know that Ganim is special to him. I see a mutual respect always. My arm was never twisted to do anything. My district leader has never twisted my arm to do anything. Bridgeport is my number 1 priority. The leadership that Testa gives is what is necessary to keep DTC as cohesive as it is . Ron , you keep metioning the Black community and Ganim and Testa. Honestly are you kidding. One day you and you al will tell me what relationship Foster had with that community. Zero!!!

        What can say about Mario is this, He is repected by scores of people. His net reaches far and wide. He has supported many people and he is a bridge builder and a maney magnet. He is also a king maker and we can learn a lot from him. Experience is an important thing. He doesn’t waste his time demeaning, insulting verbally assaulting his adverseries on this blog. He is focused. Most important , he is political and that is his position.

        The pizza and gorganzola salad isn’t too shabby. When his restaurants are packed, everyone wants to say hello to Mario. He has many friends. I am certain he has many enemies especially on this blog. Leaders like Mario are not affected by these negative comments because he doesn’t read the blog. Ron, everyone has a past, I have yet to hear anyone trying to over throw the leadership. I do remember that Maria Pereirra put up Angel Figeroa as the town chair. Other than that, I haven’t heard of anyone. That is my take Ron. We will respectfully agree to disagree. Not one candidate you mentioned would get more than 7 votes. My opinion of course.

        1. Steve, you make my point, I asked you a series of questions about Mario and you couldn’t answer any of them. Why did Mario stepped down as DTC chairman but you don’t know why. Do you remember former mayor John Fabrizi and what cut his political career short as mayor and how Mario was forced to stepped back? Steve, who was Mario replacement and why did that person had to stepped back? You have no idea of the recent history of the DTC and Mario but you will blindly vote for Mario. Mario Testa is a very weak and how is making money off of the DTC by having DTC events at his restaurant just like 45 does with his place in Florida. Mario is old and outdated chairman, his time as chairman passed him by, Mario is the past and it’s time to move forward.

          1. When Joe Ganim was investigated for racketeering the FBI gave Mario Tests a cold hard look. The Bureau closed the investigation and declined to prosecute because they couldn’t find enough evidence to convict him, which is not the same as exoneration.

            Steve is entitled to his vote, his opinion. He belives Mario Testa can walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead, leap tall buildings in a single bound and change the course of mighty rivers. Fine fine fine, Mr. Auerbach is entitled to live in a fantasy world. If his DTC vote is influenced by finger sandwiches and brownies, eh. If Mario can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance he’ll baffle ’em by making them shit.

    2. I was a bag man back in the old days, for another town’s DTC if we needed fast money it was my job to collect.
      I would work the property and School developers, or the land use and zoning lawyer, they were more then happy to give, those where the good old days!

      Now Poor Mario and Joe have to do it the hard way, bake sales, car washes, pass the hat at baseball games. Always on the phone asking for a few bucks for this campaign or that campaign.
      Making Apizza for this District, helping to GOTV with that District.

      He’s 72 years old and still wants to be Chairman of the BDTC, Mario once said “the only way your going to remove this gavel from my hand”! “Is when you carry me out the front door, feet first”!

      Now let’s keep our fingers cross that doesn’t happen, best of luck Mario! **

  7. The problem with Bridgeport politics and cities like ours is that these folks are defined by these silly positions and enamored with small trinkets waved in front of them. To have a DTC seat and have to worry about your current employment, or worry about finding someone employment, or making a deal to get a deal is sad. Poor governance at tax payers expense.

    Some of these people have no real friends. At any point members in a district will turn on each other. It’s sad.
    I’ve seen my own family compromise it’s integrity for many of these losers. That said, should I ever become mayor, I promise not to appoint anyone. If you can NOT earn a job based on your resume and bio for the job descriptor posted, then you simply can’t be hired. That one drastic change would change the future of Bridgeport by the results it would deliver.

  8. And Kelvin, to carry the change you speak of further, I will guess that should you ever become Mayor, the folks you employ will expect accountability for their work, participate in training for that same work as technology and municipal needs change, and anticipate regular evaluations of their work product…..standards that are part of most successful private organizations. But Joe is not about OPEN, ACCCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST in his “second chance” term no more than he was in his first. He is selling his wants and personal needs. Take a look at some of the pictures in media. Is this man driven? By what? Your interest or mine? Is he all ears for participatory government? Aside from appointing a committee initially, does he ever participate in the work of such group or use their results? Since the term “bridge building” is being used as a positive for his candidacy, where are the bridges? How often are supporters talking about sinking one or two pilings into the swamp and then moving on? Nothing to support a bridge….and one does not get built….but the public forgets….as Joe has another shiny concept to distract? Time will tell.

    1. Hey JML,I asked you a question earlier but you never reply back.

      Ron Mackey // Mar 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm

      JML, Lennie’s last post about the DTC election shows that the only REAL change happen in the 131th district and at this point and time the challenge slate has a 5 to 4 lead and if it stands they will have a new district leader, what about your district JML?

      1. Thanks, Lennie. I found it too:: Rules of the Democratic Primary of Bridgeport Ct 1983. Article 1: Town Committee. Section 7: Meetings. H. Public Participation: All meetings of the Town Committee shall be open to the pubic . Only members of the Town Committee, its officers and alternates may address the meeting. Others may speak only with the permission of the Chair, or of a majority of the Town Committee present and voting.

    1. Madeline Dennis- The secret society DTC meeting in at 5:30 on Thursday at Testo’s. What did you imagine you are protesting? The people that are there will vote. They will vote for whomever is nominated for DTC chairman and for District Leader. Anyone there observing will see the simple process and hopefully it will be a short meeting as most of us have place to go, people to see. Lot of living to do!

        1. Madeline, It was never a closed session. Ever to my knowledge.

          Ron Mackey , Of course I kow the history of the DTC of the past 30 years and of course I am aware of who replaed Mario. Ironic how Mario is still standing. One day you will see the enormouse burden placed on the DTC. This is a big city with big personalities. If you can’t raise lots of money, build bridges, have diplomacy and hold your tongue when you are being brutally verbally assaulted then you are not a potential candidate.

      1. Steve,

        According to the rules the meeting is not a “secret,” the machinations of the chairman and the district leaders are. Every other party committee-local, state, federal-has a website to notify party members of actions and activities. The Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee does not. Why? If the BDTC is truly a Democratic and organization representative of the people it should keep the voters informed.

        You ought to bring that up at Testo’s after you’ve finished pigging out on the finger sandwiches and before you decimate the dessert tray.

        1. Bridgeport Kid, I am not going to suggest what you say has no merit. I have started looking at other towns and their websites. What I have found? Some have bullshit mission statements like the Bridgeport Public Schools having the same mission statement for a decade and failing at making all students college ready.

          Milford? Trumbull? Those elected to the DTC are always aware of meetings. Everyone knws that there is a common council meeting every other week but do they know whats on the agenda every week unless they show up? Lets be honest. You wouldn’t be there. Ever. Thats a given. JML he would be there because whether you agree with his ideology or not he is engaged and informed. Should there be a website. Probably. What do you want to know? When the endorsements for Common Council/ What the Challengers have to say. Who we are endorsing and supporting for Senate and State Rep. Mayor? Town Chair? I suppose it is a simple fix. Maybe nobody on the DTC cared to address this since we are always aware of meetings and agendas. Our DTC chairmen gets it out.

          Maybe there will be a website. Maybe everybody reading OIB will be aware when there is an important meeting. People are complaining that they are in the dark. They are fully aware. This is nnot a secret society. You know kid. One of the biggest benefits of being on the town cmmittee is the never ending invites to fundraisers for every office available. They can add that to the website also. Facebook and other social media addresses these gatherings. I think everybody that is remotely interested is awarre of where the meetings are. I remember attending a meeting 30 yeqrs ago at the 3 doors restaurant. Just because I was curious. Nobody ever asked me to leave.

          Lennie Grimaldi, I wish you would update your website so that we as posters can edit our posts. Since your cousin Ray Fusci has stopped helping out it is embarrassing reding back a post missing letters. Auto correct or the ability to edit is probably more simple for you than a DTC having to develop a website and come out with a mission statement and a calendar of meetings. Next few months should be very exciting. We should be hosting other candidates.

          1. Bridgeport’s DTC ought to blaze a trail then, Steven. Ganim campaigned on openness, honesty and transparency in municipal government. So far it hasn’t happened. Handpicked loyalists serve on boards and commissions without official appointment. The Democratic Town Committee employs absntee ballot fraud, false registration of dead people, etc., to elect preferred candidates. Mario Testa has a tough job? Take a pill snd get over yourself. How difficult is it to place a phone call to A.J. Perez: “We need a police officer to collect all the absentee ballots we’ve falsified…”

  9. It is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE that the only contact for the Bridgeport Democratic Party is Mario’s phone number or e-mail. That the BPT Democratic Party does not have a website is a pox on the 90 sycophants on the DTC(give or take a handful). Every single member of the BPT DTC should be ashamed of themselves. The DTC is jobs for me,my wife,my cousins and uncles and aunts and boyfriends and girlfriends. The BPT DTC is an incestuous pit of beggars and hand me outs. Shame on The BPT DTC.

      1. Mario has that list. Don’t behave as if you are so innocent. Mario delivered Pizza to P.T Barnum Residents. A couple of slices and a vote for the top line. Get some free rides from P.T to Aquaculture. Mario will provide helping hands from Twin Towers to Aquaculture. Never mind the 30% absentee ballot percentage at Aquaculture.

  10. To be honest..maybe it’s time to just forget about the DTC and focus only on the primaries. Maybe it’s time to make the BPT DTC completely irrelevant. No more challenge slate. The primaries will decide it all. It’s time for a new approach.

  11. *** I will be a voting alternate, only if I get a $60,000. a year part-time city job with a pick-up truck & supplies, painting city fire hydrants, (Mon. thru Fri./10-2:pm) May thru Oct. *** HIRE A VET.***

    1. Mojo,
      Part time with benefits (or without)? (No benefits. You’d be seasonal.)
      Also I noticed your requested hours. Four per day times five per week. Twenty hours. What about lunch time? Time will tell.

    1. Frank, just swear a loyalty to always support Mario Testa and Joe Ganim and never say or do anything against either of them, then you will have get line with others who are still waiting for their goodie bag. Now you can jump ahead by making a nice donation to the DTC.

  12. *** No benefits needed & just 20-min’s.for lunch & a 10-min. break. We can extend the hours to 2:30 pm instead of 2:pm to cover the lunch & break time. Almost forgot, I want my unemployment benefits pre-approved by the city for when I file during my off months,(Nov.thru April). *** Remember, I’ll need yellow oil base paint for metal, its a bit messy but last a long time throughout the weather changes in the 4-seasons of New England. ***

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