Bataguas, Christina Ayala’s GOP Challenger, Speaks Up

From Manny Bataguas, Republican challenger of Christina Ayala, Democratic nominee for the 128th State House District that covers the East Side and the Hollow:

Manuel Bataguas is the Republican candidate running for State Rep in the 128th district. His opponent Christina Ayala, recently chose to flee the scene of a car accident which she was involved in only to return after being chased down by a civilian. What’s worse? There were children involved in this affair. “While I’m thankful that Miss Ayala and all involved were not injured, I am disturbed by the lack of responsibility displayed by the Democratic candidate.” Bataguas said.

“As a candidate myself, I believe that all of us who step into the public eye should display responsibility in everything we do. I am asking for your vote on November 6th because I believe my life experiences exhibit the kind of character you deserve and should expect from your representatives.”

Bataguas was educated at Hartford University, Pace University and Casa Pia of Lisbon in Portugal, has an extensive background in finance including time served as a Vice-President of Stamford Savings Bank and working for International Bank in New York. He is currently a small business owner and newspaper publisher.

“I know right from wrong and would never leave the scene of an accident.” Bataguas said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats have failed our city for years by providing us with irresponsible government officials. I am asking for your vote to send a message that the citizens of Bridgeport want to restore responsibility in our elected offices.”



  1. Manny,
    You have some life experience that most candidates cannot present to voters. You have worked in the banking industry where you presumably learned how financial statements tell a story. You are also a businessperson and understand productive work may bring regular revenues but they need to exceed your expenses. Facing the world as a small businessperson means looking at risks and figuring out how to deal with them in a practical way.

    Perhaps you need to point out for your voters just what that background will mean to them if you are elected. That is too rare an effort in the City. I do not live in your District but encourage you to use your intelligence and experience to work for your neighbors. Time will tell.

  2. *** If it wasn’t for this car accident debacle we may have not heard anything from Ayala’s opposing candidate for the State seat. Where you been Manny, time for your party to take the ball and run with it on this issue, no? *** What Bpt GOP? ***


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