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 Monday May 28, 2018

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Speedy Gonzalez Becomes Dem

May 31st, 2011 · 6 Comments · City Council, City Politics

Former City Councilman Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez, once a Democrat, once a Republican, once a Working Families Party voter (are you dizzy) is now a Democrat again. He rejoined the Democratic Party on Tuesday with an eye toward the mayoral primary in September. Who’s Joel’s horse?

If former Mayor Joe Ganim gets in the game he says he’s leaning toward supporting Joe. If not, he’ll likely support Mary-Jane Foster. Gonzalez served three terms on the City Council while Ganim was mayor. Joel says it’s time to add a little spice to the Democratic primary so he’s suited up and ready to go.


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  • Up On Bridgeport

    Welcome Back Home, Joel.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Only in Bridgeport does the word get around. As a point of information, the Registrars office is now located at 999 Broad Street. The upcoming Democratic Primary looks like it is going to be a quiet one assuming it keeps going the way it has. It’s so bad Americo (Carpetbagger) Santiago had to be called back from Puertio Rico, Long Island or Manhattan to work for Mary-Jane Foster. Last week Lennie made it sound as if Americo’s involvement was the needed dose of Latin spice in Mary-Jane’s campaign.
    “… In Santiago, a former assistant secretary of the state for Connecticut, Foster has a pol who understands city campaigns, can leverage community alliances and help run a headquarters operation. He has lots of friends in the South End, West End and East Side. He’s the father of State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago. Americo’s not afraid of a good fight …”
    I’ll believe that if I ever live long enough to see it, Lennie. Americo was appointed assistant secretary of the state for Connecticut by Miles Rapapport. Americo managed the Secretary of State election from his home on Lee Avenue mostly with one volunteer–me. The Bridgeport Democratic machine didn’t want to know squat about Americo, let alone Rapapport. Americo would drive to Hartford and in order to keep the appearance he was doing his part, he’d grab boxes of the blue and white Rapapport lawn signs. The only one I saw him put up was the one on his front lawn. Americo had a stockpile of Rappaport lawn signs in his home office and one week before the election, I asked him why all (about 6) those boxes of signs where still there. I got the picture and I told him I’d take them and put them out there. I was also helping out at Democratic Headquarters and every time someone walked in, they would comment on Rapaport’s numbers of signs. I even put them on the trees in the Merrit Parkway. I’m still waiting to get reimbursed for my gas.
    Americo’s not afraid of a good fight? Well, I wonder If Lennie can tell us if Americo is going to fight for Ezequiel’s and Mitch’s public support of Mary-Jane Foster.
    If he can’t do that, how is he going to convince others to do so? How’s this for some Latin spice?

  • yahooy

    I’ll give you $2.00 if you will rejoin the Republican Party. This election is too critical to have an imbecile like you mess it up for MJ.

    • Joel Gonzalez

      yahooy, I’ll give you $2.00 per letter when you write something based on facts and good logic. Of all the people out there, I’m the one with the least intention of messing things up for MJ and I’m positive she knows that. Anyone wanting to “mess it up” for her would not give her the heads-up and honest opinion based on facts as I have done so far.
      I’ve noticed when Joe Ganim is mentioned as a potential candidate, those supporting other candidates become defensive and quickly pull out the corruption card.
      I wonder what would y’all do and say if Joe Ganim decided not to enter the race and threw his support behind your candidate of choice. Would you still see Joe Ganim the same way?

  • invincible

    Joel you speak the truth. AS thinks he knows it all. AS was not called from PR. He knows there was money to be made so he made his way back to Bridgeport. If you notice AS comes around during election time. He wants to make money. He does not control the East Side.

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