Stafstrom, Moore On Opposite Sides Of Town Committee Fight

Two weeks from key Democratic Town Committee district primary battles, two members of Bridgeport’s state legislative delegation are stepping up for their respective party supporters on opposite sides in the Black Rock/West End 130th District. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom is backing the incumbent slate of activists while State Senator Marilyn Moore supports a mix of veteran and newcomer insurgents.


Stafstrom is pitching the slate of  Eric M. Amado Jr., Scott Burns, Joy A. Cline, Anne H. Larcheveque, JoAnn Manzo, Michael S. Meehan, Thomas A. Mulligan Jr., Daniel S. Roach, Shaquana Shaw. In video above, taken at a slate fundraiser at Port 5, Stafstrom emphasizes the “big tent” party and standing up for progressive values. The district is a key base of Stafstrom’s support.

Moore with challenge slate

Moore supports the challenge slate of Shaurice Bacon, Gregory Blake, Lynda Bluestein, Donna M. Curran, Dione T. Dwyer, JoAnn R. Kennedy, Michael R. Raleigh, Jenny Valencia, Diane M. Vulcano.

In a Facebook post Moore declares “Positive, energetic, and thoughtful change is taking place in Bridgeport, on the City Council, and now the DTC. If Bridgeport is to rise up, we need a new voice, a diverse voice, and a voice that speaks to the needs of all residents of the community. Town committees are where the change begins and I believe this group best represents the change we need to move forward.”

Moore, who represents the 130th District in the State Senate, is being pushed by some political activists to run for mayor in 2019. Moore is seeking reelection to her senate seat this year. She’s well positioned for reelection.

The 130th District has a diverse configuration of voters including some of the highest assessed homes in the city as well as the P.T. Barnum public housing complex and portion of working class West End.

Both sides are working it hard. Absentee ballots could be a deciding factor, particularly in the Aquaculture precinct. Democratic electors in the district can choose from any 9 of 18 candidates so it’s possible a split could take place.



  1. It appears as if the slate endorsed by State Rep. Steve Stafstrom really lacks the diversity that the 130th needs and deserves.
    State Rep. Steve Stafstrom, don’t forget that the 130th extends North of Ellsworth St.

  2. Steve Stastrom is probably one of the most respected State Reps out there and I am sure he is fully aware of his district. Black Rock will have to ask what has Marilyn Moore done for them lately. Does she really have any support in P.T at all? Time will tell. The incumbent slate has many talented individuals. If the opposition is just running as Anti- Ganim and Anti Testo then that is weak. This is my opinion My opinion is also that this blog has become so extremely dull with a one sided message.

    1. There’s more to Black Rock than the jaundiced view you have taken. Fairfield Avenue, the main drag, divides the area. Those living south of it do not like to acknowledge the working class living north and east of their precious enclave of gentile snobbery.

  3. The “big tent” is a nice phrase but when it comes to the 130 DTC it is a “pup tent”. The Challenge slate set out to represent the diversity of different parts of the neighborhood and hence made sure that the majority of the representatives lived outside of the west of Ellsworth and south of Fairfield Ave. slices of “Black Rock”, often thought of as “white rock”.
    Three members of the Challenge slate live in PTBarnum housing, a Park City Communities project vs 1 for the traditional slate. One lives in the Twin Towers where he is active speaking up for neighbors.
    The six Challenge members outside the core area will be able to build more bridges because they are new to the field, have more energy and momentum than the existing slate. In past years where did they show the “independent” and “critical thinking” Steve Stafstrom claims. With no meetings, with no handouts usually, all they have showed is QUIET, very quiet. The party may be a BIG TENT PARTY but with only one person of color showing in the video, an alumna of PT Barnum herself, and veteran canvasser with friends at PT she lives in another district in the City and is an employee of the City. Why did the camera not feature sHAQUANNA sHAW, the exclusive HUD tenant in their party. Lots of problems for HUD tenants and they can express the solutions to those issues better than those living in the most highly taxed section of Bridgeport.

    The CHallenge slate will build bridges faster and better because they do not have to be concerned with City jobs and relatives in need. I will never forget Danny Roach’s words to me in telling now City Attorney and me that there was no room for ‘us’ as a new ticket, because “blood is thicker than water”. That has been his reality. He did not caution me to confidence before or after saying that, but was upset later when it was stated. Failure to think independently or critically??? For all the loyal Democrats who listened to Mayor Ganim (the second time around) with the NO TAX claim. That was our experience of a Democratic lie combined with many Council candidates unprepared (just the way the DTC likes them for public office as legislators). An active DTC could be selecting, recruiting, and training amazing groups of 130 Democrats to study finance, education, ordinances, etc. and be ready to run, serve on under serving boards and commissions, and become more informed voters. Has any of that entered their minds over the years? When did they care to share their independent thinking? Did it ever break out?

    If they have little or no training or experience, or when they are conflicted or compromised by work or family ties they will wait for issues to rise and respond, maybe? Where is the initiative to raise things that will make a difference in what should be priority areas: public safety, education and youth services, and city fiscal development??
    Did you look at the variety of colors used brilliantly on the Challenge slate materials? Representative of ‘big tents’ and diversity of color and culture and life experience. What color does the current DTC use? Blue….light blue…a single color on a green front lawn of a DTC candidate with a 180 degree view of Long Island Sound. Old party cannot change its colors appropriately, it seems? Time will tell.

  4. Our Taxes are through the roof, our Streets are a Flucking Bad Joke, our sidewalk are a Liability Waiting to Happen!

    Over Twenty Three years (23) with the same Slugs representing them self not Black Rock (130th) on the DTC!


    VOTE ROW C !

  5. This is a payback by Senator Moore for her being primaries in 2016. It’s called politics.

    For the most part we have a pretty cohesive delegation in Hartford. Steve and Marilyn bring much to the table.

    To paint a broad brush by the “Challenge Slate” is wrong. There is no endorsed slate.

    Furthermore, what are the positions of the bottom line slate when it comes to endorsing candidates on the issues of speed ( tolls ), pot ( weed ), and greed ( casino in Bridgeport )? One bottom line candidate, Michael Raleigh is anti-gaming. For many years didn’t the top line endorse candidates like Grogins, Finch and Stafstrom? They didn’t endorse Ganim in 2015.

    You can split your ticket. I’ll be going mostly with the top line. People that have been involved with church, schools, Little League, BRCC.

    Tom Kelly

    1. Tom Kelly nice to hear from you, and for you to share with a wider audience your nom de plume. I see you most frequently at the Dunkin Donuts next to Bob’s Stores and across from the State Police unit nicely set up at a rear table, almost like your office. Do you spend time and dollars in Black Rock too with people “involved with church, schools, Little League, BRCC” etc.” Are those activities the ones that for a major part have kept folks from the larger 130th district out of the current DTC?

      “To paint a broad brush by the “Challenge Slate” is wrong. There is no endorsed slate.” Tom, can you be more specific? Perhaps the CHALLENGE SLATE has been active with other churches, or other schools, or other activities unfamiliar to you?

      And now you are raising issues about Black Rock? Public safety means different things in different parts of the neighborhood, doesn’t it on the day after a relative stabs a young girl to death? And education means different things to immigrant families with English Language Learning youth who may live north and east of Fairfield Avenue or in a project?
      What issues has Dan “Matty’s Corner” Roach, as DTC Chair raised and provided information to Black Rock voters on in the past decade?? Tom, I did not hear you? Were such issues written up and shared broadly other than at election time? Did they have meetings where their own 130 candidates were up to speed and familiar with City finances, education, etc.? Tom, do you feel new winds blowing? And answers sought from many and new minds? Isn’t that the magic of the “big tent”? Time will tell.

      1. John, It’s always a pleasure to seeand from you In or out of Black Rock. My tax bill says Bridgeport. You must be suffering from elective amnesia not recognizing my many years of business and activism in Bridgeport. Perhaps you weren’t aware of my work feeding, clothing and community outreach with my late business partner, Marilyn Goldstone. When I do something, I don’t need a photo-op cleaning up dog poop with a film crew that made us the laughing stock of the weekly CT Capitol Report tv show.

        I’ve long admired your work in our community.

        I only know 3 of the 9 running on the bottom line. I said that you can split your ticket. I look forward to your next Booty Call!

        I had a lovely lunch today at Taco Loco. Missed you this morning with Judge Carmen and Eneida In a chat-and-chew at downtown Dunkin’. Haven’t seen you at Woods End lately?

        Nobody has answered my query on speed, weed and greed.

        Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.

        Be well!

      1. Marco Polo just piped in from Branford. He never discloses his business self-interest with Mohegan Sun. He’s a real Trailblazer wHe wears Patagonia to climb every mountain.

  6. Doesn’t that piss you off,all this time Tom Kelly is the Grin Ripper!
    Than who is Steve Stafstrom, Lester Gillis?

    Black Rock
    You would have to be blind, if you vote the top line!

  7. Tom Kelly,

    That was a excellent post supporting the top line. Unlike the people that post here and insult others. You are a person that supports all 4 corners of the city and I know that you have lived in Black Rock forever. I have never heard anyone question any of your credentials. We have respectfully supported different candidates for the past 28 years. Like you I have worked in all 4 corners of this city. I do not need a photo-op and most people I know outside of this blog know what I have done for this city.
    Marilyn Goldstone and yourself have contributed more to this city than anyone I know and I know most of the players in this city. Like you I have spent many years working to endlessness in the city. I was responsible for saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars during the Moran administration by closing down the Dinan Center homeless shelter by buying the St. John Nepumence convent on Brooks Street. Our Celebrity Tag sales with Marilyn Goldstone and yourself as well Sandy Hardin from the United Illuminating company made a ton of money. I remember my office was full to the max with clothes for the homeless.

    I think Steve Stastrom was right to endorse the top row. Marilyn Moore of curse has her own agenda and is equally right to endorse her choice candidates. Since when are DTC members responsible for high taxes and bad roads? Some folks on this blog were huge Ganim fans. Most members of this top line slate supported Finch. After n election, most democrats come together.

    Tom was right to address some of the posters that live outside of the city. Not just outside of this city but a completely different cultural environment one must wonder why???????????. Branford, so clean , so lily white, so boring politically.

    Tom, your contributions to all 4 corners of this city is appreciated.

    The good thing about this blog is that it doesn’t translate to the street and Black Rockers are not reading the disparaging anti Danny Roach posts. I can not say I know this man well , but, I heard he is a very nice guy. I heard he has a nice little restaurant in Black Rock so he is definitely contributing to the daily life in Black Rock. That should count for something.

    1. Steve,
      It’s fun, sometimes, reading your take on the way things stack up to your sensibilities. But I think you just strayed into Trumpland with your descriptive comment about a well-known publican in Black Rock. Funny that you don’t know the man well; isn’t he one of ten DTC leaders in the City and you attend some of those meetings, don’t you? You describe him as having “a nice little restaurant in Black Rock” and yet am I to guess you have never eaten there. I know of no one who has more foodie comments on OIB than you. Is there such a person? Why wouldn’t you have patronized an establishment that is so “definitely contributing to the daily life in Black Rock?” As a foodie what have you heard? Perhaps you are confused about the service you would encounter, or not?
      What do you know the ZAGAT rating to be this year, Steve? Or a recent Blue Plate Special?
      It’s a friendly place judging by the smokers outside the front door, almost no matter the season or time of day. Residents have seen many businesses come and go in the past 20 years while the Corner has succeeded in staying open. New ways and old ways compete? Time will tell.

      1. JML, Mr. Roach is one of 10 district leaders. I have never eaten in his restaurant, tough I must admit sometimes when I see the menu outside I was tempted t go in for a bite but always ended up at the Paramount Pizza place that has amazingly excellent pizza. Turkish people run it. Because Danny is a district leader I am not privy to meetings when just District leaders attend. I know he ran Ganims successful campaign the year you lost. I was working my ass off for Bill Finch and enjoying sparring with my friends on the Ganim campaign. The bottom line JML, I do not know any horror stories about Danny Roach. I know he is very well liked in Black Rock. I know he owns a restaurant and he is employed by the city. I have never heard anything shady about him . I know his wife is a lovely lady. I have never heard a disparaging comment about her either. He is a political acquaintance of mine. I have seen you and your wife and have had more conversations with you than him. I also know many on the slate. They are all wonderful top shelf people. Joann, Eric, Joy,just to name a few. Don’t be so high on row C.They are not exactly movers and shakers. I will say best f luck to all of the candidates and I will have to ask around to find out where all of the negative Roach energy is coming from and why. Bottom line , it doesn’t matter. I treat people the way they treat me. Outside of this blog, I do not know one person that has done character asassinations on Danny Roach .Other than Finch supporters and I was one of them. Even then, I did not know anything about Danny Roach and I was also not on the DTC at that time. .

        1. Steve, I kind of agree with most of what you wrote about Danny. I haven’t spoken Danny in a long time. He was my district leader in the DTC 130 district when my street was placed into the 130 district and Dan would share information, listen to members concerns and he never asked me to vote for something. During a election for the chairman for the DTC I didn’t vote for Mario Testa instead I voted for Bill Holden, well Mayor Ganim asked me what was I doing but Danny said he understood what I was doing. I’ve never had a problem with Danny about anything but that’s my personal experience, now others might a different experience and they should say what their experience is.

    2. Bob Walsh- Curse—–of Course

      No I am not homeless, but I assume it could happen to anyone and worked extensively with them and also was on the Board of Directors of ABCD

    1. Consider the source, Bob. “Ending the homelessness curse” in this context means driving them out of the city, make them someone else’s problem. That’s what he means.


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