Steve Stafstrom’s Fundraising Haul In Black Rock–Bill, Joe and Mary-Jane Attend Party

It didn’t take long, one night in fact, for Democrat Steve Stafstrom to reach his fundraising threshold to qualify for public funding for the February 24 special election for State House.

He had to raise $3,750, in donations between $5 and $100 from 113 residents of Bridgeport. He did that with much room to spare at a fundraiser Tuesday night in Black Rock that included an eclectic group of political players, among them Mayor Bill Finch, former Mayor Joe Ganim and 2011 Finch challenger Mary-Jane Foster. Please, if someone has a photo of that trifecta we’ll break open the bank. Nothing like a political blackmail photo. Finch and Foster were on the guest list. Ganim decided to crash the party. Hey, if you’re gonna crash a political party, might as well be in Black Rock along the harbor.

In return, Stafstrom’s campaign will receive about a $21,000 public grant once approved by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Stafstrom’s uncle John Stafstrom, former Democratic town chair, has a deep Rolodex in city and state politics. Nothing like avuncular support. This frees up Steve Stafstrom to campaign, instead of dialing for dollars for the winter special election.

It appears Stafstrom’s Republican rival Enrique Torres is also well on his way to qualify for public dough. Former State House members Hector Diaz, Bob Keeley and West Side City Councilman Bob Halstead are trying to raise enough loot to wage competitive races.

Connecticut’s 129th State House District covers Black Rock, the West Side and portions of the North End and West End.



  1. Auden Grogins seemed to wisely and quietly keep Bill Finch away from Black Rock fundraisers, but Steve Stafstrom? Evidently he does not have such power. That doesn’t bode well for how Steve would, somehow, become his own “public servant” in politics in Bridgeport, not yet, anyway.

    1. Auden did not have Torres running against her, nor Stafstrom. I never did like the way the feeble powers that be ousted Keeley, who was the state bond committee chairman, if I have the title correct, in favor of a novice, Grogins. She may have done well, but, it was a back-stabbing to Keeley for his support of Caruso for mayor. Lennie?

  2. A day in the life of Mayor Finch

    Mrs. F: Bill, come to bed. You’re always looking out that window, like someone’s out there!

    MF: I’m so pissed off! Ganim shows up at Stevie’s fundraiser, just as I drop a $5 bill into the box. Then I hear someone say, “Hey! Look, it’s Joe!”

    I’m walking around and everybody’s asking me how do they get to Boomtown. What am I supposed to say, the city’s on its last legs, we’re flucking broke, Sherwood’s going to jail an so am I, Bass Pro’s not coming, and the best I can get out of that old fluck Morris is, this is my demographic!

    I make up this BS about 1000 units of housing, another 1000 units of housing for next year, and then another 1000 units at Steel Pointe, but no one asks me where these unit are. Thank G-d!

    I got Ganim breathing down my neck, maybe he’s running? Maybe Mary-Jane’s running?

    Mary-Jane shows up at Stevie’s and everyone looks down at her feet to see if she’s really wearing flucking Mary Janes!

    I look like an asshole attacking Joe, and Mary-Jane, the both of them are holding out until May so they can save money!

    So what do I do this time, Woody?

    Put up another billboard? ANYBODY BUT FINCH! Again!

    That cost me $12K last time!

    I tell you, I get no RESPECT!

    Honey, honey, are you awake?

    Mrs. F: ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz

  3. The number of contributions from Bridgeport and the fundraising dollar amount requirement are the same for all candidates seeking to participate in CEP. ALL candidates. No one candidate has an advantage in that respect.

  4. What does getting signatures to qualify for grant access have to do with raising the money to qualify for the grant? Everyone needs to raise the same amount of money from the same demographic. That is all I said, and if I remember correctly Hector said “don’t let money win the election.” Well, that is the piece that is about the money. Endorsement provides easier access to the qualification requirements for sure, but we were talking about the money aspect and that is completely the same. Signatures are free.


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