Speedy Recovery Keila

CT Post reporter Keila Torres Ocasio posted this today on her blog:

Hi everyone! Medical issues are forcing me 2 take the week off so no live chat today. I also won’t be available by email or phone. Sorry! But next Monday I’ll be back & hopefully better! Have a great week and make sure to tell me all about it in next Monday’s chat!!



  1. My guess is Keila got the Finch/Wood virus attack.
    That’s the price a woman pays for telling the truth.
    I cannot say speedy recovery, I can only hope recovery means her return.

  2. Whatever is ailing you, may it promptly reconsider and depart. Your health and ability to use your talents regularly is important to very many people in the City. Hope to see you back soon. Time will tell.

  3. Ditto to all of the above–take care of you. Your family, friends and fans are all counting on you. We’re proud of your work, your courage and your tenacity.

  4. *** Speedy recovery Keila, you have no idea just what you mean to your readers in general. You mean a lot and are a needed voice in the community who tells it like it is with facts! *** REST UP AND HURRY BACK! ***


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