State Backs Steelpointe Project With $1 Million Remediation Grant

Steelpointe Harbor marina.

Governor Ned Lamont announced on Thursday nearly $1 million to bolster land remediation and development of roughly 400 units of housing for the next phase of Steelpointe Harbor granted a tax abatement by the City Council on Monday.

Bridgeport Landing Development, led by the Christoph family, projects a spring groundbreaking for the anticipated $100 million market-rate housing, hotel and retail phase on 6.5 acres at East Main Street and Stratford Avenue.

Developers say they have financed roughly $6 million in remediation work to ready the property for the housing component.

The grant, part of a broader announcement of environmental property cleanup around the state, comes from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development’s Brownfield Remediation Program. The former United Illuminating power plant had been located there where access to the waterfront was shut off for about 100 years.

State Rep. Antonio Felipe, whose district includes the development area, says “Neighborhood by neighborhood we are reinvesting in our city by revitalizing areas neglected for decades. I also thank Governor Ned Lamont for pushing this project and look forward to continuing to reimagine a better Bridgeport.”

Vessel maintenance now includes Bridgeport Boatworks and Hornblower Group.

Steelpointe Harbor features Bass Pro Shops, full-service marina, Boca Oyster Bar and public boardwalk. Ancillary projects across the harbor include vessel service provider Bridgeport Boatworks, ferry transportation leader Hornblower Group, and sail maker North Sails at the former CarTech property on Seaview Ave.



  1. Fantastic News….. Kudos to the tax paying Council that understand that constituents in most every neighborhood in the city supports this project. While focused on the tax abatement, the naysayers should have been focused on all of the jobs that will be on Steeleponte. Whether Union or not. whether city residents or not. People will be working. From a Marketing point of view, Bridgeport and Christoph could not have asked for a better promo than over 150,000 cars passing daily from New York to New Haven to see life, activity cranes and construction workers and a breath of fresh air and prosperity coming to the City of Bridgeport and Steelepointe..
    Regarding the Housing affordable and low income- The opposition injecting these issues into the conversation are ridiculous. I think most city residents support the concept of affordable housing. When Mayor Paoletta first announce this in 1984 ish it was an amazing exciting concept.. 30 years later it is becoming a reality. I have never expected to live on Steelepoint. Market Rate and Luxry homes should be on Steelpointe. Why would a Headquarters ever consider Bridgeport when we have no housing to support their staff. There is such a big picture here. The no votes was no surprise nor were they at all commendable. Especially disappointed in the East End partner to Ernie Newton- Wanda Simmons asked the “Most Important question” , If this abatement doesn’t happen can this project move forward? Thomas Gill answered NO!!!! and with that she fucked her constituents and the future of that community. JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS. Congrats to all that supported this abatement. To Chris Rosario and Antonio Felipe and the members of the City Council for looking at the Future of this great city- The Park City , The largest City in the state and the poorest. This will also boost the downtown area and keep the BALL rolling. This is also obviously an amazing opportunity for Mayor Ganim. Next will be the Downtown Theaters and Remington Woods. Wall Street and investors will be watching and Taxpayers in the City will be waiting for the day we can substantially lower our taxes. The naysayers were against the Amphitheater and it is an amazing venue. Now Steelepointe, I remember asking Ed Gomes and Marilyn Moore about Steelepoint at a Chris Caruso event at the Italian Center on Park Avenue. Ms. Moore deferred to Gomes and he said it was never going to happen. Well here we are. I am excited and the council will look back and know they were part of the biggest project to happen in the City of Bridgeport. Kudos. No response from anyone is necessary. This is my opinion and clearly the opinion of most residents that live in the city that have waited 35 years. Better late than never.

  2. Every unit of hosing will be prefab, delivered by truck to the site and assembled, all 400 units, Bridgeport will be lucky to get 20 jobs from the landing, Stevie’s A. is blowing more smoke up our ass again!
    Take a look at what’s going on in Black Rock all the hosing prefab units constructed by nonresidents.

    Stevie’s quote (” Whether Union or not whether city residents or not”’)
    So is this the Ganim’s Administration slogan for those future jobs at Steeleponte ?

  3. You can always tell when city hall is close because that’s the only time that Steven Auerbach can post on OIB. Little Stevie A comes on the his pom poms cheering leading anything that Mario Testa wants because Steveie doesn’t want to piss Mario off because Mario gave little Stevie’s his job with the city without taking a test. Stevie cares nothing about the taxpayers because he only cares about Mario.

    1. Ron Mackey you are a very pathetic ridiculous man. Not sure what your problem is with Mario Testa or why you have no problem linking everyone of my comments to a desire of the Chairmen that has nothing to do with Steelepointe. I am sorry that the success of these projects does not bode well for those that do not support it, It must be painful to watch Bridgeport come back to life.
      On another note. Big Ronnie, when it comes to taking a test, May I add that I am a masters leverl college graduate and I would welcome a test from the city of Bridgeport and not have to worry about a 10 point add for being a city resident. That being said I guess I can speak for the few that still read this blog. You can not stop beating a horse to death. You are a bore and little Stevie has no problem with Big Ronnie always talking about Mario and my cheerleading for the city. I’ve been a cheerleader for the city way before I became political. My past letters to the editor are legendary. Always optimistic about the future of the city . You, Mr. Mackey are a miserable individual and your attempt to bully is a joke.. People like you have a big mouth and sit on your fat ass and hope someone will come forward to overturn the Town Committee as long as a lazy slug like yourself doesn’t have to do anything.

  4. Jimfox, you hit it right, Stevie’s quote (” Whether Union or not whether city residents or not”’)

    The Davis-Bacon Act, as amended, requires that each contract over $2,000 to which the United States or the District of Columbia is a party for the construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings or public works shall contain a clause setting forth the minimum wages to be paid to various classes of laborers and mechanics employed under the contract. Under the provisions of the Act, contractors or their subcontractors are to pay workers employed directly upon the site of the work no less than the locally prevailing wages and fringe benefits paid on projects of a similar character. The Davis-Bacon Act directs the Secretary of Labor to determine such local prevailing wage rates.

    In addition to the Davis-Bacon Act itself, Congress has added prevailing wage provisions to approximately 60 statutes which assist construction projects through grants, loans, loan guarantees, and insurance. These “related Acts” involve construction in such areas as transportation, housing, air and water pollution reduction, and health. If a construction project is funded or assisted under more than one Federal statute, the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage provisions may apply to the project if any of the applicable statutes requires payment of Davis-Bacon wage rates.

    The geographic scope of the Davis-Bacon Act is limited, by its terms, to the 50 States and the Distric

  5. Lol@ Steve…”next will be the downtown theaters”. Stevie, next will be Joe getting voted out finally for good,and you changing gears and throwing him under the bus.

    1. Little Stevie A has been depress since Marilyn Moore kicked Democrat Anthony Musto ass out of the Senate and his other hero Bill Finch lost to the recently release felon Joe Ganim. Little Stevie is always on the winning team no matter what.

      1. Yes, Ron that’s it. It is all about Marilyn Moore and I am very depressed. You are so bad for Moore’s public relations . I hate to remind you because you have amnesia and enjoy being a broken record, but I was a delegate for Marilyn Moore – I supported her second run and stood in front of Winthrop School with a red Moore Sweat shirt for 8 hours– That’s ok. I’ll bet you were sitting on your fat ass for that election. You should be respectful of other peoples candidates. That is what elections are for. Not sure If I was ever critical of your choice of candidate. But you continue to put me on a pedestal so I am still a superstar on this blog.

        Rest in Peace Tom Coble and Larry Osbourne. Both wonderful guys and huge supporters of Mario Testa -and involved with the Democratic Town Committee decades before I got involved . They will both be missed at work and their 2 districts have suffered a great loss.

  6. Little Stevie A, again you show how far you got your head up Mario Testa’s ass, look at was is in the Conn. Post today. Stevie, I’m sure Mario will hook you up with a job.
    “Testo’s owners keeping restaurant — and options — open”
    Jan. 9, 2022 Brian Lockhart

    BRIDGEPORT — The operators of Testo’s, the Italian restaurant and catering facility founded by veteran Democratic Town Committee Chairman Mario Testa, have filed preliminary paperwork with the city to build an apartment or condominium complex with underground parking at the well-known North End establishment.

    …..Testa opened Testo’s 47 years ago at a different location, then moved to the current, highly residential section of the North End 16 years ago. Besides catering to regular diners and hosting weddings and other functions, the facility is the unofficial headquarters of Bridgeport’s Democratic Party. Its movers-and-shakers have for years held formal and informal political huddles there.

    1. I didn’t see the article Ron but when Mary Jane Foster ran her firt time out – that was discussed and a mailer went out regarding that. That is my district, that is an excellent piece of Real Estate and he is entotled to make any request he wants. I’d like to see a nice Condo there.. I’d like to see a nice Condo or retail at the Stop and Shop site– as long as it isn’t a Public Storage I’d support it. I made that clear to Charles Willinger.

  7. Condolences also to Marilyn Santacroce- a member of our 134th Town Committee . A partner to our district leader , Dennie Scinto who left us a year ago. May she rest in peace with our other friends over the past week- Larry Osbourne, Tom Coble and Mary Evette Brantley. May we all aspire to have an impact on the community as these individuals have and may they all rest forever in peace. May their memories be forever a blessing to their family and friends.

        1. Sonny, I repeat: name the City Council member who pays a net $500k in annual taxes to the city treasury? Your alleged council member voted for the tax abatement. You’re leaving out the current hundreds of thousands extra in personal property taxes, more than $2 million in building fees due at the start of construction, hundreds of jobs created current and in future. You’re shunning Bass Pro Shops, the Hornblower Group, North Sails, Bridgeport Boatworks, full-service marina, Boca Oysters Bar, Starbucks, Chipotle, T-mobile.

          1. What the landing is charging in retail rents, they should be paying upwards of 1.5 million in taxes, who really needs a break are the city taxpayers and that city councilman from Black Rock!
            The CTPOST got it right, the last thing Stealpointe needs is another Flucking Tax Break!

          2.  This Tax Break should be challenged in Court, that the City Council was given false and inaccurate information.

            The developer told two very different stories about its financial health: on the one hand, they showed bondholders a picture of health while on the other, they told the council they required a tax break to make the numbers work. They did so to get a tax break that they do not need and to increase their profits.

  8. There is no one on this list today who seems to object to another $1 Million from the State of CT for necessary remediation of Steelpointe property before housing and other possible structures can be built. My question: After this announced MILLION, will remediation of property be complete? Are there other requests out there for more funding? Is the remediation of the land the last holdup to beginning construction, or are there more requirements that people in the know acknowledge as vital to plans going forward?
    For those of you like Ron Mackey who chide Niels Heilmann’s comments as too late for Ron to hold them worthy, what is Ron saying? Heilmann has more investment savvy and experience than most folks in City government, develops his own research, and actually crunches the numbers. Then in this case he sends it to CTPost Editor for expression and exposure as an OPINION essay. Time consuming process. What other alternative is open to Niels? Invite to a CC subcommittee? Invite from a civic organization to share competing concepts with other taxpayers? Even an invite from OIB to share fact based opinions on the “need for tax abatement” at this time in this situation?? Or even, assuming all vaccinations and boosters, a masked meeting among others in the financial know including Niels, Kelvin, etc. locally and conveniently for a forum to share facts and figures before a vote? Engagement with frequency, may allow narratives to surface that are pro-development on the waterfront, but also refute the stories provided by those who know better that are based on falsehood? Respect for the developer, certainly as they are doing good things in the community as they should. And respect for the patient taxpayer who has mainly suffered decades of stories, plans, failures, poor governance process, and also funded what was missing from the vacant property for too long. Respect for a City that reaches out to registered citizens and potential voters and communicates well by listening as well as broadcasting? Time will tell.

    1. Ron, let’s be frank, honest, or direct on the issue at hand which is your reason for denigrating the OPINION piece highlighting the tax abatement vote of the City Council. Why do you call Niels article a “compilation” of what “others have been posting on OIB”. Who are the others? Where did they comment on the fiscal truth required in bond documents, etc.?
      Why do object to a comment from a fiscally knowledgeable Black Rock resident to this point? Aren’t you making a similar case relative to the City info communicated to the CC being in error?
      And finally, were you just looking to undercut the attention I called to Niels writing. Based on previous commentary from Kelvin Ayala, I called him and talked to him as well. But who are the others in our community who are up to speed, conversing with each other, and the group of OIB writers who like throwing personal slushballs at each other? Can you find no respect for most of the fellow writers? If you did the subjects discussed might be the plans, processes, and lack of progress, annually of the City in which we live, and from which we choose not to move. Of course you are free to raise whatever issue is on your gut, or your mind, at any moment. But if the youth of the community learn no new way from the community elders, how will things in the future change? Time will tell.

      1. JML, here are just a few people, Kelvin Ayala,, Jimfox and myself who have been talking about this subect. I said, “Niels Heilmann’s opinion is a lttle late to the dance,” JML, you’re upset with my comment, please. I post this earlier from a post in 2008, where was Niels?

        Ron Mackey says:
        January 4, 2022 at 3:31 pm
        Lennie here’s a little OIB history and I don’t see anywhere their is talk about those whohad their land taken from them or the benefits for the tenants and the taxpayers.

        “Battle Of The Skunks, Plus: Skinny On Mario And Finch On The Phone”
        March 15, 2008 LennieGrimaldi Analysis and Comment, Media, News and Events18

  9. You got like Hiels taking a page of the racial playbook. 🙂

    Hey comrade Jim, you and your Blackrock boat (white) didn’t have much to say about levying fair taxes when the evaluation was kicked down the road that led to your boat paying less than their fair share over those black and brown people, who were paying much more in taxes because their homes were infuriated beyond the actual value. Yet, you still come ashore to voice your opinion about paying that fair share. So is ti really about taxes and segregation?

    I don’t know about you but that city hall chamber looked pretty segregated, white 🙂 and were quite upset that they had to pay their fair share of taxes, and their loss tax break by the evaluation that was overtaxing those black and brown homeowners. Who you are now champing for.The thing that makes you go Hmmm! 🙂

    Comrade Jim did you ever think the needed tax break was left out of the bond proposal to raise the 50 million, then added the request afterward to the city? I mean if you going to mislead I would think the funding of 50 million is more crucial to the project than the few million in tax breaks of several years. I can’t remember a 50 million dollar investment private or government/tax money in the Port, maybe in the recent covid era with federal tax money is rolling it, though

    Again I can’t really speak on this deal and everything involved in it, but I did know this, as Sen, Moore state to the city council, if the Port ain’t wise people will move out of the Port and it will be left with nonprofits who don’t pay taxes and affordable house moving.

    Make no mistake though there are risks in trying to attract more than nonprofits and affordable/government housing to the Port, especially things of higher value. JS

    Let’s not forget investors/developers are trying to build more than nonprofits and affordable/government housing in a crime-infested ghetto.

    P.S Billboards, people, billboards, and table cloths. 🙂

    I’m off here like the 05s are rolling up and my safe word is Pineapple juice. 🙂


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