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 Thursday April 26, 2018

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Take A Bus To The March, Supporters For Gun Control

January 17th, 2013 · 5 Comments · News and Events

A coalition of gun-control advocates including Connecticut Against Gun Violence is organizing a rally February 14 in support of stronger gun laws. From www.marchforchange.org:

Join your fellow citizens at the State Capitol on February 14 at 11am to show CT and the nation that we have the right to be safe!

THE TIME IS NOW. The gun-lobby opposition is loud and strong, so we will have to be louder and stronger. Every voice counts. Especially yours. We need you.


• Register your name at www.MarchForChange.org so we know who is coming and can connect people regionally and to their elected officials. The work will not end on February 14.

• March with us on February 14 from 11 am – 1pm in Hartford, CT.

• Organize your agencies, friends, businesses, family and personal contacts! Use our website and Facebook for more information.

• Be vocal! Tell your legislators that you support bans on military style assault weapons and ammunition.


If you would like to arrange transportation for yourself, sign up for a bus seat at www.ctmomsonline.com/marchforchange. If you cannot afford the transportation, let the organizers know!

No one should be left behind!



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  • Bepo In The Know

    Thanks, Lennie! Bridgeport knows all about gun violence, and there will be a big contingent going from Bridgeport. If folks want specifics on the Bridgeport effort, they can contact me at madelinedennis@bridgeportintheknow.com.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    It’s high time for the people of the city of Bridgeport to stand up and be counted. Gun violence is a day-to-day occurrence here; we need to lift our voices up to the legislature and our congressional delegation in Washington DC:

  • Mojo

    *** GOOD LUCK! ***

    • Bob

      Good Luck is right, Ralph. The problem isn’t the legal ownership of guns. The problem is the illegal acquisition of guns, the illicit use of those guns, and the lack of or the inability of official enforcement.


    The Second Amendment was designed to give the people the ability to defend themselves against the government. If the government has ARs then the people are to have ARs. I don’t ‘need’ an AR in the same way Rosa Parks ‘needed’ to sit in the front of the bus.
    To buy a gun you do need to be 21+, no felony record and wait a week. In CT the mentally ill have the right to refuse to take the very medication that keeps them sane. This, by far, is a bigger part of the problem than keeping an AR away from John Q Public. If these new laws are going to do such a good job of controlling guns then the police should be the first to turn in their firearms. The police in England do not carry guns.

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