Stefanowski Endorsed For A Second Ballot Line

The Connecticut Independent Party on Sunday endorsed Republican nominee for governor Bob Stefanowski which provides him a second line to match Democratic nominee Ned Lamont who has also been endorsed by the Connecticut Working Families Party.

From Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror:

An Independent Party caucus cross-endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Stefanowski and the rest of the GOP candidates for statewide constitutional offices Sunday night, voting for the second time in four years to give the top of the Republican ticket a second line on the ballot in November.

Stefanowski had the advantage of being nominated by Larry De Pillo, one of the party’s founders, in a competition with four others: Oz Griebel, a former Republican; Rod Hanscomb, a Libertarian; Mark Lauretti, a Republican; and Mark Stewart, a Democrat.

… A Superior Court judged ruled last week the Waterbury faction of the party had rightful control over the statewide ballot line, not a faction based in Danbury. The Danbury faction intends to appeal and could yet block anyone from appearing on the Independent line without consent of both factions, said Matt Grimes the lawyer for Danbury.

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  1. Greenwich and Stamford share a common border. Lamont and Malloy are cut from the same cloth. Ned Lamont is a standard-issue Democrat but Stefanowski is the real independent.

    1. Stefanowski was a long time Democrat who switched parties to run as an outsider using his millions…copied from the Donald Trump playbook. No independent there, just another rich Charlatan.

      Anyone who made his fortune preying ion the working poor with payday loans and not voting for more than 10 years is not who we need as head of the state government, no matter how many tv ads he can afford

      1. In business, changing positions is pragmatic. In politics, changing parties is called creative positioning. When it works, you receive the nomination of your choice.
        Ask Stefanowski if it’s working.

    1. Quit lobbying Lennie. Your whole life needs an edit function.
      Back to politics: You don’t get your party’s nomination by being a charlatan. Marshall Marcus represents the kind of steady habits that got Connecticut into this mess.

      1. Stefanowski didn’t get his party’s nomination by winning delegates at the convention, he hoodwinked the primary voters a la Trump.

        You have no idea what my voting history has been in statewide elections. I have voted for Dems, Republicans and a third party candidate.

        The first campaign I worked in was a primary battle to unseat my existing state senator Ed Marcus back in 1970. He lost his seat, but unfortunately went on to be state Dem party chairman and still gets paid for legal work by the City of Bridgeport (though I doubt he is the pone at his firm doing the work…he’s in his 90s by now).

        1. Boughton won the endorsement by winning delegates at the convention.
          Stefanowski won the primary by winning voters at the polls. What MM calls hoodwinking is subjective, legal and within the framework of politics. Winners call it victory.
          If MM disagrees, he should use these pages to clarify his views.

  2. *** THE Ct.Independent Party should just change its party name to the new independent nationalist party for endorsing Stefanowski another Trump nationalist supporter.***


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