Stevenson: Inflation Reduction Act Provides No Relief

Statement from Republican congressional candidate Jayme Stevenson:

Jayme Stevenson, Connecticut’s Republican candidate for Congress, issued a statement after review of the approved “Inflation Reduction Act.”

“Rather than constructing a comprehensive bipartisan plan, this bill was rushed through the legislative process with little to no time for careful review, and without advice from economists and stakeholders. Non-partisan economists and stakeholders say policies in the bill will further raise taxes on struggling businesses and make energy and daily needs even more expensive for families. Overall, this bill is riddled with vague promises and processes that have not been fully vetted. Bad process is as damaging as bad policy.

“This bill is a reiteration of the failed Build Back Better initiative. It is an inaccurate representation of “relief” that is effectively a massive climate change spending package that leaves a number of pressing issues on the table–issues that are extremely important to the people of Connecticut.

“It fails to address real concerns, like fentanyl and border emergencies, the mental health crisis for children and adults, and the devastating impacts of inflation on families, particularly on seniors and those on a fixed income. Himes and out of touch liberal allies celebrated future tax rebates for solar panels, and electric cars paid for by taxing businesses and pensions. The inflated costs of goods and services will erode any savings to put food on the table. Connecticut residents need to feel relief today in their daily household expenses.

“Rather than use his position to do what’s right for Connecticut families, Jim Himes stepped in line once again with Democrat allies. Another lost opportunity to provide real, immediate relief. We need a leader who we can trust to understand what’s affecting the people they represent, and an independent voice to push back on bad policy and stand up for struggling families and businesses in Connecticut.”



  1. Regardless of what news anyone watches, even Bernie Sanders said it won’t help anyone. He’s wrong as well. It will line the pockets of friends of D.C. swamp dwellers who reside on both sides of the aisle. Follow the money and see who and what entities benefit.
    And oh, let us know when the lowly public see the benefits. 😂 😂

  2. CNN must now parrot Fox News as both Jake Tapper and Brianna Keiler made the same claims to administration spokespeople.
    This bill will have next to no impact on the environment but those 87,000+ new IRS employees are sure going to make an impact on the working poor and the middle class.
    Himes is a smart guy and he knows this is nonsense. Huge problem with bill being foisted on Congress with literally no time to read.
    Absolute joke.

    1. Actually, they all started to read the bill. When each one of them realized that IRA had nothing to do with their Individual Retirement Account, they stopped reading.

  3. Just what did Republican Candidate Stevenson read to prompt her to issue a statement on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act? How long did her review take? Item by item, what are her criticisms? Factual information about the Act. Sharing opinions of reasons for her prioritizing border issues as one example to CT voters to the funding by the State of CT of basic educational funding in poor cities of the state with apparently different reasons for current funding parity and no comments about expected results for youth caught in such a system.
    What is the “real immediate relief” for CT families and businesses in Fairfield County that in her opinion would serve November voters better? And how does Washington DC lawmaking process itself, counter any expectation of immediacy? Time will tell.

  4. Fair points. I would hazard a guess that Candidate Stevenson read as much if not more than almost all our Representatives and Senators.

    Remember Pelosi’s comment on healthcare legislation legislation that had to be voted on almost immediately with next to no debate – We have to pass it so we can see what’s in it.

    On bills of such magnitude, why can’t they require it be posted for 3-4 days before a vote. Every politician of either party only wants transparency when the other side presents a bill.

  5. Stevenson’s remarks are consistent with summaries using the Penn-Wharton Model which the Congressional Budget Office used in its conclusion that the legislation would have little if any impact on inflation.

  6. Denis and Tom,
    Good comments on governmental process. In my opinion such procedures as we get to observe do not meet OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST which I continually reference. Why is that so? Does no one care? Or does the continuation of a less informed public fit the wants and needs of our representatives who perform closer insight and have paths to secure info not available to voters.
    Is it possible for an OMNIBUS bill like recently named IRA to make an outline available with relevant sections indicated and references to details specific? Or is there routinely an Executive Summary?

    How did one element of IRA, an increase in allocations to the IRS, “morph” into 87,000 newly hired IRS personnel, armed with automatic weapons, confronting Midwest middleclass taxpayers at their front door to produce more revenue? Why does a Republican candidate for Senator in CT use this story to burden her opponent? Isn’t this “news” a warning to test her future statements for credibility and trustworthiness? Time will tell.

  7. The Wall Street Journal today has articles reiterating the falsehood of Democrat Party claim that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will reduce inflation. The Penn-Wharton model supports this position.
    The WSJ now cites a study that concludes the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ claim to address ‘climate control’ is also false as supported by using the United Nations model.
    What is next? Will Democrats introduce a ‘Crime Reduction Act’ and claim victory based on having the votes for another ‘Tax and Spend’ farce?

  8. Up until now all inflation has been caused by the government — .i.e. peacetime deficit spending. (1965 to today)
    This inflation is pandemic-related. To be precise, disrupted supply chains means de-globalization will be costly and time consuming. .
    Trump and Biden signed The CARES Act because our government’s biggest fear is deflation. History is inflationary. Our longstanding $30trillion debt is greasing the skids!


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