Spain Takes Aim At McCarthy, ‘Political Tom-foolery’

If you want someone going door-to-door on behalf of a candidate for public office, Black Rock’s Pete Spain gets right to the point as he does in this commentary highlighting City Council President Tom McCarthy’s “corrosive effects of conflicts of interests to our government.” McCarthy is challenging incumbent State Senator Marilyn Moore in an August Democratic primary in Connecticut’s 22nd District covering all of Trumbull and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe.

As Upton Sinclair wrote, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on him not understanding it.” Bridgeport City Council President Tom McCarthy is a lawyer who doesn’t seem to understand the corrosive effects of conflicts of interest to our government and our shrinking government coffers.

Under McCarthy’s eight-year-plus watch over the Council, Bridgeport has found itself in a $20 million budget hole this year. Led by McCarthy, the City Council recently approved next year’s budget unanimously. That budget raises the city’s current mil rate an unprecedented 29%–from 42.198 in 2014-2015 budget to 54.37 for 2016-2017 budget. After passing the budget unanimously, McCarthy and six other members of the City Council voted against the mil rate increase; pure political tomfoolery that’s disingenuous, to say the least.

Musto, McCarthy, Testa
McCarthy, center, was nominated by Anthony Musto, Trumbull town treasurer, left. At right, Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, a McCarthy ally.

Up until recently, President of Bridgeport’s City Council, Tom McCarthy depended on his six-figure salary, with benefits, from the City of Bridgeport. He served as the City’s Deputy Director for Labor Relations, reporting ultimately to the Mayor. This was in direct violation of the City Charter and contrary to prevailing “good governance” practices. Current state and federal laws prohibit federal and state employees from serving in their respective legislative bodies. Of course! Otherwise, public employees might end up voting on their own department budgets, giving themselves or their political allies special treatment and powers.

In a 2015 article in the Connecticut Post, then Bridgeport Councilwoman, Trish Swain, Democrat, was quoted, “… I have rarely seen him [McCarthy], if ever, disagree with something that is being proposed to us. … And you can’t help but wonder, is that because he works for the city?”

Marilyn Moore
Spain supports Marilyn Moore 

And now, Tom McCarthy is running for State Senate in the 22nd District, representing Trumbull and sections of Bridgeport and Monroe.

If Tom McCarthy comes looking for your support to become your State Senator, consider asking him these questions:

  • How can it be okay for Bridgeport City employees to vote on their own department budgets as members of the City Council? This is a violation of the Bridgeport City Charter and good governance practices, is it not?
  • How come you, Mr. McCarthy, approved last year’s budget when it left the city in a $20 million hole? Didn’t do your homework? Duped? Just went along to get along? How have you provided a “check and balance” on the executive in Bridgeport? How would you do so in Hartford?
  • Why in a recent year did your salary for your city position increase $15,000? Why was that raise not made public until the next year’s budget came out?
  • Why in a recent year did you spend more than the maximum annual stipend for City Council members of $9,000 with impunity? Are there any public records of your expenditures? Where did those dollars go?
  • What about the $600,000 driveway in Stratford that Bridgeport paid Manny Moutinho to build to, yes, Manny Moutinho’s coastal estate? You are the co-chair of the Airport Commission that approved that, yes? Has your commission issued a final report on “Driveway-gate?” Or was that impossible since former Mayor Finch had reportedly received thousands in campaign donations from Moutinho and his family?

Don’t we deserve to know the honest, complete answers to these questions? After all, we paid for, and are likely still paying for, McCarthy’s reign of rubber stamping with our tax dollars. Even fellow Connecticut residents, outside of Bridgeport, pay for this nonsense, because our city receives more than half its funding from the state and federal government.

The fact is that during his over eight-year tenure as City Council President, Tom McCarthy did Bridgeport Mayor Finch’s bidding, turning the City Council into a reliable rubber stamp for the mayor. When dismissed from his powerful city job earlier this year, McCarthy, with his lawyer’s help, secured severance pay and 18 months of health insurance. He’d been earning a good salary and benefits in violation of the city charter, protected by the administration he’d served during regular business hours in City Hall and simultaneously on the City Council. But that wasn’t enough, evidently.

There are still city employees serving on the City Council today. Thanks to State Senator Marilyn Moore, a bill passed the State Senate unanimously that would have ended this conflict-of-interest in Bridgeport. Unfortunately, the bill was kept from a vote in the lower chamber. Note: Before Senator Marilyn Moore, the conflict-of-interest bill had never gotten to a vote in the State Senate. Her predecessor in the State Senate, Anthony Musto of Trumbull, scuttled the bill from a vote. And so it is not so surprising that Mr. Musto himself was a delegate supporting McCarthy over Moore on May 19th at Testo’s in Bridgeport.

The conflict-of-interest issue was a major plank in Marilyn Moore’s winning campaign over Musto two years ago. Senator Moore delivered what she promised. She continues to work with members of the Bridgeport delegation to bring back the bill and to make it law–for the greater good.

The shameless conflict-of-interest record of McCarthy’s tenure on the City Council, at the cost of good governance and a skyrocketing mil rate, makes McCarthy unfit to represent our district in the State Senate. As a taxpayer in Bridgeport with friends in Trumbull and Monroe, I have to ask: Haven’t we been hurt enough by McCarthy’s so-called “public service?”

Don’t we want and deserve representation by Senator Marilyn Moore, who has independence, who fights for the greater good of all her constituents in our diverse district, and is a trusted leader who carefully manages our shrinking public budgets and plans for the long term?

Enough with the mismanagement that serves no one but the insiders. More of that and Tom McCarthy are the last thing we need in Hartford.



  1. And Tom McCarthy has never been called to answer for his termination of the sole legislative research assistant to the Council. He said this was for cost cutting, but it was not because he conspired to have an identical position show up in the City Clerk office where that person still serves. Initially that person buzzed around City Council meetings doing the bidding of McCarthy. It would be interesting to look at the rate of cell phone calls between that City employee and McCarthy over the years since. Fact 1: NO COST CUTTING. FACT 2: When new Council reps are elected, they think the ways matters are handled, the status quo, is accurate, above board, legal, etc. Tom is the professor and instructor of governance. When the class of Council reps fail to read the Charter, Ordinances and are blind to financial statements we are stuck with what we have. Poor teaching. Inadequate learning and more and worse settling of status quo. Time will tell.

  2. Conflict of interest is no stranger to Trumbull. First Selectman Tim Herbst submitted budget after budget with momma as the chair of the Board of Education and papa receiving big money as the Athletic Director at Trumbull High School. Budget and salary packages approved and submitted by the BOE and signed off on by the First Selectman.
    Now, papa Herbst is retired and momma is off the BOE. Town Republican Chairman Jack Testani, newly elected to the Town Council votes on the BOE Budget. Mrs. Suzanne Testani now sits on the BOE and one Testani son collects a salary from the BOE coaching at the high school.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s Democrat or Republican, city or suburb, conflict of interest or nepotism is alive and thriving in Connecticut and it stinks.
    Sen Moore’s efforts did not go far enough, the bill should have banned immediate family members from working for a municipality where their department budgets are voted on by another immediate family member.

      1. Ron Mackey,
        I believe I’m the one on OIB who has stated it is my opinion Tom McCarthy can bring Trumbull a larger slice of the state pie than Marilyn Moore. I don’t think you’ll find I have publicly advocated that others vote for a particular candidate.

        One failed bill introduced by Sen. Moore, that IMO did not have enough teeth in it does not outweigh this opinion. I have never urged the voters of Monroe to do anything. With apologies to my good friend Monroe First Selectman Steve Vavrek, I would prefer Trumbull get an even larger share.

        1. Marshal Marcus, how in God’s name do you think Tom McCarthy, who will probably remain on the Bridgeport City Council, will bring to Trumbull a larger part of the state “pie?” Trumbull already gets their part of the state pie just as all the suburban areas of Connecticut are protected by both the Democratic AND Republican suburban state legislators. I read a recent article the Town of Greenwich felt slighted that the State was cutting Education Aid to the Town of Greenwich. Give me a break. The suburbs in the State of Connecticut are coddled and protected by the suburban legislators. There is absolutely nothing in McCarthy’s public activities that would indicate Trumbull will be aided by his representation.

          1. Frank,
            Trumbull is represented by three State Representatives. They are all Republicans and have no power in getting anything for Trumbull.

            Senator Moore has shown herself to be a Bridgeport first and foremost legislator. I’m ready to give Tom McCarthy a chance. If he gets elected and our share does not increase and he puts Bridgeport’s wants ahead of Trumbull’s (our whole town is in D22, unlike Bridgeport or Monroe), then I won’t support him for a second term.

            in terms of the satisfaction/dissatisfaction of Bridgeport voters with Tom wearing multiple hats, employee and elected officer, my answer is: you elected him, just as you elected a convicted felon as mayor. That is an internal Bridgeport matter. I don’t interfere in an election where I am not a voter. I don’t give money, or work the phones or knock on doors.

          2. And Musto was a “Trumbull first” legislator. He certainly did not care about Bridgeport. He cared about his hair. He was bested, and the compromise white boy from Bridgeport will be too. Same race, about race, different year. If Hammers gets elected, it’s due to the insulting of the Bridgeport voter intelligence expecting us to just swallow the fact this is not racial. It is, and we know.

        2. Marshall Marcus, you give your opinion with no facts and then you believe McCarthy would deliver something he has never ever done before, really.

          1. Ron,
            Opinion doesn’t have to be coupled with facts to be stated. If I were trying to convince someone to do something then facts might be required to back up the request.

            McCarthy never was in a position that required him to deliver something from the state to Trumbull. As a city official he wasn’t required to do that for Bridgeport either. I’m willing to give him a chance, just as Moore had. She did not deliver much to Trumbull, so I’m willing to try someone new. I’ll support the winner of the primary, as I did two years ago.

        3. Marcus, that is totally lame. Vote against that black woman from BRIDGEPORT and if her replacement isn’t any good vote them out later.
          In the cash-strapped state of Connecticut please provide specifics of what you expected Moore to do that McCarthy has said he can do. Otherwise, this is more Trumbull sewage.

          1. Bob,
            I’m voting for Tom McCarthy, not against Marilyn Moore. She is NOT that “black woman from BRIDGEPORT” as you view her. Moore is that first-term State Senator who put Bridgeport ahead of Trumbull in her priorities these past two years.
            I could care less if Moore is pink, green, white, black, male, female, transgender, none of that enters into my psyche. I have a multi-racial immediate family. I grew up in New Haven and was educated in the public schools there. We didn’t flee to the suburbs to avoid integration.
            The only reason I live in Trumbull is when I married my wife, she and her children resided there, next door to her widowed mother and a few houses away from her sister. It made more sense for me to move there than disrupt the existing family life.
            I have a vested interest in Bridgeport. We own property there (and pay taxes). I volunteer in Bridgeport. I believe in regional or state run school systems to do away with the inequity in spending and duplication of administration. Believe me, that stand doesn’t make me any friends in the suburbs.

            As for Trumbull sewage, my quarterly WPCA bill is outrageous. I’m even taxed on the water used for my lawn and pool that never reaches your plant. I’ve lived in New Haven where the incompetent city WPCA was taken over by a regional WPCA and all who use the system own and operate it at far lower rates than Bridgeport charges.

          2. She does not deserve to lose her seat. It’s racial. We see, we know, and you will try to justify. Textbook.

          3. Marcus,
            I keep asking and you don’t answer.
            What is the project Moore did not fight for?
            What is the dollar amount you want for Trumbull?
            What is it Tom McCarthy promised to do that Moore failed to do?
            You haven’t because you can’t!
            Keep telling yourself that little white lie.
            You don’t want more; you just don’t want Moore.

  3. I received a call yesterday from a constituent to tell me Evette Brantley was canvassing with Tom McCarthy. When she came to the door she said “under no circumstances will I vote for you.” If the voters of Black Rock and Brooklawn take the same approach, Moore will go back to Hartford. It makes perfect sense the voters in the 22nd Senatorial District, if only for the conflict interest issue, should react the way this voter did. Unfortunately, there appears to be apathy when it comes time to take unconscionable candidates to task for their indiscretions.

      1. AND the voters of Black Rock, Brooklawn and even the North End would be conducive to being anti-McCarthy by tying him to the mil rate increase. Where is Marilyn Moore???

  4. When the Black Rock NRZ had a meeting couple of months ago to discuss (and start to fight) O&G plans to move their poison pile from Seaview Avenue to Howard Avenue, guess who was there. Tom McCarthy. He started to give us tips on how to fight O&G based on his own experience fighting SHU. Of course, Black Rock is a part of the 22nd Senatorial District. I communicated with Senator Marilyn Moore but she did not attend.

    1. As someone once told me; you can always tell when Tom McCarthy is lying. His lips are moving.
      So Tommy Mac went to the NRZ to teach you how to fight O&G like he fought SHU?
      Did he start or end with getting from them $4M so they can expand?
      If he offered to help you should have thrown him out at the beginning. He has never fought a zoning battle. This is totally laughable.

    2. Bubba, Frank is absolutely correct. Marilyn has been MIA. I’m the top AB worker in Brooklawn and I’ve heard not a word from her. Lucky for her, I’ll do what I have to do with a call from her or not, just because I want to prevent the unspeakable.

  5. Pete Spain, our present City Council is EVEN MORE of a rubber stamp for present Mayor Ganim than it was for Finch. Some people here on OIB simply cannot let go of their animus towards Finch et al. Can someone/ANYONE??? say governance has gotten better in the seven months Ganim has been mayor? I think it has gotten even worse.

    1. Frank,
      Seven new members of the Council were elected last year. While at least two of them had previous Council experience, it was likely when the Council had a legislative assistant (remember Tom “The Terminator” for cost cutting, but he didn’t cut the cost, just talked about it), the other five were rookies, faced immediately with a vote for Council President, who was their instructor? Seven months or seven years, there are some on the Council who have felt the “status quo” behavior and activity is the way things are meant to be. NOT!!! It’s the way Tommy and the machine have fashioned it.
      Let’s think of that old-fashioned phrase “independent representation.” Taxpayers are not represented by those who respect “other people’s money” in general. They spend whatever is there without serious question. And they do not watch the details afterwards to see if the revenue is spent wisely, especially the Capital budgets. Where is the reporting mechanism for Capital expenditures? On the City web site? More to come. Tom’s bad habits and kowtowing to the machine do not make him a candidate for today for most of us.
      “Take a chance” Marcus is welcome to his own opinion, but he likely has not spoken to the Joint Judiciary Committee in Hartford to speak towards the Moore bill to rid Bridgeport of their major conflicts. And McCarthy may come to the NRZ (where he has not clarified publicly what he things of NRZs in the City, he has kept them poor, weak, and out of the picture for years in collaboration with Finch), but he did not come to Hartford to speak in favor of the bill either.
      Marshall, if you have a problem with “conflicts of interest” in Trumbull, it will get no solution in Hartford until the legislature can understand the very basic wrong that has occurred in Bridgeport. Expanding the bill as you suggest would have prevented a UNANIMOUS SENATE vote. Time will tell.

  6. Marshall Marcus, your opinion is your opinion and it looks like no one and I mean no one seems to agree with your opinion but you have a right to your opinion and you go right ahead and vote for McCarthy. I would hate for you to vote for Senator Moore because she’s a black woman but it’s okay for you to vote for McCarthy just because he’s a white male. That’s the only reason you are voting for him because Peter Spain has given all of us a mountain of reasons why not to vote for McCarthy. Now of course you will say how do I know that, it’s my opinion.

    1. Ron,
      Peter Spain has given a number of reasons not to vote for Tom McCarthy to be in Bridgeport city Government. Again, his salary, severance, perceived conflict of interest may draw your collective ire but have nothing to do with his run for D22 State Senate in the eyes of non-Bridgeport residents. I think Bridgeport city government stinks (as does Trumbull’s) but it is what was elected. If you don’t want McCarthy involved in your local government, turn him out next election, but don’t expect non-Bridgeport residents to take all this venom into their view of the D22 race.
      As for your opinion, it’s wrong, but you are entitled to it. I am not voting for McCarthy because he is either white or male. I am voting for him because the incumbent did not get enough for Trumbull this legislative term,
      If you think I vote based on race and gender, then why did I vote for Denise Nappier instead of Tim Herbst for State Treasurer? As one of you would put it, ‘she’s that Black Woman from HARTFORD.’

      1. Marshall, what Mr. Spain has pointed out is the lack of leadership while he was the lead person on the City Council in giving directions and Mr. Spain has shown how Tom McCarthy failed in his leadership and you want to send someone whose leadership has given the City a debt of 20 million dollars in the red. So those are the skills and abilities you want in Hartford. I would rather have someone who has done nothing than someone who has caused the taxpayers’ taxes to go up because of McCarthy’s leadership of getting us 20 million dollars in the red.

        1. Ron,
          A first term state legislator is not in a position of leadership. I am not voting for a leader, but a representative of the 22nd District. This is not about performance on your City Council as its leader. Again, as I keep saying, if you don’t like the way he runs the Bridgeport City Council, don’t reelect him. I am not voting for a manager in the State Senate. Negotiating deals for the district is quite a different set of skills than presiding over a city council. As for your accumulated city debt, all of your elected council members and past mayors are responsible, not one man. A great deal of that debt is due to unfunded state and federal mandates in the public schools. You have seen me post earlier, that although unpopular in my town, I’d like to do away with individual town school systems and go to a regional or statewide system with local property taxes NOT used to fund them. Goodbye inequity in education and goodbye to a lot of the cronyism and nepotism that hurts the schoolchildren.

          1. Actually Marshall, our long-term debts and responsibilities in Bridgeport are due more to labor relations and agreements that were ratified by City and unions, but then failed to be funded immediately and fully with rational assumptions. Our local problem has hundreds of millions more to do with these types of obligations than school funding. Check it out and get back when you see the truth of it. Our balance sheet sank into the red because of unfunded post employment benefits from various plans. Not a place that many people understand, or that Tom McCarthy ever bothered to explain to voters!!! Here is a guy with a law degree, and that means he can read the printed word and argue about the meanings of words at a minimum, and in his years on the Council has helped to significantly increase City obligations. This is the guy you want to provide a chance to? Again, it is your right, but his vocational history, his education, and his existing track record at the City level do not add to a solid recommendation. Time will tell.

  7. First, I must say Mr. Spain wrote a brilliant piece ripping apart that bastard Tom McCarthy! Of course I am kidding about the bastard part. Awesome character assassination for sure. I have been reading character assassinations about Tom McCarthy on this blog for some time.

    The good news is I agree with Marshall Marcus. I will not only be voting for Tom McCarthy but I will also be canvassing. I am totally psyched.

    I am glad Evette Brantley walked with Tom. I hope to have the opportunity to knock on doors with the candidate himself.

    Mr. Spain, other than the conflict of interest bill, which totally does not resonate with most voters, you will have to give the constituents reasons why she should be re-elected. I am sorry I am not a fan. I guess it is a chemistry issue. I do know my neighbors who happen to be African American are not so excited by anything Moore has done. When they meet Tom McCarthy they are engaged and excited. I expect he will be running on the same line as Hillary. That alone excites my neighbors who are huge supporters of Hillary. BTW, that is of interest to me. That is not Tom’s platform. From the electricity felt at his fundraisers you know it is going to be am exciting primary.

    Ron Mackey, Mr. Spain has given all of us a mountain of reasons to not vote for McCarthy. But for you, you didn’t need a reason. You are a Marilyn Moore loyalist. I respect that. You will work for her and do your best to get her elected.

    I on the other hand will do my best to get Tom McCarthy elected. I wish everyone the best.

    Lisa Parziale, Evette Brantley and John Olson are very strong in the Brooklawn area. They are almost as popular as Tom McCarthy in the Brooklawn area. They did after all win their seats on the Town Committee and Common Council. Brooklawn will be supporting Tom McCarthy no doubt. At least that is my hope. The North End 134th, we are McCarthy people. So like Marcus Marshall, I will be supporting Tom McCarthy and look forward to an exciting summer.

    The question is, what has Marilyn Moore done for you lately??? No Moore. That is of course my opinion. I respect everyone else’s opinion even if they do not respect mine. That’s okay with me. It is none of my business what you think of me. I am just sharing whom I will be supporting.

    1. Steve,
      Keep up the flag-waving for McCarthy.
      Despite all that tingling in every one of your fingers and toes, with the energy you experience at the fundraisers, you cannot discover integrity with TOM in terms of OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT legislative governance. Try integrity, see whether it works? Perhaps it is not important in your opinion. Moore has it. I am afraid McCarthy is looking up how it is spelled. Time will tell.

      1. John Marshall Lee, first let’s agree before you are a Marilyn Moore ass-kisser, we understand Pete Spain is your GURU. It doesn’t work for you but does sound impressive. Lets just agree most of Moore’s constituents will say the same thing. She is MIA and doesn’t show up where she needs to be. Let’s be honest, she is a self-serving sycophant. She is anti Ganim. She is a puppet for Mary-Jane Foster and she will not win. So the next time you feel like an orgasm approaching while blowing smoke up Moore’s ass at my expense, let’s realize whom she has working for her. Nobody of importance.

        I will vote for McCarthy and you can support Moore on the Pro-Moore blog. Reality is a totally different game. If McCarthy has Finch and Ganim supporting him, then Moore would have to be superwoman incorporating the support that Foster got and that will add up to nothing! Get it? Got it? Good! Now, enough of my commentary on Tom. He is a good man!

    2. Steve, I love you, but you haven’t been batting a thousand in your political choices. Maybe because of the Law of Average, you may be right this time. (smile)

  8. Steve, I am sure your assessment of Tom McCarthy’s popularity and chances of winning are as accurate as your assessment of ex-Mayor Finch.
    Congratulations, Marilyn. Steve just predicted your victory!!!

    1. Bob Walsh, I expect you will working as fiercely on Marilyn Moore’s campaign as you did on Mary-Jane Foster’s? Is it difficult canvassing for a candidate in Bridgeport when you are no longer relevant here? I think you have a very steep hill to climb. Even Bridgeporters question Moore’s competence. I am looking forward to hearing your spiel on the campaign trail. Are there really enthusiastic people showing up to support Moore? Good for her! I think McCarthy will be amazing. As much as you try to malign him, the fact is the DTC endorsed him. Members of the council endorsed him. His district endorsed him and his constituents continue to vote for him, proof he is solid and Moore is in serious trouble. Moore supporters would be wise to tout her successes than going after Tom. She is the incumbent and she has to defend her record. He has the support of the people.

      1. It’s clear you were not at Black Rock day. Saying “thank you so much for raising my taxes, how thoughtful of you” was the overarching message to the current elected city officials. Kind of embarrassing for them.

      2. Steve, I hate to burst your bubble my friend, but the only reason McCarthy is still CP and now a candidate for State Senator is because our sneaky, sly, disingenuous, ignorant foreigner who still can’t speak the English language is using him. Whether Tom wins or loses, he’s compromised because of the disgusting machinations of Mario Testa. I know you don’t believe me, but one engaging trait of yours is you will admit when you’re a little off the mark. Testa’s bad Steve, I wish I didn’t know as much as I do, but that happens when you hang around long enough. I was no fan of Finch the Mayor, but if he did anything right it was keeping Testa at arms’ length. At this rate, G2 will never be G3!

        1. Lisa my love. In my intimate circle I have never been wrong about the outcome of an election. To be clear. I knew Finch was going to lose two months before the election. I brought all my issues up to those in charge. They did not listen. They were making the big money. I was not making anything. They in a sense fucked themselves. Always listen to those who talk to constituents. I wanted to support Ganim when Finch lost the Primary and told him so. I was embarrassed that Finch decided to support Foster. I had for six months been saying Foster would finish a distant third and here I was wasting my time. I was a loyalist for Finch. I think being a loyalist has never really served my purpose. You Lisa had been a huge Ganim and Testa supporter. Now, you never waste an opportunity to demean them. You were very confident about defeated the DTC and came up short. You were cruel in your Commentary about John Olson and Evette Brantley. Two individuals I happen to like. Now of course Lisa, I respect your desire to support Marilyn Moore. I do not appreciate it when the support comes at the expense of character malignment. I gain nothing from supporting Tom McCarthy. I think he has done a great job in leadership and truly believe he will bring serious money back to Bridgeport. Politics in Bridgeport is extremely strange. It is so ironic I am now supportive of Ganim and all his fan club has decided to crucify him. That to me is extremely strange. You are still one of my favorite redheads and I will not judge you on your candidate choices. I know you support Hillary and that is good enough for me. 🙂 As for Mario Testa, I really do not know the man. I cannot judge the man. I do know he is respected and apparently knows his politics and that scores big points with me. I have never had a conversation with him. I will say this. I HAVE NEVER JUDGED AN INDIVIDUAL BASED ON OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. I only judge people on how they treat me. To be honest, I rarely sit in judgement of anybody. I do know it is always better supporting a candidate because they deserve it than supporting a candidate because you hate the opposition. I do not hate Marilyn Moore. I just think Tom McCarthy is best for Bridgeport. If Mario and Joe agree, well that is icing on the cake.

          Lisa, you have become a real rebel. It seems like yesterday you were destroying Finch and loving Joe. Working daily at his headquarters and a real fan of Mario. I am afraid to even ask what happened. I will assume it was personal. I do not hear anger in the streets about Joe.

          1. Steve, you don’t know Mario. I do. Over 40 years ago, he and his partner were social friends of my former husband and me. He was a pretty nice guy. I don’t usually discuss my personal, private life, but this time it’s worth explaining my situation to you. I watched his entry into politics and at some point he became TC and he became a person I watched very carefully because I witnessed him betray and lie, no exceptions. Forget all the other stuff you mentioned, it’s politics and I understand and accept it as just that, politics. If I speak harshly about someone, it’s true. I don’t say anything that’s not public record, if you found yourself in a political contest, trust me you would have to take the gloves off sometimes. Mario Testa is no good for the City. I believe a good part of G1’s downfall was Mario in that he knew what was going on and did nothing to intervene. It may not have made a difference if he had, but at least he would have shown concern for the City. I realize you and I know each other on a superficial level, and that’s good for me because I have grown to like you. I don’t care who believes what I say about Mario, they’re my words and feelings and really don’t warrant a response from anyone. As to how I conduct myself as a candidate, that too is my business. I have said it over and over again, the outcome of an election does not mean as much to me as the integrity of how I run my campaign. I also don’t judge. I do however, tell the truth. It may offend some people, but that will never stop me from doing so. This election season will come and go and we’ll all go on with our lives until the next election season, it’s usually then we evaluate whether we made the right choices or not.

          2. Steve, rebel is a relative and subjective word. If telling the truth as I know it labels me a rebel in your opinion, well we can just add that to a long list of labels we all live with.

        2. Lisa, thank you for sharing. I know it was hard but it was honest. We’ve had this conversation before and anyone who was not there during that timeframe doesn’t get it. Mario didn’t want to say or do anything when Joe was driving off the road because when the hammer came down he would be the man and then everything had to come through Mario, it’s always about Mario and he controls the DTC that way.

          1. Ron, if you knew what I lived through the last three years of G1’s term you would think I was crazy for staying. I was disrespected by him, never in a public environment because he knew I was right. I was ostracized by his administration, except for the few department heads I knew personally, but they had to be careful not to get caught giving me information I needed to do my job. By that time the majority of the council members who came in under that administration either had city jobs, or their spouses or children did so the Council was forever compromised. Everything and anything was approved, but I never gave up or held my questions and opinions. I had my mike turned off, so I just spoke louder to be heard. Unless you went back to 1991 and followed city politics, you wouldn’t believe what’s in my memory bank. Sometimes I wish I would forget, but my old brain still remembers. I know you have to wonder why I would support G2 after all I knew and experienced. Prior to the last three or four years of his term, he had the potential to go as high as he wanted to. He knew how to do the job, he was just impatient to reach higher office and took a left turn that prevented that from ever happening again. But my decision to help him was based on my hope the old Joe was still somewhere in there. Maybe he is, I haven’t given up yet. But I won’t keep my mouth shut if something’s not right, I never did and never will. Ron, you will always be my trusted friend.

  9. Marshall,
    Again, please point out some specific areas where Senator Moore failed Trumbull. Because all I am hearing is not enough money. From what I know of some Trumbullites there will never be enough money.
    And please Marshall, where is this money coming from? I am sure you did not want Senator Moore raising taxes, did you?
    And finally what is Tommy Mac promising? He has no business acumen. He has no finance acumen. He was the Council President who oversaw the passage of a budget that included a $20 million deficit.
    And you want to know why? Because both Finch and McCarthy were financially irresponsible, that’s why. They kept on promising people money they didn’t have.
    Connecticut cannot afford Tom McCarthy. A $20 million deficit in BRIDGEPORT would be a $1 billion deficit in the state.
    No thank you, Marshall. No thank you, Tom McCarthy.

  10. Mr. Marcus, it appears as if you have subscribed to the Paul Ryan school of politics. Paul said I know Trump is a racist and what he said about the judge was racist, but I’ll still support this racist because he supports my agenda. You are saying, I know Tom is a liar and thief, but I still support this liar and thief because he did that to Bridgeport, not to Trumbull.

    Paul Ryan is willing to give Trump his support and vote until it comes back to bite him in the ass just like you’re willing to give Tom your support and vote until it comes back to bite you in the ass. My question to both you and Paul, how can you profess to love your city and country when you’re willing to support a person you know carries with them serious character flaws and integrity issues? Really?

    1. Donald,
      You are the liar, because you put words in my mouth that never were uttered or typed by me.
      I have NEVER said Tom McCarthy is either a liar or a thief.
      For you to have attributed that statement to me is an act of libel and is actionable. I strongly suggest you retract this false attribution. For your information, I don’t practice, but I did go to law school and passed the CT Bar years ago.

      You don’t like the way McCarthy acted in your city government, don’t reelect him. If you have proof of stealing, push for a criminal conviction. It seems criminals in Bridgeport government are just fine with the majority of Bridgeport voters.

      1. Marshall Marcus, go back to milking cows because you can’t handle people getting dead in your ass. Proof, you are the one who said you didn’t need any proof, well why should anybody else have proof when dealing with your dumb ass?

        1. Ron,
          You have now proven yourself to be a lowlife, resorting to vulgar language where none was used by the target.

          I have no idea what ‘people getting dead in your ass’ means. It certainly isn’t any form of proper English.

          I have not asked for proof of any supposed thievery by McCarthy. I said if someone has proof of theft they should push for a criminal conviction. The state and federal governments have plenty of prosecutors who are paid to prosecute lawbreakers, just ask Ganim and Rowland and Bergin and Giordano and Rado.

  11. Ooohhh Marshall, out of the mouths of babes and a know-it-all, “Opinion doesn’t have to be coupled with facts to be stated. If I were trying to convince someone to do something then facts might be required to back up the request.” I’m no attorney nor have I passed the Bar, but …

    1. Marshall Marcus is like a kid we’ve all seen who shows up with his ball and he wants play, then he keeps losing and now he wants to take his ball and go home because he can’t win and nobody really wants to play with him.

  12. One other thing Marshall, I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Are we absolutely clear on this?

    1. Donald,
      What is clear is you are a liar. You made an attribution to be that I never said or wrote.
      Neither one of us will change the other’s opinion of the candidates, nor am I trying to do so.
      However, you have not seen me lie about what you said or wrote.

      1. Marshall, like I said, take your ball and go play by yourself. What I find enlightening about you is there’s nobody agreeing with your position and people keep asking you questions about your position to get a better understanding, but you can’t. Marshall, stick with the golden boy.

  13. Marshall, as you’ve probably figured by now I could care less about what you think, feel or believe about my veracity. I concurrently believe you thought because you’re from Trumbull you could buffalo me by threatening me with a lawsuit not knowing as a product of the Civil rights movement I don’t fear any man, I borrowed those words.

    You’ve read what most of the poster’s on OIB feel about the veracity, integrity and honesty of Tom. Those observations weren’t manufactured in their minds, but by virtue of dealing with Tom over a number of year, yet you still proclaim Tom as the messiah for Trumbull politics. Now Marshall, here is the capper, you have the temerity, the unmitigated gall to tell us that kind of loyalty is based on your belief in Tom and not the fact. that he is running against a Black woman. This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

  14. Marshall, there are many of us who lived during a certain time that cast their character to never back down.

    I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.–Muhammad Ali

  15. Marshall Marcus, you wrote // Jun 12, 2016 at 6:18 pm
    You have now proven yourself to be a lowlife, resorting to vulgar language where none was used by the target.

    Marshall, in a war of words you decided to attack and fight Donald Day by threatening him by saying, “For you to have attributed that statement to me is an act of libel and is actionable. I strongly suggest you retract this false attribution. For your information, I don’t practice, but I did go to law school and passed the CT Bar years ago.” Marshall you couldn’t prove or make your point so you decided your weapon would be a libel action. My weapon was vulgar language. Marshall, in a fight with words you don’t chose my weapon to fight with. There is the problem, you think we are supposed to be scared of you and agree with you because you say so. Those days are long gone.

  16. Marshall Marcus, A low-life or lowlife is a term for a person who is considered morally unacceptable by their community. Examples of people who are often called “lowlifes” are thieves, drug dealers, hustlers, freeloaders, scammers, gangsters, gangster girls, drug users, alcoholics, thugs, prostitutes and pimps.

    For you to have attributed that statement to me is an act of libel and is actionable. I strongly suggest you retract this false attribution.

  17. You’re absolutely right Ron Mackey, and from a man who has this in his background, “Juris Doctor Massachusetts School of Law at Andover.” I find his characterizations of you as thug abhorrent.

    The reality of his characterization of you as a thug cannot be substantiated by anyone who posts on OIB, anyone from Bridgeport who knows you or anyone from across the country who knows your work as an advocate for black firefighters. Outrageous.

  18. Marshall Marcus, for Trumbull District 3 Candidate, you have to be kidding, this guy is a joke. Marshall’s hero in how to govern in Trumbull is the topic here of Peter Spain. Tom McCarthy, the City Council President of Bridgeport who helped the city to be 20 million dollars in the red and voters in Trumbull, Marshall Marcus will give you that same type of leadership. In fact don’t believe me just read everything he has been saying about Tom McCarthy his guy, you make the choice on this loser.

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