Ten Schools Open Thursday

From Mayor Bill Finch:

Mayor Bill Finch and Superintendent of Schools Paul G. Vallas today announced that 10 Bridgeport Public Schools, all of which have electricity, will be open tomorrow.

“We’re looking forward to opening the schools that have power tomorrow. We ask parents and students be extra cautious while dropping off and picking students up from school,” said Mayor Finch. “I want to thank everyone for their efforts of all those who helped get these facilities back up and running so quickly.”

Bridgeport Police Officers and School Crossing Guards will set up safe corridors at each of the 10 schools to ensure the safety of parents, students and motorists during this time with many traffic lights not functioning following the power outage.

The following schools will be open tomorrow, Thursday, November 1:

Barnum School, 495 Waterview Ave., (203) 275-2301

Dunbar School, 445 Union Ave., (203) 576-7194

Edison School, 115 Boston Terrace, (203) 275-2251

Park City Magnet School, 1526 Chopsey Hill Rd, (203) 576-7547

Skane Center, 2977 North Madison Ave., (203) 275-1451

Hall School, 290 Clermont Ave., (203) 275-2601

Waltersville School, 150 Hallett St., (203) 275-2401

Winthrop School, 85 Eckart St., (203) 275-3001

Jettie Tisdale, 250 Hollister Ave., (203) 275-2089

Bridgeport Learning Center (Sheridan), 280 Tesiny Ave, (203) 275-1136

Additionally, the City’s two Achievement First Academy Elementary and Achievement First Academy Middle School will be open tomorrow with bus service.

“We appreciate the patience of all of our residents during this power outage. We continue to work hard to open our remaining schools as quickly and safely as possible,” said Mayor Finch.

Mayor Finch advises all employees, parents and community members to please continue to be mindful of downed trees and power lines.

Please stay tuned to local media and the Board of Education website for updates on school openings. You can continue to find up-to-date information at www.bridgeportedu.com.


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